Sacred Beastarian

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The story follows a young girl, Eira, who lives with her mother, Eina, and admires her. Eira lives in the city, Rugolia, a holy city of Malvisa, where lives the White sacred beast lives. The country is always in under protection of the goddess of light. The starting of Eira's life where she losses her mother and starts her journey with the white beast as her best friend. Love, friendship and hardships plus tragedy is in her way waiting for her.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Rugolia is a city in the country of Malvisa. They say that Rugolia is blessed with the power of holy sacred white beast, which lives in the sacred forest alone. The history says that The white sacred holy beast was crying in loneliness and later was found by the goddess of light in the forest of light, which is also her home. She named it "Shiyuu" which means "White Hero". The goddess of light blessed Shiyuu and gave him the rank of hero. In the war where sea beasts and forest beasts fight with the army of their countries, The country of Malvisa used Shiyuu for the win in the war, and successfully they won. Malvisa only has the White beasts and no other country is its match, They always get victory in the wars as White beasts eat sea beasts and are much more powerful than the wild beasts. Forest beasts are brown, black or grey colored and white colored are rarely found or are holy blessed. A beast is half dragon-loin like creature.

In the city, lived an 11 year-old girl Eira. She lives with her mother Eina. The festival is ahead. "Layla" is a holy festival which is celebrated in Rugolia, the city of Malivsa. Eira's mother, Eina, is a beastarian of sea beasts. Eira's dream is also to become an excellent beastarian (beast doctor) in the near future. When Eina was getting ready for her job, Gon came and knocked at her house. Gon told Eina that she must meet the city's mayor. Gon is the son of the mayor, Lu-of, and he is also a beastarian. The city, Rugolia has a lot of sea beasts because it is on the sea which caches the full country, but in the forest of light, lives some white holy beats and other. Rugolia was supposed to be the capital but due to their Queen, being next heir of the goddess of light, they made Nevia the capital because not all of the country worships the goddess of light.

Eina went to the mayor's office. Lu-of told Eina that soon some brand new wild beasts will be coming over here from the queen. The Queen decided to send them to rugolia to see the festival. Rugolia is the city of the sacred beast that's why the festival is usually celebrated in it. So the Queen Suey and her daughter Princess Rilla will be coming over to Rugolia, inorder to make things easy, Eina was ordered to take care of the beasts. When Eina went home back, Eira hugged her joyfully. Eira requested Eina to accompany her in the job, and Eina accepted but warned her to only watch the beasts from far away when they are asleep and help her with caring them. So they both mother, daughter started to make preparations for tomorrow.

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