Elzan Empire: Thereza

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Chapter 3

“Your Grace the Archduke” sabay na bati nilang tatlo.

" We have something that we need to discuss about the assassins that attacked the three of you” Duke Rosewood explained.

“What is these all about?”

Nagkatinginan silang tatlo ng may mahabang mesa at mga upuan ng nakaayos agad, tuloy mukhang nag memeeting na sila. Thereza look so bored, she’s giving them a cold look. Tamy and I forced ourselves to listen to her Father.

“All evidence were erased, we can’t trace the main culprit of the assassinations”

“Its okay” Thereza answered.

“That is not okay Lady Thereza, what if the culprit will hired again some assassins to kill the three of you?” Carlisle said. Thereza sneered. She really doesn’t like the concern that her family giving to her, me too I don’t like seeing it they are all just pretending that’s for sure.

“I agree to the Lady Thereza Sir Carlisle, no need to bother yourself with those assassins” Tamara said. Napatingin silang lahat dito.

“Why?” Helios asked.

“Because we can kill them all again” I answered coldly. Lady Thereza grinned.

“That’s true I guess I need to prepare my own sword for that” Thereza mumbled, everyone look shocked except for the Archduke na naiinis.

“I want to talk to sons and daughter, everyone leave” the Archduke ordered. Tumayo na silang dalawa and bowed to the House Elzan. Thereza look at the two of them then winked. Nagkatinginan sila ni Tamara and they both chuckled, she is still the playfull Thereza.

“Why are you doing these Lady Thereza?” My Father asked.

“What do you mean your Majesty?” Thereza is sipping her tea, she’s really relax.

“Why is it that it doesn’t bother you that your life is on the line?”

“Dahil sa sanay na ako, this is not the first time that my life is on the line for the past twelve years I can’t even count how many times I almost lost meet death”

They gasped on what she said. Oo nga pala di nila alam.

“What?” Helios

“Is that true?” Carlisle.

“Lady Thereza why is it that nobody told me about it? I am the Archduke and your Father why is it nobody told me about these?” The Archduke is mad.

She’s calmly sipping her tea.

“Because I told them not inform you your Grace, I am just a nobody and you already gave an order twelve years ago that I shouldn’t bother you”

“No! I didn-” The Archduke stop talking, something flash on his memory. Butler Levi is carrying the young Lady, she was on high fever.

“Your Majesty! Lady Thereza she’s -”

“I’m busy Levi, please don’t bother me about theThereza just get the Doctors”

“Yes your Grace”

Napaupo ang Archduke, now he remembers hindi niya akalain na alam iyong ng anak niya. Nasabi lang niya iyon dahil sabay sabay ang naging problema niya kakamatay palang ng Archduchess ng panahon na iyon at muntikan ng magkagulo noon sa Molzan Empire.

“If you have nothing to talk to me I guess I should excuse myself, Your Grace” She left the three of them. In my past life all I did was to pleased all of you, I’m done with it. I just want a peaceful life.

She went on her room, oo nga pala she need to handpick the new maids on her Palace. She was exhausted mentally and emotionally kaya nadadamay ang physical na lakas niya.

“Your highness should I prepare a drink?” She smiled, Butler Levi, ito lang ang di niya tinanggal sa Blue Palace, Butler Levi prove his loyalty to her, on her past life. Butler Levi took a poison arrow just to save her and she is forever grateful with that.

“No worries, Thank you Butler for taking good care of me”

“Its my pleasure to be in your help Milady” she smiled.

On his room, the Archduke’s migraine is getting worst. What should he do? He thinks that the Thereza already knew what happened in the past, those cold blooded eyes.

Anya? is these the payment on what I did to you? You love me with all your heart but what I gave you in return were sufferings and pains.

13 years ago

“My Love she tried to kill me!” Jemi is crying with blood on her cheeks, tiningnan niya ng masama si Anya, the Archduchess.

“ANYA! ILang beses ko bang sabihin sayo na Jemi is the one I love!Akala ko ba natanggap mo na”

“She’s the one who tried to kill my daughter, that woman is lunatic, I am just keeping my child safe I can behead her on harming my daughter”

“NO MY LOVE! DON’T BELIEVE ON HER!My love she’s just jealous because we had also a daughter! She’s afraid that her daughter may lost the title because of our daughter”

“Why would my daughter would lose the title? Her Mother is the Archduchess, and she’s a royal blood you unlike your daughter born from the betrayal of the Archduke to his vows, your daughter must be cursed by the heavens because of what her parents did”

“Anya!” The Archduchess was shocked on the next thing happened. The Lunatic bitch had a gun on her pocket at pinaputok ito sa Archduchess, straight to her heart.

“Mommy!” Sigaw ng bata ang nagpagising sa Archduke. He also was shocked on what happened. Blood is spilling on the Archduchess mouth, the young Thereza was crying in front of her mother.

“What have you done?” the Archduke look at Jemi.

“My Love the villainess of our love is now gone, we can be happy now!” Jemi look crazy now. But the next thing happened petrified the Emperor. The young Thereza took the gun Jemi throw and shoot it to Jemi and it was hit on her head. Tumagos pa ito at muntik pang matamaan ang Archduke, nadaplisan siya pisngi niya. Jemi fell on floor lifeless.

“I cursed you! I hate you!” The cold blooded eyes on Theresa made the Archduke horrified. The young Thereza lost consciousness and sent to the Blue Palace.

Ever since that night, he always had nightmares with Thereza’s cold blooded eyes and seeing it recently made his head more painful.


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