SHE {Part One}

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-*A master?* Kally thought of this specific word, she heard it before but where?

'My master would love to meet you.'

'You see, my master showed me the truth about our daughter and who she is.'

Her father's words surfaced in her mind.

-"Hajjar, I don't think that Nehalla is in her right mind. I think something or someone controls her somehow." Kally said to him while gripping his bicep.

Hajjar looked at Nehalla, he had sensed that something was wrong with her. It never occurred to him what Kally had just said to him.

All of this makes sense now. Who could have done such a thing and why, maybe it was not too late for her after all? He approached her with hope in his eyes.

-"Kally is right Nehalla. You are not acting like yourself at the moment."

-"Oh Hajjar, I see so clearly now. I don't understand how I could act this way. But what's wrong with me, do you think you can forgive me and help me?" Nehalla asked him and looked at him with pleading eyes.

Hajjar was glad to hear that he got through to her. He was ready to help her anyway he could.

-"Ha! Ha! Ha! I can't believe you fall for this. You're really pathetic to believe me so easily. She changed you my love. You have become, how could I say that? Ah yes, soft. Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Enough was enough, Hajjar looked around in the debris and found a vine that was in good condition and tied Nehalla's waist and arms tightly so that she could not free herself. For his sanity, he also tied her mouth. He couldn't longer hear lies coming from her mouth.

Kally looked around and noticed that Nova, Echo and Zan weren't with them.

-"They went to explore the surroundings. Nova said and I quote. We came for one reason and one reason only. So while I and Hajjar came to find you, Nova insisted on leaving. I didn't wanted her to be alone, so Echo and Zan accompanied her." Sovack told him while helping Hajjar tie Nehalla.

They later saw Nova run towards them while the other two followed closely behind.

-"KALLY! Kally, I finally found you, I ..." Nova stopped talking so she could catch her breath.

-"Sorry, as I was trying to tell you, we looked around and like here there is debris everywhere. Except for one place. I think that's what we were looking for. Come on, we have to go to take a closer look."

Kally listened carefully to what Nova was telling them. It didn't take long to decide what to do next.

-"Okay, let's do that. Wait, what are we going to do with her?" Kally asked and pointed her finger at Nehalla.

All six turned to Nehalla with suspicion. None of them trusted her, not even Hajjar.

-"We just have to bring her with us. We have no choice and at least like that, we can have an eye on her at all times." Nova offered.

"Anyway, she's tied up, she can't do anything. Once we're done here, I plan to take her to my clan. She's Morfus problem now and maybe my mother could help her, because me I'm done trying to do so." Hajjar said by looking Nehalla in the eye so that she could see how serious he was about what he had just said.

Despite all of this and who became Nehalla, he was still worried about her. But like he said, he couldn't put up with her anymore. He deeply hoped that his mother could help her.

Hajjar pushed Nehalla lightly so she would move forward. He fallowed her close by while Sovack walked in front of her. They surrounded her that way to make sure she wasn't going to run away like she had done before. Even though she was tied up, they didn't want to take any chances.

They ended up arriving in front of a huge cave. When Kally entered, she immediately knew it wasn't a normal cave. Where she was standing, she found tiny diamonds that lit up on the wall.

-"Kally, we are definitely in the right place." Nova said to Kally, looking at her with surprised eyes.

-"I think you're right, but why are you staring at me like that?" Kally asked her when she saw how Nova was looking at her.

-"Your eyes are once again covered with blue light."

Hajjar didn't wait before rushing to Kally's side and taking her face in his hands, she could see the concern that was written in his eyes.

-"It's ok love, don't worry. You know it's not the first time that this happened to me, beside it doesn't even hurt."

-"It also seems that the cave reacts to your presence. the diamonds on the wall only light up where you are." Nova said to Kally looking around.

-"Impressive." Kally said looking at the walls of the cave.

Sovack turned to Nehalla and looked at her.

-"Do you still believe that Kally is the false one?" Sovak asked Nehalla, but he didn't wait to see her reaction and turned to continue on his way.

-"Let's explore further. Maybe we will find out why we have to be here and what Kally has to do here." Nova said to them.

Kally was the one guiding the group since the crystal only lit up on her presence so they could know where to go. She was happy to know that everything would end after finishing here, she would return to the forest that was her home. Kally thought of Hajjar and hoped that he would follow her there. She could no longer see her life without him. Before Hajjar, she knew what loneliness looked like and would never want to feel that again.

They got to the heart of the cave and it was bigger than Kally had imagined. In this room, there were so many crystals that one lighted the other and so on. There were five large flat rocks on the center of the room. One in the middle and the other four surrounded it.

Nova stopped in front of one of the stones and began to recite aloud what was engraved on one of them.

