SHE {Part One}

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#11-The theory

As all five of them arrived at the Falrowven home, Kally looked all around her and saw some huts near a cliff made with branches and liana trees. Each places she visited had his own custom. She remembered the colossal tree from which the throne of Morfus was sculpted and the late Queen she saw sitting on a throne carving stone.

She was curious to see which kind of seat was delegated for Griffin. She looked all around her to find where his seat had been placed but nothing came to her view.

-"My dear people, my sister is back at last and has brought with her someone among us, who is very important and special. Before I reveal her to all of you, you don't have to fear the strangers among us. Consider them as allies. I understand that it's not in our ways, but you will soon understand my decision. My sister has found the chosen one, the real chosen one. I present to all of you Kally." Griffin announced in front of his people.

He turned towards Hajjar, he was looking for Kally who was hiding behind him. Griffin smiled at her and presented his hand in front of him.

With timidity, Kally came out of her hideout and took Griffin's hand so she would reveal herself in front of all the Falrowvens. She gave them a smile and greeted them with a gesture with her hand.

-"In her honor and the return of my sister Nova, we are going to celebrate tonight." Griffin declared to his people.

After the gathering was over, Nova had taken Kally's hand and went looking for her grandmother. Hajjar and Sovack followed them very closely.

On his way, Sovack watched Kally and was worried for her. She was so close to her goal and finish this one and for all. Only one clan remained to collect and after it, all will be over soon. He decided to keep his thoughts for himself because now wasn't time to start an argument.

-"Grandny, I'm so happy to see you." Nova told her grandmother when she found her. She hugged her at the same time.

-"Oh Nova! My dear child, I'm so happy that you're back and safe." An old Falrowven said to her and hugged her as well.

Like Nova, she had white skin but her feathers weren't the same color than Nova. She had golden yellow feathers and gray hair.

Nova introduced Kally and the others to her grandmother and told her what went through with her when she left from here.

-"It's an honor to meet you dear Kally. You can call me Owlla. You are not what I thought, but that's what makes you so special." Nova grandmother told Kally.

-"Grandny there something else I have to tell you. It's about what you said to me, you know your theory about the potentials"

-"Wonderdul, what did you find out?" Owlla asked her granddaughter.

-" You were right, it's not just me and Kally that has this precise color in our eyes. I know for a fact that among the Sergozards, one of them had them too but their late Queen got rid of her a longtime ago because for her she was an anomaly. She was Sovack's twin sister. Kally shared with me that Hajjar's deceased mate had them also."

When Kally heard Nova talking about Nahella and Sovack's lost sister she looked at them both. She was worried about them.

When she saw that there was nothing to worry about, she turned her intention back to Nova and Owlla and to what they were saying.

-"Sorry to intrude but can you tell me how you came up with that theory." Kally asked with curiosity.

Owlla smiled at her.

-"When Nova came into this world, I noticed that she had an unusual color in her eyes. I knew then that she was special. She was chosen by our goddess. You know about Lerial our goddess?"

-"Yes! Someone already told me about her." Kally was talking about Fahira, Hajar's mother.

-"In our story we mention that our goddess will sent us a chosen one and she will be born among us. But it's not just that." Owlla got on with her story.

-"What do you mean?" Asked kally curiously once more.

-"I heard some rumors that in each clan a cub with the same shade of colors was born, but I didn't have any proof. In time I had a theory that one of you were the true chosen one and the others where some kind of distraction to hide the one that's been chosen by the goddess." Owlla shared her knowledge on this matter with Kally.

-"But I have to say, even if you are the real one you are unexpected because we didn't know someone like you existed.

-"I know what you mean... Not even me know where I'm from. All I remember is my time in the forest were I first met Hajjar."

Owlla and Kally talked for a little while until it was time for Owlla to go. She was needed somewhere else.

-"I'm going with my grandmother to spend as much as time as possible with her before we leave tomorow." Nova told to all of them.

Kally watched Nova who followed her grandmother and when she found herself alone with the two of them, she turned toward Sovack.

-"Sovack, we never had the time to talk about your sister. Know that I..." Kally didn't have time to finish her entrance because Sovack interrupted her.

-"I don't ever want to talk about this. I'm sorry, but for now I want to be left alone."

-"Sovack please wait." Kally pleaded to him.

Kally started to follow Sovack, but Hajjar stopped her by taking her hand with his to prevent her for going after Sovack.

-"Let him go. He wants to be alone. He's confused." He suggested her.

When Hajjar felt Kally squeezing his hand a little tighter, he let her go immediatly and took a few steps back from her.

-"You are the king of confusion Hajjar. Just when I think we take one step foward we take ten steps back. Make up your mind Hajjar."

Kally went the same direction to where Nova and Owlla had gone through and left behind a very confusing Hajjar.

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