Freedom or safety ?

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A young wolf is born sickly and weak to save her life from a ruthless pack leader focued only on strength her parents sell her to a rich human family as their new pet . As she gets stronger will she stay or go?

Fantasy / Romance
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I was tackled to the ground and in flash I found my self standing in front of a growling aphla . My uncle was the aphla of the whispering moon pack . one of the most powerful packs in the world he had risen to power by killing the last aphla my grandfather , Aphla Knox . By doing this he had pushed my father out of the aphla line and became aphla himself . His name was aphla varsham . His dark fur and gold eyes stood out in the sun and his white teeth formed in the sun . I trembled and backed up from him . "Kyurem" he howled bringing my father running out of the den . "What's wrong varsham?" He asked "tell me how in the moons name you have such a weak pup I saw one of younger pups beat her if I didn't know better I would have said that that pup was older than her because she is so small tell me how this happened" I trembled . Var you remember how ki was small but look how he turned out one of our strongest warriors ." This seemed to soothe my uncle who said if she is not able to beat this pup by next month I will kill her right then and there . Before he seemed like he was ready to kill me right there but wanted an explanation from my father first . He walked away from me and my father . Lucia get in the den now . father nearly growled at me I turned and walked in to see mother nursing my other siblings who were so much bigger than me . I still looked like a 2 week old pup while my siblings all looked like their age of 3 months . What happened ? my mother asked we have to take the offer given to us . My mother's eyes filled with tears but she nodded . I slowly fell asleep on the floor and awoke in the arms of a strange man I yelled and whined for help seeing my mother and father walking away into the forest while the man was taking me away from the forest . Momma dadda I screamed help me please . But they didn't even turn around .

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