SHE {Part One}

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#21-Glimps of the past

Kally was surprised at what Nehalla has just revealed to her. It was for this reason that this place seemed so familiar to her and that she was able to find this hiding place so quickly. That voice from earlier seemed so familiar. Was it also something from her past or a fragment of her imagination.

The more she thought about what it said, the more her memories she had lost came back to her.

Some years earlier:


When little Kelly heard her mother's voice, she ran to her and jumped into her arms.

-"My darling I love you."

-"I love you too mom, but why are you so sad. What's wrong mommy?"

She put Kally on the floor and knelt before her, she looked at her seriously.

-"Kally, we have to go. Your life is in danger."

-"But what are you talking about mommy and where is dad? "

In the distance you could hear people screaming in panic.

-"He has to stay, he can't come with us. He has something else to do. Come on, let's go!"

Kally's mother took her by the hand and started walking quickly. They continued their path until they reached a river.

-"Mommy what's this big black smoke that goes up to the sky?"

Her mother looked up at the sky where her daughter had pointed at. She knew that it came from the fire that has invaded their villages, she didn't want to scare her daughter by telling her the truth.

-"It's nothing my darling, don't worry about it."

She took Kally in her arms and turned her to the other side so that she no longer looked at it.

-"Mommy, why do I hear everyone screaming?"

-"It's nothing my darling, cover your ears. Okay?"

Before Kally did what she was told, she heard another voice from afar, approaching them.

-"Kallyna, but where are you hiding? My master would love to meet you. He has something important to tell you."

-"Mom, you heard, it's dad! I want to go see him." Said Kally with joy to her mother.

-"NO! No come, we're going to go for a swim okay, as soon as mommy friends get here and then we will go for an adventure. What do you say? Would you like that idea?"

Kally nodded to her mother, she loved


-"Come on, come on, but where are you, you promised me." Muttered her mother, biting her nails.

She watched the river over and over and prayed that they would come to help them before it was too late. She relieved herself when she saw them coming and put Kally on the ground.

Kally ran to the Quibassons and stood in front of the one who was the same age as her.

-"Hello! Look, you have the same eyes as I do."

The Quibassons helped Kally and her mother cross the river. When they all got to the other side, the three Quibassons left them both without saying a word. Kally waved to them.


The young Quibasson turned and waved back at Kally.

The two have come a long way without being seen by the others. They finally arrived in the forest that Kally would live in the future.

Several days passed before Kally's father caught up with them.

-"Hide yourself Kallyna. Whatever you do, don't show yourself to anyone or your life will be in danger."

Kally did exactly what her mother told her. She found a hiding place near her mother. Kally thought they were still playing.

She saw her father coming and what she wanted was to join him, but she stopped because she remembered what her mother had asked her to do.

-"Where is she?" Kally's father asked his wife.

-"Have you lost your mind? What happened to you for acting like this?" She asked him.

Her whole body trembled with fear before his presence. She didn't know how he would react. It wasn't the men she knew, something was wrong with him.

-"I asked you a woman question. You should answer me. But if you want to know so badly, I'll tell you. You see, my master showed me the truth about our daughter and who she is. Kallyna will destroy us, you, me, and the whole clan."

-"So what, you burned down our house, you killed all these peoples for what to save us before it destroys us? It doesn't make sense and you know it."

Kally's father lost patience with her and stabbed his wife without flinching. All of this happened in front of little Kally.

When his father saw the lifeless body of his wife lying on the ground, something in him woke up as if he was in a bad dream or something and someone else driving his body.

-"But what have I done? Kallyna, my child forgives me and whatever you don't show yourself, I don't want to hurt you."

*Kally saw her father kiss her mother's forehead and took the same weapon and used it on himself. He sacrificed himself so he wouldn't turn on his daughter like he did with his wife.

Kally couldn't stay hidden any longer and went beside her parents. What she saw, no child should see, so she got up and ran. She must have been in a bad dream. Nothing she saw was real, that's what she thought. All she wanted now was to wake up from this nightmare.

She had tears in her eyes that blinded her. She didn't see where her feet were leading her and slipped on a rock and fell, she crushed her head very hard.

When Kally finally regained consciousness, she didn't know who she was. Kally started walking somewhere. Since she was chosen, she has managed to survive in this vast deep forest despite her young age.

Back to the present:

Kally couldn't believe it, all of her memories came back and she finally knew where she came from. She thought about her mother and father and how she lost them. But it wasn't the time for her to dwell on her past.

She buried her thoughts in a balloon and kicked it as far as she could in her mind. She would have time to think about it later.

-"Did you hear what I said, Hajjar is mine." Said Nehalla once more.

-"Yours, I'm not yours, I'll never be yours again. Because you see, I'm in love with Kally." Hajjar told Nehalla when he appeared before her.

From her hiding place, Kally heard Hajjar. Did she understood him well? Her heart started to beat faster and faster. She was done hiding, She hidden long enough.

She came out of her hiding place and walked until she was next to Hajjar. He took her hand and smiled at her.

Nehalla didn't like what she saw. She started running to attack them. She didn't get far because she was stopped by Sovack who followed Hajjar closely.

-"Don't even think about it!" Sovack warned Nehalla.

Nehalla looked at them all and laughed hysterically. Once stopped, she looked at them again.

-"When my master will rise before you, your dear false chosen one won't be able to stop him."

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