SHE {Part One}

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A young woman with light blue eyes has left to discover her destiny, with the help of four companions she will eventually meet on her way, she will find adventures, friendship, even love and so much more.

Fantasy / Adventure
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#1-The encounter

In a vast deep forest, a young woman with black hair and light blue eyes lived there. As far as she can remember, this refuge was her home. She could walk through it with her eyes closed. The only place she wouldn't go was at the exit of the four points of this forest.

Each point of the forest existed mixing race between humans and beasts. To the north, the pangarion looked like a feline. They were great hunters mainly at night, thanks to their night vision. To the east, a clan between birds and humans who called themselves falrowven lived there. They had a tall, slender physique and a sonic scream that served long-distance communications. Towards the west lived the colony of fish bread called Quibasson. They had the ability to breathe underwater through the gills that were exposed at the back of their ears. The southern trail, the community in the shape of a lizard named sergozard, was staying there. Their bodies had the capacity to heal all the simulated wounds on their bodies with incredible speed.

The young woman took shelter in shelters when the others explored the forest. This day would forever change his daily life. She was walking through a clearing that would bring her to a cave where she used as a camp. She saw an unusual condition on her way.

Before the young woman went nearby, she assumed it was a dead beast, but when she got closer, it isn't what she thought it was.

'A pangarion? If I am not mistaken, this is their leader.' She identified him as the leader he had four claws marks on his left eye.

'He has deep wounds and scratch marks on his body. But where is his clan, and why did they abandon him like this? Why am I still here? No, no, I have to get away from him.' She thought as she got pass him, but she felt remorse and came back to him.

'I'm sure if the tables had been reversed he would have left me to rot.' She Struggled with her decision when she got closer to him.

She grabbed a small dagger that was tied after her ankle and began to cut branches and vines that were gripping the trees. Then she started to build a stretcher that would help her transport her unconscious guest. When finished and all tied up, she placed him on it with great difficulty and dragged him with all her might and continued towards her destination.

After a long journey behind her, she has finally come to the end of her path. She placed him in front of the cave entrance and lit a fire to keep him warm. Afterward, she concentrated on cleaning up and treating his injuries. When she had finished her task, a growl was heard towards her host. She looked at him intently to see if he was still unconscious. He was still in the same condition as before, and she remained perched by his side all night.

At the start of a new day, she finished cleaning up his wounds once more. She studied him more closely. He had a feline appearance, a sturdy body with dark yellow-brown skin with black dots that were exposed all over the back of his body and on either side of his face, golden hair tied in a ponytail and a small beard that covered his jaw. He also had a long panther tail with the same shade as his body.

The pangarion withdrew from his coma and looked around and finally laid his yellow eyes on her.

"Where the fuck am I and who the hell are you?" He shout at her as he stood up, grabbed her by the throat, pulling her towards him so that they were face to face.

Her feet were no longer touching the ground. She grabbed his wrist with both hands and tried to pull away.

"T-th-at's h-how you, you t-th-thanks t-the pe-pers-son-ne wh-who s-s-sav-ed y-your l-lif-fe?" She asked with difficulty, looking straight into his eyes.

"Nehalla? He whispered, looking straight at her with a surprise expression.


He didn't say a word and released her from his grip. She fell to her knees and started to cough, rubbing her neck. He gave her a smirk and brought his lips to her ear.

''Woman, for a pangarion, overnight our wounds can heal quickly. Which means I'm strong enough to get rid of you now. How do you like me to do it?'' He asked her, whispering to her.

"I knew it! You are a barbarian! For you, it means nothing that I saved your life? Without me, your body at this moment would swim in it own bloodbath." She replied back at him.

A roar arose from the pangarion.

"No one asked you!'' He took a deep breath to calm himself down. "Woman, I can smell your fear and I find it very entertaining." He looked at her, still smirking.

"My name is Kally, not a woman. Got it?" She responded with an angry look.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! I admit, I found you're funny. Ha! Ha! Ha! Glad to know that you are not as vulnerable as I thought."

"Ok, I'm really confused... mmph!!!" Kally's eyes grew fat like a saucer. She couldn't finish her sentence because he kissed her suddenly,

"What the hell is wrong with you, kissing me like that? And why did I taste blood?" She asked him angrily

"Calm down, Femal. Regarding the blood, I shared it with you because you saved my life. For the kiss, it was a simple trick because I knew you would refuse to drink my blood willingly.''

"On this subject, you are not wrong." Kally replied in a calmer tone.

"I Hajjar, son of Fahyra and the late Akmire, I pledge my life to protect you until my heart stop bitting."

It surprised Kally at what he just said to her.

"So Hajjar is your ..... Aaaaahhh !!!" Kally screamed uncontrollably.

"Kally, what the hell is happening to you?

"I, I don't know suddenly my eyes burned and stopped right after."

"It just stopped, you don't feel anything anymore?" He put his hands on both sides of her face with concern in his eyes.

"Yes, and now I just feel a tingling in my eyes."

''Open your eyes, okay. I just want to take a look to see what's happening. Ok?"

Kally did exactly what Hajjar asked her to do, and when he looked into her eyes, his expression said it all.

"A brilliant blue light, it covers your eyes ."

"What but is happening with me? And now all I see is this light." she said as her tears rolled down her cheeks. When he saw this, he wiped away the tears with his thumb.

"Do you trust me? No, too early for me to ask you that. Can you close your eyes I have an idea?''

Kally did as he asked so he could place a scarf over her eyes and tied it to the back of her head.

"Is this better?"

"The intensity of the light is less than before. Thank you, Hajjar."

"I think the best thing to do is to go to my clan and see my mother. She is the only one I know that can help you."

"Thank you for your help, Hajjar. You're not who I thought you were and for your question earlier, I don't know why but I do trust you." She gave him a smile.

"We will leave tomorrow at dawn so my wound would heal completely."

Kally responded by nodding her head.
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