The Guardians Of Peace

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Ashers Ending- Chapter 5

Well good job young dragon, you have made it to the end if the story, through passages and tunnels, you finally made it to me in ine peice. So what do you need? Ah i see you’re hear to learn about nijary and the inhabitants. Well before we start i am asher guardian of medicine and healing, and the leader of the guardians of peace. And since you made it this far without putting the book away i will tell you what you need to know. As you see nijary is the oldest island on the planet earth. And on nijary there isnt just dragons. There are plants. Plants like: Bonsai, burdock, basil, and more. So nijary is a very leafy island with more jungle, oak, pine in the world even dragons from other islands come to get a supply of wood for their familys so that way they wouldn’t freeze in the winter. And nijary has the biggest supply of medicine but it is forbidden to speak their names, anyway i dont have very long because some of the raiders came back and are taking eggs away from their mothers and fathers so in great regards i say farewell young dragon.


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