SHE {Part One}

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#16-What's wrong?

All four of them took the path that ri where the last Quibasson had been seen. Kally wanted so much to reach out and grab Hajjar's hand just so she could touch him. The same way they did the day before when they came back hand in hand to the Falrowven.

-"Can anyone tell me about the Quibassons and what to expect of them?" Kally asked her companions.

-"They are very rare to see. We don't know a lot about their culture. I heard that they sleep underwater. My Granny said to me once that when they find their mates, they become inseparable and never leave each other's sides. Where one of them goes, the orher follows. Have you ever seen one Hajjar?" Nova asked him.

-"Once or twice." Hajjar answered as he turned to look at Nova.

As he was talking to Nova, his eyes led upon Kally, he quickly turned his head right ahead without even knowledge her presence, to his action Kally didn't know how to act or feel. Against her will, tears dropped from her eyes.

-"Kally are you okay? Why are you crying?" Nova asked her when she saw Kally tears.

-"It's, it's nothing really, just something went in my eye." Kally hurriedly said and rubbed her eyes to hide the truth.

-"Nova, Sovack, could you take the lead, me and Kally have to talk. We will catch up with you, we won't be long." Hajjar asked them, he knew Kally had lied.

Nova took Sovack hand and dragged him hurriedly before he decided to speak up his mind for what Hajjar asked them.

Hajjar shaken his head with a smile when he saw Nova dragged Sovack like that. His expression changed when he looked back at Kally.

Kally turned her back to him. She didn't wanted him to see her like this. Hajjar didn't wait any longer and went to her.

-"Kally turn around, I want to see you." Hajjar demanded her.

She still had her back to him even if he asked her to look at him. Instead she lowered her head even more on the ground as if it was more interesting then him. She managed to keep her emotions intact. She felt rejected by him and she didn't know how to tell him.

-"It's like you took what you wanted from me and now you are putting distance between us, just like before." Kally finally said.

Hajjar went in front of Kally. She knew he was there, but she still kept her head down. He grabbed her chin between his finger to lift her head so she could look at him and not the ground.

-"Don't be absurd. If only you knew what your doing at me right now just by looking at you."

He forced her to step back and pinned her against a tree trunk as he stuck his body to her.

-"Can't you feel how much I desire you? It's like this for me everytime I see you or touch you. If I didn't hold back right now, I would take you vigorously and I wouldn't care if we had an audience."

Hajjar kissed her passionately and placed his hand on her chest. It took all his will not to undress her and take her as he wanted, just the thought of it he felt tighten below his belt. He knew she was ready for him wen he felt Kally nipple that came alive under his palm

-"Come on beautiful, we have to go before Nova isn't able to hold Sovack back." Hajjar told Kally.

-"Don't tell me you are scared of Sovack lover." Kally laughed at the same time she spoke to him.

He pressed her against the tree for the second time and kissed her again.

-"Don't put a Pangarion up for s challenge beautiful, I would take you savagely until Sovack came looking for you and he would be shocked to find me between your tights as I take you so hard every forest creature will hear you screaming my name."

Kally looked at Hajjar with blushing cheeks. He took her hand and walked ahead to join Nova and Sovack who were waiting for them. Kally fallowed him without saying a word. She was too shocked by what he said to her.

-"*You took your time!" Sovack remarked when he saw them on the road.

-"If you really want to know, me and Kal...mmmmm."

Hajjar couldn't finish his sentence because Kally put her hand on his mouth quikly to stop what he was saying.

-"There's nothing Sovack, Hajjar just needed to talk to me privately. He was worried about me and didn't want to worry you at the same time.I reassured him that everything was fine." Kally lied without thinking the consequences.

Hajjar pulled Kally's hand away from his mouth. He didn't appreciate Kally's lies. Was she ashamed of him. He left without saying anything to anyone. He wanted to get away from her and think about all this.

-"Hajjar, who are you going?" Kally asked him worriedly.

He didn't answered her and went on his way

-"What's his problem?" Sovack asked Kally.

Kally didn't know why he reacted like that. Did she say or do anything to react like this. She didn't understand. Everything was going so well a moment ago.

-"I'm going to see what wrong with him. I'll be back as soon as possible. Sovack stay with Nova. I don't think that Hajjar will tell me anything if we're all standing beside him." Kally told Sovack.

Kally didn't hesitate to follow him before he could get furthur ahead. She started running, her heart beating so fast she felt it would explode. She was relieved when she managed to find him.

She laid her hands on each of Hajjar arms and kissed his shoulder blade. When he felt her he crossed his arms over his chest and exhaled through his nose. Kally kissed his other shoulder blade and wrapped her arms around Hajjar waist from behind.

-"What's wrong with you lover? What did I do to make you become distant towards me?

Hajjar didn't say a word and Kally placed her head in the middle of his back and squeezed him further. She was waiting for him to say something. He detached himself from her, but she didn't say anything, waiting for him to speak.

-"Are you ashamed of me?" Hajjar decided to ask without looking at her.

-"No! Of course not. What gave you that idea?"

-"When you talked to Sovack earlier, you hid the truth when he asked you why we took our time to join them. You covered it with a lie so quickly."

Kally moved closer to him. She didn't think that he would feel this way. She hadn't thought about it when she had lied to Sovack.

-"Hajjar I wasn't sure you wanted them to know the truth about us. We haven't discussed it. I'm not ashamed of you far from it."

He was relieved by Kally's words. He took Kally face in his hands and kissed her forehead as Kally placed her hands on his wrists with a smile on his face. Hajjar looked her into her eyes and kissed her passionately.

-"You're right beautiful, we never discussed it. For me, you're mine like I'm yours. I didn't think I would feel this way again and it's all thanks to you. But you're right, I think we should keep this between us until we are ready."

Kally nodded her head, she would do anything for him, even die for him.

-"Have you noticed that we are alone beautiful. Let's take advantage of this situation befor we fo back." Hajjar pointed out.

Hajjar didn't let her answer, he lifted her into his arms and kissed her with great passion. He squeezed her buttocks tightly and she had no choice but to wrap her legs around his waist.

-"I want you, I desire you, I can't wait any longer." Hajjar announced her passionately.

-"So, what are you waiting for lover. Take me in the way you desire. I'm yours to do as you please." Kally told him.

Hajjar kissed Kally neck when suddenly, he felt Kally's body tremble with small spasm. He stopped his assault on her neck and locked at her and what he saw worried him even more. He saw Kally's eyes turn white and if he wasn't holding her so firmly she would fall backwards.


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