The Guardian of Light

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Pitch Black. That's all he could see, no further than that, no closer. The world smelled unpleasant as everything was engulfed in the darkness of night. He never saw or sensed light for it was never seen again. The whole world was truly swallowed by blackness but he was determined to bring the light back again.

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The cotton candy sky was brushed with streaks of beige clouds, the sun tinted the lush lively land with its warm aura. I let out a deep sigh of relief. Not today, but one day. I thought with glassy eyes.


His petite laugh was like the chimes of bells to my ears. His deep emerald eyes were drowning with cheekiness. I smiled kindly, "Yes, beh’ra?”

"You're it!" He gently tapped my shoulder with his soft hand, tumbling down the hill we rested on. As he disappeared from view my smile wavered for a second as I gazed out at the tender horizon. I shook my head, clearing the hazed thoughts and carefully got up from the ever-green grass.

I scavenged through the tall trees with my gown flapping behind me as the air rushed passed me. "Where are you?" I chanted out, gracefully going behind trees and looking for him. I heard a faint giggle and spotted his messy gold locks from the corner of my eye. I cautiously went towards him, daring not to make a sound to add to the suspense.


"Got you!"

I pounced on his little frame and tickled him as he lay with the resting leaves on the forest floor, the wind fastening ever so slowly as his laughs echoed through the vast woods. I looked down at the boy that will soon take my place. I laid my hand on his rosy cheeks, "I love you, Charlie." He stifled out another giggle. "I love you too, Mummy."

Soon enough the happiness came to an end as the atmosphere grew dark, the wind became harsh and cold. "Come on, its time to go home." I held his hand and led him through the forest of towering trees. "But I don't want to go..." He trailed off as he looked behind him. I gently tugged at his arm to grab his attention. "I'll tell you a story when we get home."

We climbed up the steep hill, our humble cottage coming in view. "Dapone!" Charlie left my hand and ran towards the white and black patched cat. "Come on, Charlie, go in." I opened the wooden door of our dwelling, the warm air greeting us. "But how about you Mummy?" I shot Daphone a glance, "I'll be right back. Why don't you get ready for bed?" He giggled and ran inside.

I turned towards the cat who sat elegantly, licking her paw. Her piercing green eyes made contact with mine and instantly got the message. She slowly stretched, a blinding black and white light wrapping around her like a cocoon making it troublesome to sneak a glance at the transformation magic.

"Ah, it feels so good to be human after a long sunny day." Daphone fixed her jet black hair and ruffled down her white dress that clawed the ground. "Anything unusual?" Her smile instantly disappeared, "The day is going to end soon." A small storm brewed above our heads, "We can't stay here forever and wait for him to mature." Small droplets started to fall around us, tickling the dead autumn leaves. I hesitantly touched Daphone's arm, "Calm down, the boy might come." I whispered, my voice hinting my terrifying feeling. The storm slowly drift off and she looked at me with apologetic eyes. "I-I'm sorry, Madame Zari." I sighed, "Just... be careful." She nodded and once again the black and white light wrapped itself around her.

"Meow." We both headed inside the cottage and I swiftly closed the door behind us.

The petite bed dipped to the side as I slipped inside the warm blanket next to Charlie.

“Mummy! Tell me about the story! The prophecy!” He asked excitedly as we both got comfortable. I placed a gentle hand on his messy pile of hair, “I’ve told you that many time before, why not a different tale?"

He kept adamant at his request for the old prophecy and I groaned, giving in to his innocent pleas. "Fine." A huge grin spread across his face as he brought the blanket up to his chin.

"It is said that when a blue moon sprouts a youngling will rise from the shadows during the darkest of times. He will slaughter Heathra's wrath and save humankind by conquering the impossible. A quest will be set upon that will take one's life. The price for the gone of evil is mighty, and only a pure heart can pay it. Once it a blue moon."

I looked over at the small child that lay beside me, taken by blissful sleep. His chest moving in a soothing rhythm, his lips shaping a small 'o' as he breathed.

Tears pricked the corner of my eyes as I planted a kiss on his forehead. The time will come when he will find out that the Prophecy speaks of the chosen boy birthed by the Queen of the Light. The Queen who lives in a cottage on a hill with the chosen one, her son, seeking refuge from the monsters that seek to kill the hearts of light.

He will find out, and he will do anything to save this world for he is the Chosen Guardian of Light.

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