I Have a Tree and Other Short Stories

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Collection of short stories from a boy who was made as replacement of a tree, to a girl who discovers her powers after she was released from a case, metal puppets battling for survival, a word haunting a librarian, a missing girl, a vampire seeking revenge, and reincarnation.

Fantasy / Adventure
Margaux Alchem
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All characters, happenings, landmarks, and conversations are purely work of fiction. In instances where some events and characters have resemblances to real life, the similarity is entirely coincidental.

Here are passages from each of the stories present therein:

1. I Have Tree

"The ground trembled and the chains from the pillar that held the rampaging land loosened. Because of what your father did, part of the chains got broken and woke up the slumbering part of the land. It would have taken everyone who lives near the mountain, including you. But here you are, you saved your people. You became the replacement of the pillar, someone who hymned to bring somnolence throughout the part of the land that was ready to wake up and slide down the mountain slope to claim lives but after the roots of tree connected to you, the part of the land closed its eyes.” The man smiled.

2. Osmosis

“On the streets, with no moon, a little girl walked. From her tutor, her parents to the kind couple, they’re all walls she concluded. She can’t stay on any walls, walls with shackles or walls with love, they’re all walls. It was good while it lasts but it’s not for her. She’s meant to be with the wind, roam freely to where she can.”

3. Forever Yours

“Love and life were him. Life can’t exist without love. I know I’ll never live without him. I know he will curse me for what I’ll do, but I can’t take seeing his dead body. He might have a promising life ahead but he wasted it because of my best friend.”

4. A Demon’s Whisper

“The Angel softly said “You’ll learn soon. It takes a while to grasp it but Angels will always be angels and Demons, well, will always be demons. Don’t forget that.”

5. Pieces from the Broken Window

“That night, I had a nightmare, the demon came out of the glasses and ate my mom and my sister. When I woke up, I run straight to my sister’s room and pounded the door so hard. It was three in the morning and my sister was still groggy when she opened the door.”

6. Maddalena

“You look like you’re dead already.” The voice of Count Dracula, the immortal, deep and hoarse. That boy is helping you but you refuse. You’ll be in a long sleep if you will not drink this week. Asleep from which you’ll not be able to wake up unless they place you on my coffin and pour blood to your lifeless heart and that even is not a guarantee that you’ll live”.

7. Purblind Puppets

“You’re like me. Created by a Master to bring warmth, to part the darkness on the night, you’re a fire maker. A young one in the making and I would hate to destroy you. Your parents, your Maker, they were wise but not so wise in hiding the accounts of their masterpiece, your brother. I need him, the world needs him. You can’t keep him long in the walls of the caves which shelters purblind puppets like you.”

8. A Haunting Word

“Every time she opens a page, she saw the same word “Sorry”. In all her books, when she opens them, she’d unconsciously scan, and there, the word would always be there. It is the boy, Arthur she’s sure of it or maybe it was just her mind. She wasn’t so sure anymore. She might have become a crazy woman, just like the boy, unable to move on from a mistake. ”

9. Missing

“We attracted the presence of Comedentes or The Eaters. They prey on human flesh and leave the anima or soul. Once you grieve for your presence in the world for so long and ignore your body, the grief stays with your soul cleansing your body, then it sends a particular smell to the eaters. The eater comes in hoards, invisible to the eyes”

10. Dimensions

“I watched her being engulfed by flames, her eyes fixed on me, mirroring the anguish I felt. Then she’s gone and I felt my soul’s torment, my soul which will never have its completion.”

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