The Guardians Of Peace

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Sahara’s realm- Chapter 4

Hello young dragon, as you may know i am sahara, and my job is to take light or give it, and take darkness or give it,you might be very confused right now so I’ll go ahead and explain, well acctually no, heres an example, making a light bulb burst, so there. Anyway what do you need? Im kind of busy at the moment. Sky sent you to talk to me about our home? Ok then. Well you see young dragon there isnt much i can tell you because the others have already explained it, so how about i tell you about out leader asher? Y-you really want to know huh? No one in the universe wanted to hear me talk about her... Well then lets begin with her birth. When her mother had her she was not happy because her mother was a cruel dragon wanting nothing but gold, but her father was a kind and caring dragon who only wanted a baby girl. And his wish came true... however as she started to get older her mother became more and more cruel to her, and the day she left the den she got news that her mother had murdered her father, she was outraged. And so she went back home preparing for the worst.. as she stood there staring at her mother.. who lye dead with blood on her jaws and claws. She did not understand how this happened... and then she knew, her brother did it because he despised mother more than anything else because of what she did to his did she know this you may ask? His muddy footprint was left right beside her now deseased mother that lye before her... then a few years later the guardians where born and the legacy now live on because she wants nothing but peace in the world. And there you have it... the story of Asher our leader and healer. Well you got what you needed so leave. See you later young dragon because we may cross paths in the future.


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