Lowell: The Wolf Guard

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(Unfinished, work in progress) Rescued as a baby by the Roukerian wolf-people tribe, Lowell will fight alongside them against the humans to reclaim peace between two Kingdoms.

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As [wolf name] stepped into the darkened corridor, he could hear screams and cries of pain in the distance as the Roukerian battled their way through the building. The Roukerian hadn't wanted to fight. Being a peaceful tribe from the kingdom of [kingdom], the half-wolf half-human race had lived quietly in the vast world of Vynopia until they had unexpectedly become a threat to the [human race], the humans of [kingdom].

[wolf name] had managed to make his way to the top of the castle attempting to find a quiet room to mend the wound he had suffered unaware of what awaited for him on the upper floors. Quietly pushing a large wooden door in front of him, [wolf name] walked forward into the room, consumed by the orange glow coming from the fireplace in center.

"Don't come any closer!" [wolf name] froze and slowly turned his head towards the direction the voice had come from. A woman stood in corner of the room with her bow drawn aiming at [wolf name] whilst she wept uncontrollably. Her eyes were red and swollen and her long blue dress was covered in blood splatter. Adverting his eyes from the woman in the room, [wolf name] followed the blood splatter from her dress down to the floor, and noticed a body laying near her feet. Roukerian, no doubt; the ears and the tail were a telltale sign. [wolf name] raised his arms just as the first arrow whistled past his ear. Adrenaline pumping, [wolf name] drew his own bow and fired an arrow at the woman. The arrow tore through the woman's chest and she collapsed to the ground.
With a small whimper, [wolf name] wiped his forehead and walked towards the woman's fallen body, his eyes dropping to the large amulet around her neck. He recognized it immediately from the tales told to him by the ancients. She had been a witch.
A loud cry came from another part of the room, startling [wolf name]. Turning to the other side of the room, he saw a large cot containing a small child and panic set in. Running towards the cot, [wolf name] picked up the small child and attempted to gently rock her back to sleep. An alarm sounded signaling more enforcement's to the location, and [wolf name] knew he had to run. He turned around and ran back to the woman's body, pulling at the amulet until it finally became loose, before returning back to the child carefully picking her up and heading towards an exit.
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