Reality Undefined: The Six United

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Six have been chosen to save all worlds from a calamity of a magnitude not seen before or ever after: A dragonborn forged from war, a half-elf stripped of his normality, a geitlan learning his place in the world, a northern boy and his clockwork hound, a vigilante searching for revenge, and a boy with purple eyes

Fantasy / Adventure
Harrison Braun
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French Toast for Information

Sebastian's Perspective

Sebastian kept a close eye on as much as he could as he entered the town of Greylum. While he’d felt out of place during his nearly seven month stay in Aberdeen, he’d never felt unsafe, most of the time. However, the shifty-eyed looks from washed up looking humans in dusty mangled leather and cloth garb gave him a very different feeling then the small town he called home for over half a year, and it didn’t help that the rusted twisted daggers that were being twirled by a few humans with what Sebastian could only assume was dried blood. Ever since his arrival in this strange realm he had felt out of place, but this was far worse than before. He hoped he could get what he needed and get out as soon as possible.

He suddenly clutched his stomach, feeling it twist and turn, as it begged for food. Sebastian sighed, not yet used to the daily struggles of living on his own in these unforgiving environments. Locating what he assumed to be the local tavern or bar, as it was the largest building in the rundown town, he stepped inside for a view he still wasn’t used to. All manner of sketchy folk stopped whatever they were doing to turn their heads at the new arrival. Sebastian quickly took it all in, from the three men with several scars littering their body playing darts, to a very crazy looking dwarf out cold surrounded by an obscene about of shot glasses, and an old and skinny woman in the corner laughing insanely with a glass eyes whose false iris did not match its counterpart. Sebastian swallows, mumbling to himself. “Alright. I hate this.”

Quickly speed walking through the crowd, he sat in front of the bartender, a fat man whose unkempt grey-black hair looked like what an old senile crow might claim as it’s home. The man looked Sebastian up and down, smiling a large toothy smile. Sebastian could see that he had lost most of his teeth, and the few that were left were yellowed and rotting. “Call me Billy. You aren’t from ’round these parts, that’s for sure.”

Sebastian nods slowly. “Yes, I’m a traveler. Just stopping in for food and information, ideally.”

“Information!” Billy laughs, cutting up a hunk of meat who’s origin Sebastian couldn’t identify. “You’re lookin’ for information!”

The fat man turns, slamming the knife into the wooden counter only inches from the nervous boy’s fingers. “You best be careful nosing ’round parts you don’t belong, boy.”

Sebastian slowly pulls his hand back to the safety of the pockets in his jacket. “I… will take note of that… may I order?”

The bartender’s serious and threatening demeanor melts as he laughs to use his large cleaver to push the meat chunks into a tall pot who didn’t look very clean. “What kinda tavern would I be runnin’ if I didn’t have grub! Whatcha what?”

The young man was going to ask for a menu until he remembers that those probably aren’t too common. “Do you have some… pastries? Maybe a bread of some kind?”

Billy laughs heartily again. “Pastries! You sure aren’t from round here. I think I got some stale bread somewhere…”

The bartender ducks under the bar for a few seconds before retrieving half a loaf of hearty bread, setting it on the bar with a loud clacking sound. Sebastian guessed describing the loaf as stale would be an understatement. The bartender laughs at his discomfort. “Yeah, this is probably bad now. Shame though, I wish I coulda used it before it went all hard.”

An idea popped into Sebastian’s head. “Wait! I think I know a dish that this bread would be perfect for!”

“Do ya?” Billy sat himself down on a stool across from Sebastian. “Lemme hear it.”

“Well it’s called French Toa… well actually I guess the original name is Pan Dulcis. Tell me, do you have some eggs and milk?”

The bartender thinks for a moment before turning to yell at the old woman with the glass eye. “Hey Ma! Do we got some eggs and milk in back?”

The old woman simply laughed to herself, nodding. “Well there ya go. I’ll grab em for ya.”

After the bartender came back with 3 brown eggs and a container of questionable but fine enough smelling milk, Sebastian walks him through the process of cutting the stale bread thick, mixing the cracked eggs and milk together and letting the mixture be absorbed by the bread, and cooking it on a hot cast iron with some animal fat in the tavern’s dirty kitchen. Sebastian smiles at the final product. It was a little burnt and very under seasoned, but it was much better food than anything else this place had. By now, a small crowd had formed around the two cooking, admiring the smells coming from the kitchen. The bartender nods happily at the French toast. “Well I’ll be damned city boy, this is some good shit!”

Sebastian smiles. “Yes, well, we were missing some other spices and condiments to make this even better, some cinnamon and nutmeg, and some maple syrup to put on top.

Billy laughs again. “You won’t find none of that here, boy! Anyways, hop on out front and I’ll get ya your food.

Sebastian walks out to find a large crowd around the door to the kitchen, the patrons of the bar asking about what smelled so good from the kitchen and if they could have a bite. Billy came out of the doorway with several more plates of French toast, exclaiming that they had just made a new item for only 15 copper pieces. After several hours, the already lively tavern was even livelier, with many drinking even harder now with their bellies full of good food. Billy sits down across from Sebastian at the bar. “Ya really did a favor for me kid! Tell me, there anything I can do for ya while you’re here?”

Sebastian smiles. “Actually yes… I don’t have very much money, so if there is a room I could stay in for perhaps a day or so that would be very helpful.”

“Well keep giving me great ideas like this and you can stay for however long ya damn please!”

“Thank you. But also, I said I was here for information. Perhaps you could help me, you seem to know most folk in this town.”

Billy’s face grew dark. “Well… I guess I do, but I’m ain’t fond on ratting out my folks here if they did somethin’ a little… adventurous.”

“I’m not a bounty hunter, it’s nothing like that. I’m searching for a monster… people have been calling it the Breaker of Cities, the Destroyer of Lives, and the Scourge.”

Billy frowns, as if trying to remember something. “Well… I don’t know about any Scourge, but I had a man come in here talkin’ about getting in a fight with some weird creatures… very odd fellow though, his clothes were like a costume, made of thick leather and he had a large black bow. If he’s some sort of monster hunter, he’d be your best bet to findin’ your monster.”

Sebastian nods, following Billy’s outstretched arm past a cloaked half-elf and a large black dragonborn to a man in one of the few booths in the tavern, sitting by himself and drinking from a small wine glass. “Alright, thanks Billy.”

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