SHE {Part One}

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#18- It's finally complete

When Sovack and Hajjar saw the surface of the water stir, they wasted no time, and they both went in front of Kally. Nova got up from where she was seated to go next to them. Hajjar turned and looked at her.

-"Stay with Kally and use your sonic scream if necessary to protect her." Hajjar demanded her.

Nova nodded and sat in the same place she was before.

-"Hajjar, Sovack please be careful." Kally asked them both.

A beige sand-skinned male Quibasson with the back of his body completely covered with dark blue scales fish and short hair of the same shade as his scales, came out of the lake and fixed Sovack and Hajjar with great caution.

-"Who among you sent a signal a few minutes ago?" Asked the Quibasson, crossing his arms.

-"My name is Hajjar and this one here is Sovack. We're sorry for the intrusion. We wouldn't have done it if we were not desperate. There is someone here who needs your help, her life depends on it."

-"Do you really think I'm going to believe a word you said? A Pangarion teaming with a Sergozard, there something wrong with this picture."

-"It's not a trick. We really need your help. If you allow me to explain." Hajjar insisted on the issue.

-"I've seen enough. I'm leaving." The Quibasson said and started to go back into the water.

Hajjar wanted to stop him, but before he could do it, he saw something else coming out of the lake. It was another Quibasson, a female to be exact. This one had pinkish beige skin with long aqua hair. Her entire spine, hands and feet were completely covered with fish scales that were the same color as her hair.

-"Echo, but what are you doing here? I asked you to stay where I left you so I take care of this." The Quibasson said to the newcomer.

-"I'm really sorry Zan. I don't know how to explain it but I felt like something drew me here. Don't be angry."

-"I'm not mad, just stay behind me."

Hajjar couldn't stop looking at Echo when he noticed her eyes. Zan saw him watching his mate and he didn't liked it, he didn't liked it at all.

-"Are you done staring at my mate?" Zan asked him angrily.

-"I wasn't staring at her, I was just looking at her eyes." Hajjar said so they wouldn't have to have an misunderstanding between them.

-"What, now you have a problem with her eyes? Do you really think you're the first to judge them. Let me tell you that you aren't the first and certainly not the last." Zan replied.

-"Enough Zan! Please calm down. Let him explain." Echo came to Hajjar's rescue.

-"No, I'm so tired that the world judge your eyes, that's what attracted me to you." Zan said to Echo, stroking her under her eyes with his thumb.

Zan took Echo in his arms and hugged her tightly. She in turn put her hand behind his head and stroked his hair to soothe him.

-"Let me introduce you to two people and you'll understand that there is no judgment here. But I'm going to ask for a favor Don't judge or stare what you'll about to see." Hajjar was referring to the mutations that Kally's body had suffered.

Hajjar introduced Nova and Kally to them. Echo was relieved to know that she wasn't the only one with that color on her eyes. When Hajjar introduced them to Kally, they immediately understood why Hajjar had asked them not stare.

None of them had to explain who Kally was, even though the Quibassons were mainly in the water and not on the surface, they also knew the story of the goddess Lerial. This is why Echo was judged because most of the others asked why it was she who had those eyes and why not someone else.

-"I can't believe it Zan! Do you realize that if we didn't answer their call, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet or know her and you saw them, I am not the only one like we thought." Said Echo happily.

-"I'm happy for you baby, but what happened to her?" Zan asked out of curiosity.

-"She is weak, which is why we need one of you to volunteer. If she cannot collect the last essence from her body, she will weaken until death devours her." Hajjar explained Kally's situation to them.

-"And how will she get our essence?" Zan asked again.

-"Nova, you're the best of us to explain this to them." Hajjar told her before he lost patience with all of Zan's questions.

Hajjar decided to leave Nova with the Quibassons and returned to Kally's side. He hugged her gently, kissing her on the side of her head.

Nova explained to them who Kally was and how her body had undergone all the mutations and what it meant, why it was so important that she get the last one even if Hajjar had already explained it to them.

-"I've heard enough! Echo, come on, we're leaving!" Zan said suddenly after hearing what Nova had said.

-"Zan, you don't see how important it is." Echo

asked to convince him.

-"We don't even know them baby. We don't owe them anything." Zan insisted."

-"Think about it, dearie, and if I were in her situation, wouldn't you want someone else to help me if you couldn't?" Echo asked him.

He didn't even have to think about it, he already knew his answer. If he really needed a stranger to save her, he would do it in the blink of an eye.

-"Okay, but I'll be the one to do it." He informed them.

-"Zan, I love you and I love that you want to protect me so that nothing happens to me, but we both know that I have to do it."

-"Very well, you know that I will follow you wherever you go even if it's meant until the end of time."

Echo jumped into Zan's arms. She knew it wasn't easy for him. She kissed him passionately to show him how grateful she was to him. Then she looked around for something sharp.

She found what she was looking for and pierced the skin of her thumb just a little and saw a small drop of blood came out of it, then Echo approached Kally to show her thumb. Kally grabbed Echo's wrist and licked the blood.

-"And now what?" Zan asked with concern for his mate.

-"Wait, it's not over yet. " Said Sovack. He was relieved because he now knew that his queen's life wasn't longer in danger.

Kally felt the mutation on her body begin. The skin on her two feet changed and was covered with fish scales of the same color she had on her arms. Gills appeared behind her ears. This time, the mutation was more tolerant than the other times before because her body was stronger now.

-"The process is finally over. The fourth has flowed into this body. Now go back to where it all started and give what you took to make it whole again." Kally said with an echo in her voice while her eyes were covered with blue light.

-"It's finally complete." Nova, Sovack and Echo said in union with their eyes covered in the same light as Kally.

-"It's finally complete." A stranger said who was far from them.

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