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In the town of Raven's Creek, following a series of fatal accidents, two people fated to be together, die horrible deaths on their eighteenth birthdays. Yet, when they return to the World of the Living, they become something else, entirely. Something more than they'd ever imagined. With newfound abilities, unknown forces after them, and a pack to save, the couple must figure out what part they play in their enemy's ploy; before it's too late.

Fantasy / Action
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Unknown | 01


the beginning of the end


"Oh my God, Kassidy!" a voice wailed, muffled by the ringing in her ears.

Kassidy's chest felt as if there were several thousand fires engulfed her chest with each brittle breath she took. Her eyes couldn't stay open because of the enormous amount of blood she lost and was still losing.

Struggling to look down, her dulling blue eyes glimpsed at her murder weapon; a shard of glass lodged into her sternum.

Each inhalation she took was harder than the last, she was suffocating even though the air surrounding her was clean and crisp, her lungs couldn't do the once easy task anymore.

Not after that.

"Kassidy, open your eyes!" a voice cried, the owner of the voice, prying at her heavy eyes.

Kassidy wanted nothing more than to lie on the concrete beneath her body in complete silence, but she couldn't get that with the wails and cries of her friends and the hiss of smoke coming from the car behind them.

"Sh...Sh," she croaked, her throat raw from her screams moments ago.

"Can you talk--"

"Don't tell her to talk!" one voice snapped at the other, cutting them off. "She is dying, damnit, and she cannot talk," the voice lectured, pressing their hands around the wound.

"Mhn," Kassidy cried, trying to wiggle away from whoever was poking at her very sensitive wound.

"You're hurting her!" Another voice cried, the third voice Kassidy counted.

In the back of Kassidy's mind, her wolf's spirit lingered, whimpering as she knew what was to come.

Rubbing gentle circles on her wolf's head, Kassidy retreated into her mind, enjoying her time with the spirit before they go over to the other side.

In reality, Kassidy's body grew colder and colder by the minute. Her usually tanned skin paled as the blood drained from her body in a pool of crimson around her.

"Are you calling, Kash? Xander? Anyone?!" one of the voices urged at another.

"Xander, she's hurt really bad..." the other voice cried into their phone as they spoke to Kassidy's father. "Okay," the voice said, hanging up, "he's on his way." They relayed.

"Guys," a voice called out, the one closest to her. "I can't heal her," the voice trembled, their hands hovering over Kassidy's wound.

"What the hell do you mean she isn't healing?!" the other snapped, their voice warbled like it was on the verge of crying out.

"Someone else's magic is blocking my attempts!" the voice above her announced, shaking.

Back in Kassidy's mind, her wolf spirit was nudging her snout at Kassidy's hands, pushing her to return to her friends one last time, but Kassidy wasn't ready.

She wanted to stay with her wolf, not face the horrors of her impending death.

She could hardly breathe anymore like there was a lump lodge in her throat. And each time she managed to breathe, the glass in her body ripped her to shreds inside, lowering itself deeper into her.

'I can't take this anymore,' she wept to her wolf, hugging the animal close to her. 'You know what it's like back there, what they do to us--to me,' she cried into the wolf's ash-colored fur.

The wolf snuggled its head in between Kassidy's shoulder and neck, sending what power it has left into her body.

"Ahgh!" Kassidy screamed as the power her wolf gave her reacting badly with the magic that kept her from healing. Her back arched from the ground in a natural-looking bend as the magic against her corroded her body, making the glass in her chest break apart in her chest, scattering it to other various organs.

"What did you do, Anais?!" one voice growled as they watched Kassidy's body shake and lurch from the ground.

"I didn't do anything! I swear!" Anais cried, pushing her hands up into her curls, soaking them in the blood on her hands from Kassidy's wound. "What the fuck do we do, Avery?"

Avery huffed out a breath, running her hands through her hair. Her hazel eyes blazed in fury as more and more aspects of their situation clicked into her head. "We try to make her as comfortable as we can until Xander gets here--"

"We don't have time for that," Anais cried, cutting Avery off as she watched Kassidy.

Kassidy's body stilled.

Her heart thumped faintly around the glass shard.

It was her time.

Her wolf licked her cheek one last time, giving her a wolfish smile before trotting away into the dark abyss that surrounded her.

The darkness grew larger and larger around her, waiting to snatch her away from her friends, her family, her life.

Her life?

She scoffed at the poor excuse of a life she had, welcoming death as if he was an old friend of hers.

Other than her wolf, family, and friends, there was nothing left for her on Earth.

The world made it clear that she wasn't wanted.

In the distance, the sound of closing car doors filled her ears.

Trampling feet came to her side as hands grabbed at her face, touching for the heat that left her moments ago.

This was it; this was the end for Kassidy Grayson.

Inching her heavy head to her right, her eyes met those of her father.

"Baby, don't you dare give up," he scolded, contradicting the tears welling in his silver-blue eyes.

"I l-love..." she croaked.

Her heart pulsed once more around the glass shard, waving her a sweet goodbye before coming to a halt.

Her lungs wheezed one last time around the small shards, pumping blood up to her throat, the last breath she'd ever give.

Kassidy's once bright silver-blue eyes dulled to a glazed over orbs of nothingness, another sign of her life being sucked out of her body.

Yet, before they glazed over entirely, her eyes caught something all too familiar.

Up the road, hidden in the shadows of the forest was a man in a black cloak. His glowing azure colored eyes watched as her own paled.

For a moment, she thought those eyes held sympathy just before they vanished.

Just as she did.

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