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A modern world faces planetary extinction, a small group of people and animals join together; to learn the secrets of the past to protect the future of life as we know it. Magic exists, it has always existed the only way to relearn this amazing feat of wonder humankind must return to its roots. Legends of the past thought to be myth become reality, the king returns, his trusty wizard by his side as well as his apprentices. The Kings knights must discover an ancient secret that the world's modern government has no idea even existed. On certain days of the year, can this feat be done under special circumstances such as planetary extinction. To protect life in all its forms the mighty sword Excalibur becomes the key, the final spell of Merlin becomes the words and the dying breath becomes the switching of places. This last piece is still yet to be explained. If you want to join the once great King in passion, love, betrayal, life and even death and fight the government to save the world of scientific wonder you just have to click!.

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"Grandpa tell me a story from when you were my age please!" Jayson begged.

"What’s that, you want to hear a story from your old granpy’s past aye? Alright seeing how you’re going to be spending a long time with me I suppose we can have a trip down memory lane before bed time."

"Yay!" He streaked.

"But before I tell you this story, I want you to go into the bathroom, brush your teeth and get ready for bed while I mull over where to start."

"Just start at the beginning grandpa."

"It’s not that simple my boy, now go brush your teeth like I asked you to please."

"Ok" said Jason, it only took but a few minutes for the very capable young man to accomplish this feat.

"Okay" I said "are you ready?"

"Yup" he said wriggling under his covers getting more comfortable to let his imagination go wild.

"Alright here we go."

"It was a slow start today, I woke up to that god awful repetitive sound that goes off each and, every morning. Same time every day no change. Ya know, that sound the blaring sound my phone releases upon 8:30? I don’t know, maybe yours is different. Maybe you’re so used to it that you don’t even have to set the alarm each evening before bed.

Any—who; what I’m about to tell you I shouldn’t even have to, is common knowledge now throughout the world now. The world is different now nothing is the same there is no Mt. Everest, no Himalayas, America isn’t a country there is no Europe, Japan, South America. Nothing is the same. The world has changed in fact you could say we live on mars now but it’s not the same mars you would remember red sandy barren a lot like another desert planet you’ve seen in movies.

Ya see back when I was your age we had Niagara Falls the great Giza pyramids, now we have nothing just a planet that to our knowledge never supported life until now. Thanks to a brave few people there is no government no money we start fresh kind of like watching the t.v. Show naked and afraid, only you don’t get something to take with you."

"Grandpa, what’s naked and afraid?" Asked Jason.

"Oh it’s just a—- well I suppose you wouldn’t know what a T.V. is growing up in this age on this foreign soil. Ya know what we’ll circle back to that after I tell you this story."

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