Vampires Vengeance

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Chapter 3

It was on Tuesday, fourth of December 2020 , when Daniel went to school there was a new girl in class and as it turned out she was next to him in Biology. When he got home, he ran away to London. After a week in London he ran back. in biology, he said “Hello I’m Daniel what's your name”? “Oh… Hi I’m Rose”. She said. A few a few hours later it was lunch and then after art he went home he didn’t notice that Rose was following him until he heard a knock on his door, using his super speed he opened the door and went back up to his room to open a blood bag for himself and started drinking. Surprisingly, he didn’t hear Rose’s footprints up the black and purple stairs. Rose gasped in shock. She started to run but he was faster,he grabbed her arm and said please wait “I’ll explain everything”. Y-y-your a v-vampire”! she stuttered. “Ok so I'll explain… There are Vampires

Vampires look like normal humans but with super speed, strength, agility and IQ. Some lucky ones have extra abilities like reading minds and influencing people’s thoughts, emotions, decisions. Well it could be any ability. They can choose when they inject their venom to make someone a vampire. Some vampires are good some are bad

and Werewolves

Werewolves are actually called lycanthropes or spirit animals they can transform whenever they like and can be any animal. They have super speed, strength, agility and IQ but not as much as vampires have. They can also have extra abilities like vampires.

and disgusting Ferals

Ferals are vampires that are wild and more dangerous if they bite a human or vampire they will turn feral as well. They can not have abilities and can not choose when to inject their venom injects you and they are grey and rotting.

also beautiful Angels

Angels are very beautiful and they stay in heaven pretty much all the time. They can fall In love with humans and they make a very dangerous crossbreed. There powers are mind tricks, speaking into minds, mind control

and Fallen Angels

Fallen angels are angels whose wings have been stripped; they live on earth; they are super fast, strong, agile and smart. They are like vampires crossed with an angel. They have been banished to earth. There powers are: mind tricks, speaking into minds, mind control

finally Demons

They live on earth or in hell they look like humans until they show their true form. In their true form they are red all over with a black tail and black horns. If they have not transformed to full devil much they are dark gray.

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