The Guardians Of Peace

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Storms point of veiw

Hello there young dragon! The names storm and its very nice to meet you. Oh youve come here to learn about us guardians? Ok! Well i bet shadow already td you about the members and the villans, so i’ll tell you about nijary which sounds like:

Ni-jar-e so now you know how to say it. And now i will talk about it. Hope i wont tire you! Heh, anyway it started about i belive 20000.000 bc so nijary wasnt claimed by dragons yet, until the first dragon came and she was a deathwing named obsidian who still lives today, she is now.. umm i acctually dont know so she’s probably as old as the island, anyway as she started building her home more dragons started to move in and build there homes, buut they had a territorial problem, and they would fight alot so obsidian said she had enough with the fighting, and she made them go into groups which are the clans, and you already know what the clans and you already know who they are thanks to shadow, yay! Anyway she had a few kids and a few years later one of her grandkids had our leader asher. And asher is the oldest she is exactly 100 years old cool right? But the thing is she wasnt born the deathwing color, she was red and black, and when she heard of the others like her but in diffrent clans she asked us to join and now here we are! Oh i got to go shadows yelling at me because i forgot to stack up the books in his library bye!


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