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Elzan Empire: Thereza

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Three woman who died on same day, one died in hands of her father, two died in the hands of her lover and three died in the hands of her sister. Betrayals and schemes happened and the three of them suffured. The heavenly God saw what happened and decided that the three should back to life and rewrite their paths. The God gave them another chance to live so they promised to make those people pay for everything happened to them. They tremble when they saw the three ladies in the middle of the lifeless bodies of assasins. The three were covered with blood from their face to their body, The surroundings was so eerie, a massacre did happened. The Princess of the empire and The daughters of the 2 Dukedom slaughtered the assasins who tried to kill them.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

“All I want now is to save them! Why would they suffer on the things that they didn’t do! On my next lifetime I’ll make sure to let them pay everything!”

“If they will give me the chance to go back in the past! I’m going to destroy all of them for what they did to us!”

“All I want from them is to love and acknowledge us! Is that so hard? Why ? I want to go back! I’ll want to rewrite everything!”

Three woman were beheaded in front of the entire people of the empire for accusation of poisoning the Empress Regent of the Elzan Empire and the Second Princess of the Elzan Empire.

The three women were Thereza Anastasia De Elzan, Tiffania Arisandra Wintherfold, and Tamara Callista Rosewood. Three Nobles were killed because of the envy and greed of the Aristocratic Faction and Imperial Family.

She felt drowning, hindi siya makahinga. What’s happening?

“My Lady!!!”

“Lady Thereza!”


Napamulat siya ng mata, she coughed. Ang lakas ng tibok ng puso niya. She look at her hands and touched her neck.

What happened? She didn’t died? The last time she remembered she was beheaded in front of everyone.

“Milady ayos lang po ba kayo?”

Napatingin siya sa mga babaeng nasa harapan niya. She glared at them, these maids. Mukhang natakot naman ang mga ito, she gave them an icily look.

These maid already left her three years ago. Iniwan siya ng mga ito at pinili ang adopted daughter ng House Elzan.

Bakit nandito sila?

Napatingin siya sa malaking salamin sa gilid. Nanlaki ang mata niya she look younger at wala na yung mga pasa niya sa katawan at mukha dahil sa pagkakakulong sa dungeon ng Empire.

“What day is to day?” She asked coldly.

She saw her maids gulped.

“Milady today is the start of the preparation of your Coming of Age” sagot nung Head Maid.

Coming of Age.. Start..so she’s turning 18 next week.

She then realize she did go back in the past, three years before their execution. She felt overwhelmed.

Hinayaan lang niya ang mga maids na gawin ang trabaho nila, pinaliguan siya ng mga ito at dinamitan. Even though she’s the famous neglected daughter of the House Elzan hindi pwede na pabayaan siya ng mga maid she’s still a daughter of an Archduke.

Magagabi na and she feel there something na nakalimutan niya. Her friends? Bumalik din ba sila? Tamara, Tiffania! And then she realize something this day! Now she remembers.

Dali daling lumabas ng kwartu niya si Theresa nagulat pa ang butlers at maids ng makita siyang tumatakbo palabas ng Blue Mansion.

“Lady Thereza!”

“Milady saan ka pupunta!?”

She ran faster. May nakasalubong siyang ang mga Knights and she doesn’t care, she grab one of the sword of the Knight and run to the forest. Nagimbal naman ang mga ito sa ginawa niya kaya dali daling itong nireport ng mga Knights sa Archduke.

The Archduke is having dinner, kasama nito ang dalawang anak na lalake, ang isa pang anak nito na babae, kasama din nila sa paghahaponan ang pamilya ng House Rosewood at House Wintherfold.

“Can you call my daughter?” Duke Wintherfold told the maids.

“My second daughter also, I guess they are truly friends with your daughter Duke Wintherfold” Duke Rosewood said.

“Mukha nga yata nakalimutan na nilang kumain”Duke Wintherfold said.

Lumapit ang Head Butler sa Archduke at may binulong dito.

“Your Highness! I’m sorry to interrupt your dinner but the Knights are here they have something they need to report to you” the Head Butler said.

Archduke Severine Vandre De Elzan.

“Let them in?”

“Greetings to the Archduke” Sabay na sabi ng mga Knights. Curious naman na nakatingin ang panganay na anak ng Archduke na si Carlisle Frederick De Elzan at ang second son na si Helius Anderson De Elzan sa sasabihin ng mga Knights. The Second Daughter Theane Alyanah De Elzan is also listening as well as the two Dukes and their families.

“We saw Lady Thereza running into the woods and she took one of the swords of the knight!”

“What!?” Napatayo ang Archduke.

“What is she doing right now?” The Carlisle asked.

“Find her!” The Archduke ordered.

“Sinundan na po siya ng ibang Knights”

Hindi satisfied ang Archduke sa narinig niya kaya tumayo siya at sumunod sa mga knights pati ang dalawang anak na lalake nito
ay sumunod din sa ama.


These night is the first time she meet the two of them. Tamara almost died in these time because her half older sister hired some assassins to kill her. Tiffa from the Family of skilled in sword save Tamara and I was just passing by that time dahil nalaman ko na may dinner banquet sa Main manor ng House Elzan kaso di siya inimvite kaya naglakad lakad na lang siya kakahuyan na tu, her knights killed the other assassins that time.

Tama nga ang hinala niya, Tiffania and Tamara are here, they are surrounded by the twenty to thirty assassins. Both of them were holding a sword as if they are waiting for the assassins to show up.


They are waiting for her

I guess the two felt my presence pareho silang napatingin sa akin, they grinned evilly.

“Kill them all” I ordered.

In the middle of the night where the moon shines so bright, A total of thirty five assassins were massacred by the three of them.

“We did go back” I said.

“Yeah” Tiffa.

“Did the heavenly God pitied us?” Tamy.

“I guess, he even gave us the strength and stamina to fight our body is well adjusted in fighting” She answered.

The assassins were so unlucky. The three of them just release their anger and frustrations that’s why they were all killed brutally.

Thereza look at her hand, it is covered with blood and she like it she like the color of it.

“Tiffa you always told us that you don’t like your hair but Tiffa I like your hair the same how I like Tamy’s eyes. RED. just like blood, I like it”

“Yeah Tiffania, your hair its hold power” Tamara said.

“Yeah” Tiffania touch her hair, in the past she despised it but now, she love it. Its like telling her enemies that the moment they saw her hair it means blood and death.

“Your ruby eyes also Tam, its not a demon eyes but a jewel eyes a beautiful alluring eyes that can lure enemies to their death” Theresa said. The two of them look at the Therza, her eyes gives a chilly atmosphere. The Lady turned into an icy cold person that even looking at her eyes you can feel the chill and the coldness.

“Isn’t the moon so beautiful?” Tiffania said and they look at the moon.


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