The Guardians Of Peace

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A story that foretells the lives of many that live in nijary

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1- the history of the guardians

Well not many dragons know about us guardians, some think that we are a hoax, a myth, a legend, and some do, they read about us in history books, tales from grandparents and more, so let me tell you young dragon, what and who they were...

Well you see we made our group because we were outcasts, and sometimes the outcasts save the world from denial and destruction. Atleast thats what a our leader thought. In our group of misfits, there was:

Asher: the guardian of medicine and healing

Storm: the guardian of combat and battle

Sky: the guardian of magic and mystery

Shadow: the guardian of fear and death

Sahara: the guardian of light and dark

Now that you know their names and their jobs let me tell you who i am, i am shadow guardian of fear. Dont belive that i can give fear to others? Just ask the raiders. Oh? You dont know who the raiders are? Allow me to explain:

Raiders: evil and mischievous dragons that kill and kidnap for fun to take land and lives away, because they are brats

So there now you know who they are and what they do for a living.

Well i better get going so have fun with storm


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