Elzan Empire: Thereza

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Chapter 2

The Knights gasped on what they witnessed. Bodies are everywhere, assassins all brutally killed.

Three ladies are standing in the middle of those bodies, the three of them are watching the moon. There Red, Black and Golden hair are swaying with the wind.

The Knights don’t like the eerie feeling, they can still feel the blood lust of the three woman. Their faces and body has blood, even the swords are still dripping with blood.

They felt afraid and they don’t know why, In the minds of the Knights the three Ladies are look frail but they are sure that those three are deadly.

“What happened in here!?” The voice of the Archduke boom. The solemn atmosphere disappeared.

The Knights gulped ng tumingin na sa kanila ang tatlo, the lady with the red hair and golden eyes gave them a blank and hollow look, the lady with black hair and red eyes gave them a demonic look and the princess with golden hair and blue eyes, gave them an icy look that then can all feel the chill. They are all wondering what happened to the three ladies.

“Your Grace” They way the three spoke they gave chill to those people who listened. Even the two son of the Archduke don’t like the eyes of their sister, it look so cold and icy, they can’t see any emotion from it as if everything light in their left.

“Lady Thereza what happened in here!?” The Archduke asked again. His horrified to see her daughter holding a sword and covered with Blood. He remembered the late Archduchess, the cold blooded eyes of the Archduchess.

Thereza look the people in front of her. She saw Tamara yawned while Tiffa look so bored.

“We killed those assassins they tried to harm Lady Tamara”



The Duke of Wintherfold and Duke of Rosewood appeared with their families, they gasped when they saw the three ladies and the bodies around them.

“Tamara sister! Are you okay?” Bago pa makalapit ang kapatid ni Tamara sa kanya tinutuk niya dito an espada na hawak nito. Everyone gasped.

“Tamara that’s your sister!” Duke Rosewood said.

Tamara smiled evilly.

“Oh sister Bettina its you! I thought your one of them I’m really exhausted I can’t even distinguish my sister and those assassins, I thought kasama ka nila” Para namang binuhusan ng malamig na tubig ang kapatid ni Tamara, she paled.

She wonder if alam ni Tamara na may kinalaman siya sa mga assassins.

“Lady Tamara be careful with the sword” Sir Jame said, ang knight ni Lady Bettina.

“Tiffania anak! Okay ka lang ba?” Thereza and Tamara’s head turned and look at Tiffa, they saw Tiffa smiled to his Father. Alam kasi nila na sa past life Tiffa ignored her Dad because she thought sinisisi siya nito sa pagkamatay ng ina niya pero ang totoo her Father loves her. Si Duke Wintherfold nga lang ang kumampi sa kanila noon pero dahil dun nasira ang Wintherfold Dukedom, inakusahan ang Duke na may kinalaman sa pagpoison sa Empress Regent.

“Dad I helped my friends, iniligtas namin ang isa’t isa, Did I do something good?” Para namang nagulat si Duke Wintherfold sa inasta ni Tiffa pero ngumiti ito at nilapitan ang anak, he didn’t mind the blood on his daughter.

“Of course anak, you did good you save the Princess and Lady Tamara” Duke Wintherfold patted Tiffa’s head.

“Duke” Lumapit si Thereza kay Duke Wintherfold, she ignored the Emperor.

“Yes Lady Thereza?”

“Tiffania is so skilled in sword, she can be a knight if she want’s to”

Nagulat naman sila sa narinig. Of course Tiffania is set to marry her first Brother Carlisle if she’s going to be a knight the marriage might delayed or even cancelled.

“Why are you talking those matters in here Lady Thereza? We don’t even know if you’re fine or not! Call the Doctors!” Helios said, his second brother. I ignored him, lumapit ako dun sa knight na ninakawan ko ng espada.

“Here Sire! I’m sorry I took your sword well its kinda sharp but not sharp enough to behead someone” she said coldly. The knight stilled. Everyone’s wondering what happened to the timid and quiet First daughter of the Archduke.

“Lady Tamara, Lady Tiffania you can come to me to the Blue House, you can clean your self there” Aalis na sana siya ng magsalita ang ama niya.

“Thereza you need to see the Doctors, we have to made sure that you are fine” Thereza chuckled. Tamara and Tiffania look at the Archduke coldly.

“Your Grace why do you care so much? Its okay you can take off your mask everyone here knew that I am a neglected daughter, that you don’t care about me, Don’t waste your precious time”

Para namang binuhusan ng malamig na tubig ang Archduke sa narinig. Her daughter really changed and somehow he can see the worst trait that she can get from her Mother the Archduchess, being cold and sarcastic.

Her daughter left with the two Ladies of two Dukedoms. Mabilis na nagpatawag ng meeting ang Archduchess he needs to know kung sino ang nagpadala sa mga assassins na yun.

Days passed pero walang mahanap ang House Elzan sa kung sino ang may kinalaman sa pagtangkang pagpatay kay Lady Tamara.

“Father are you okay?” The Carlisle asked.

“I’m good, how’s the investigation?”

“All traces were destroyed everything was cleaned”

“How could it be?”

“I’m sorry your Grace ” Carlisle said.

Sumasakit ang ulo ng Emperor, day by day mas nakikita niya ang pagkakahawig ng Archduchess kay Thereza and those cold blooded eyes, he is really familiar with those eyes. That’s the eyes she look at him when she found out his betrayal to her.

“Tiffa why don’t you ask your Father that you want to be the heir of the Wintherfold Dukedom and you want to become a knight, you might become a Dame” Tamara said.

“Oo nga Tiffa, rather than marry my stupid brother” she agreed with Tamara.

“Is it okay?“Tiffa asked.

“Of course, your father is the Commander of the entire Royal Knights of the Empire, you can ask for it and remember this time around his already seeing Lady Jian of House Catalina”

The three of them are in the Garden of the Blue House. They are relaxing and sipping some tea made by the Maids.

“Is she a daughter of a Count or a Baron?”

“Count Tamy” Tiffa answered.

“I heard you kicked out all of your Maid in the Blue House” Tiffania said.

Thereza grinned.

“Kung nakita niyo lang yung mga mukha nila nung pinalayas ko sila matatawa kayo, they really thought I’m a foolish daughter”

“Baliw ka talaga Thereza”

“Matagal na”

Someone cleared their throat. Napalingon sila and they saw their Fathers and the two Princes with the knights.

Ano naman ang kailangan ng mga ito sa kanila?


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