XoXo, Ruby.

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It was going to be so fucking simple. The plan was to have a date with the pastors son, you know the occasional wining and dining, then knock him out, shove him into the truck, feast on his delicious virgin blood, then throw him into the river. Not even an idiot could fuck it up. Turns out, I’m the idiot because the next thing I know I’m locked in a basement with three other tied up supernaturals, whilst being fed pig blood (horrendous I know), by an oversized bafoon with head way to small for his body. I know I know, wtf ruby.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Diary Entry 1

Ruby you sexy son of a bitch, you did it again. A date with the pastor’s son, Mark... Micheal...Eth- oh hell, I don’t really give a shit what his name is he’s going to be dead in the next 24 hours anyway.

I twirled around with my hairbrush in my arms as I sang happily at the thought of my next meal, the full moon had just ended and I no longer had to go into hiding, forcing myself to drink the horrendous excuse of blood that was constantly being fed to me- I never truly was a fan of pig. But no one said it was going to be easy being an upperclass vampire but hey, could I really complain?

I practically lived a life of luxury, living in a mansion, maids to help whenever(and to occasionally eat) looks that none could compare to, and even stronger abilities.

I stood in front of the mirror as I looked at my reflection once more, my curled brown hair hanged neatly on my shoulders as I smoothed out my dress, the classic blood red matching perfectly with both my pale skin and my curves, the matching lipstick making me look even more fierce.

Smirking, I grabbed my leather jacket, my purse and my cell, strutting down the hallway as my hips swung from side to side, I made my way down the stairs.

“Oh Martha.” My velvety voice yelled waiting for my housekeeper to reach me at the door. The small woman ran down the hallways as fast as her short legs could carry her.

“Yes madam?” She asked out of breathe. I flung my house keys towards her, as I gave her a quick glance. “Lock up for me would you, I won’t be home tonight.” Giving her a wink and a quick peck on the cheek, I waved her goodbye, as I stepped onto the porch steps, taking in a quick breathe of the fresh air, a feral grin overtook my crimson lips.

Tonight’s going to be fun.

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