SHE {Part One}

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#13-Break a promise

Hajjar sped up his steps with Kally still on his shoulder. She couldn't believe what he had just done. She started hitting him so he would release her fro his hold

-"You big brute, pit me down this instant! Do I make myself clear?" Her face reddened more than ever, if it were even possible.

-"Stop moving like that or I'm going to drop you." Hajjar snapped at her.

When she heard him she stopped her assault on him. He was holding her so tightly up against him, that deep down she knew he'd never drop like he said he would.

-"You know Hajjar, I still have legs that allow me to walk." Kally tried to reason with him.

-"Sorry but I can't do that, I have to get as far away as possible from there before I return and finish what I have in mind the three who dared approach you when you were dancing."

-"What has gotten into you to make you act like this? I'm not yours to protect. For once, please talk to me, and don't confuse me like you always do." Kally pleaded with him.


-"You have nothing to say, that's what I thought. You frustrate me Hajjar"

Hajjar let her down after he heard her. Kally couldn't handle him right now and decided to walk away from him.she didn't get far as she felt something tighted around her waist.she looked down to it and to her surprise it was Hajjar feline tail that surrounded her. Kally looked back to it owner.

-"We haven't finished this discussion Kally!"

-"We? You didn't say a single word Hajjar!"

-"It's not that easy for me." Hajjar told her.

-"So sorry if it's so complicated for you to share to me of how you feel!" Kally snapped at him.

-"Will you let me talk Femel!" Hajjar told her with an authoritative tone.

Kally flinched at his tone and when he saw her reaction, he took her in his arms tightly and started caressing her hair.

-"I'm so sorry, please forgive me. I don't know why, I spoke to you like that." Hajjar apologized to her.

-"You have nothing to apologise for Hajjar. I shouldn't have insisted with my questions and expected an answer right away."

Hajjar couldn't resist her any longer and with the help of his feline tail that was still attached around her waist, he brought her closer to him and kissed her passionately and devoured her lips as he dreamed to do so for so long. Kally kissed him with the same passion as he, but the kiss didn't last long.

Kally put her hands on his chest and with great effort broke the kiss and pushed him away. Hajjar was surprised by her gesture. He fought against himself and managed to pull off his tail that was still surrounded her waist.

-"Stop it Hajjar, don't give me false hope because I know you don't feel the same way I do. How can you, have you looked at me? Who in his right mind would want me like this? Kally was referring to the mutations on her body.

She couldn't face him and turned her back on him. She didn't wanted him to see her like that. Hajjar took her by the shoulder and turned her so she would face him, then he grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.

-"Don't ever, I mean ever speak of yourself like that. You have an exceptional beauty both in the inside and out. You are, what you are meant to be. I don't care what breed you are or even look like. I tried to stay away from you to protect you better but I can't do it anymore.

Hajjar kissed her passionately with more hunger than before whil Kally returned his kiss while as single tear flowed down her cheek. One of his hand that was holding the side of her face, it slowly made all the way down to her neck as it still travelled until he came above the valley of her chest and finally grabbed her breast.

Kally was shocked at first by his gesture but didn't or said anything to stop him. She then remembered something important. Before it went too far and would be too late to say it, she made the decision to share it with him

-"Ha-Hajjar, I nev.... Mmmm. I, I never have."

He stopped what he was doing as understood what she was trying to say to him. He lifted her in his arms and Kally took this opportunity to wrap her arms and legs around him.

-"Don't worry beautiful, I'll take care of you." He whispered into her ear.

Hajjar looked for a comfortable place for them to lay down. He felt her heart beat fast as he undress her. Hajjar positioned himself above her when he was done with his own clothes. He started by kissing her lips as he went down, until he found what he was looking for. He kissed the valley of her breast continuing up until he found her nipple with his mouth and with one of his hand, he grabbed the other to play with.

Hajjar knew that Kally liked what he was doing to her by the moans she was making. He proceeded his assault on her nipple by kissing, licking and biting it. He switched side and repeated his action to the one beside so it wont get jealous. That's what Hajjat told himself when he attacked it.

Kally felt a fur caressed her across her leg until it located itself between her thighs. She knew it was Hajjar feline tail. It didn't take long when she felt it went on her private part and begun rubbing her gently.

This intimate gesture was only consumed between two Pangarions that were true mate. He realised that he never done this with Nehalla, his deaseed mate.

-"Ha-Hajjar nee-never have I felt... Ahh" Kelly moaned a little.

When Hajjar felt her ready, he got up and undressed himself without removing his eyes from hers. He let out a roar before he get back to her.

Her breath and moans became faster and louder by the minute.He removed his tail that was still between her thighs and replaced it with one of his finger. He rubbed and did a few penetration before she came for the first time in her life. She moaned Hajjar name all the way.

-"Are you all right beautiful?" Hajjar asked Kally with a smirk on his face.

Kally couldn't say a word, instead she nodded at him. Hajjar lowered his head and kissed her on her mouth. He positioned himself between her thighs and penetrated her slowly and stopped when he felt her resistance.

-"By the godess, you're so tight and so soft." Hajjar told her. He waited a little so she would get used to his size.

He couldn't wait any longer and so with one more push he penetrated her completely. Kally managed to hold back her cry when she felt her barrier being broken.

All through their passions Hajjar has managed to be gentle and tender with her. He was holding himself back. The beast inside him wanted to devour her completely with more power then what Hajjar was given.

They lasted for a while and Kally was the first one to come and soon Hajjar had followed her. After it, Hajjar watched Kally from above until her heart returned to it normal pace. He pulled out from her and laid himself on his back and brought her with him. Kally rested her head on his shoulder.

-"How do you feel beautiful?"

When she didn't answer, Hajjar knew she was sleeping of the way she was breathing. He gave a kiss on the top of her head. He felt so alive at that moment and it was all thanks to her because since the death of Nehalla he felt so empty.

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