Vampires Vengeance

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Chapter 4

A couple of days later he realised he was a vampire due to the fact he didn’t need to sleep.

17 Years later.

He had tracked down Leonardo to a hospital. There he was, James ran in as quickly as a bullet and grabbed Leonardo's head. “ You deserved this you b*tch ” James snarled and snapped Leonardo's neck; then he looked back at Leonardo's followers and their mouths were wide in shock. “ Hello my name is James, go and if you come back or you speak of me I will hunt you down and kill you.” After that James decided to become a

Vigilante. In 2019 I had finally after all these years found one of Leonardo’s followers due to the fact almost all of them committed suicide by dragging a knife over every inch of his body, then left it in his heart locking himself in a glass cage setting himself on fire while the glass cage is going dow to the depths of the ocean. He slammed him against the wall.

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