-"In each millennium, a chosen one is chosen from among the five. We will know that it is she since she will have a piece of the goddess Lerial with her. When the first blood enters this body, the process begins. She will have a blood connection with those who will share it with her. If one of them dies before all this is over, she in her turn will disappear. None of them can hurt her because protecting her is their duty. When all this is finished, a final test will await her. Time flies, if she doesn't have time to complete this task, she will become weak. Once all of this is complete, she will have to go to where it all started and return what she has already borrowed."

-"Okay, but how should we know what she has to borrow and how she would give it back?" Zan asked the others.

-"I don't know, all stones say the same thing." Nova answered Zan's question after reading them all.

"But what are we going to do then?" Sovack asked in exasperation because he was worried about his queen.

Hajjar looked at Nehalla and noticed that her expression has changed. He immediately knew she was hiding something. He was at her side in a second and removed the vine from her mouth.

-"Tell me what you know." Hajjar ordered her impatiently.

-"I don't know what you're talking about and even if I knew I wouldn't tell you anything." Nehalla answered him and smiled at him.

All his patience with her ended right there and pressed her against the crystal wall. He looked her right in the eyes when something caught his intention. He looked down on her bustier and saw something that was hiding there.

He didn't waited and took it from her. He showed it toNova so that she would take it. Sovack helped Hajjar to tied her mouth once more.

-"Its the answer we were looking for. I didn't read all of it but what I saw we are all involved in this. Zan do you think you can read since your are not involve in this. You know what I mean"

She played with his patience once more, so he shoved her against one of the walls of the cave. He looked her straight in the eye when something caught his intention. He looked down at her bustier and saw something hiding there.

He didn't wait and took it. He showed it to Nova so she could take it. Sovack helped Hajjar tie Nehalla mouth once more.

-"This is the answer we were looking for. I didn't read everything but what I saw, we are all involved in this. Zan do you think you can read us what we should do since you do not involved in it?"

Zan looked at Echo and kissed her tenderly. He approached Nova and took the pages from her hand.

-"Let's see. Ah yes, that's it. Kally, you have to place yourself the one in the center. Echo, Nova, Sovak and Hajjar, you can choose one of each." Zan informed them by reading the scroll aloud.

He waited for everyone to pick up a stone each. Zan wanted to make sure everything was done by the book.

-"Each of you has to put a little blood on them. Kally, you have to wait until they're finished, then it's your turn to do it."

When everyone sliced ​​the palm of their hands, they waited for Zan to give them instructions on what to do next.

-"Okay, at the same time, put your blood on the stone. Kally when they done, it will be your turn to do the same."

The inscriptions on each stone lit up one by one. Kally knew then that it was her turn. She put her hand directly on the stone. his. She spread her fingers and cut with her claw the skin that was between her index and thumb to let the blood flow over the stone.

-"NO KALLY WAIT!" Yelled Zan after reading the following.

All the crystals on the cave wall began to light up even more than before.

-"We have to leave before the crystal light invades the whole cave." Zan replied and did not wait. He took Echo by the hand and ran to the exit. All that mattered to him was her safety.

-"Hajjar, help me. My hand is stuck on the stone." Said Kally panicked.

He didn't wait and ran to her and dragged Nehalla with him, fallow very closely by Sovack.

-"Get out, I'm staying to help Kally." Hajjar ordered Sovack.

-"No, I'm staying to help my queen too, it's my job after all." Sovack said firmly.

Hajjar looked at Kally and hoped she would understand why he was staring at her.

-"Sovack, you have to get Nova and Nehalla away from here before it's too late.

Sovack went to contradict her, but she used the only way he would have no choice but to obey.

-"I'm ordering you to do so Sovack." Kally had never used that word to him before but the situation forced her to do so.

Sovack didn't want to leave her, but she didn't give him a choice. He took Nova by the hand and the vine that tied Nehalla and walked away from his queen.

Nova turned her head and saw Hajjar kiss Kally on the mouth. She watched them until they disappeared her sight.

All three went out just in time, the cave is flooded with bright blue light. It didn't take long for Sovack to be in front of Zan and take him by his collar. Zan could see the rage in Socvack's eyes.

-"But what happened? You knew something was wrong. You said it yourself. Tell me now." Sovack asked impatiently.

Zan didn't answer him and grabbed Sovack's wrist. He wanted to free himself but did not succeed.

Before the situation got any worse, Nova approached Sovack and put her hand on his shoulder.

-"Calm down Sovack. You know deep down it's not Zan's fault." Nova tried to sooth him down before doing something he would regret.

He released Zan from his grip and apologized to him. Knowing that his queen was in danger, he lost all sense.

-"Nova stays here and watch her while I go." Sovack was pointed at Nehalla.

-"No! We're all going. We just have to bring her with us." Insisted Nova.

*When they reach the heart of the cave, they are all shocked by what is in front of them.

-"I was hoping that what I was reading would not be what happened. She sacrificed herself to save us all. When she returned what she took to you four, our planet became stronger . " Informed Zan to the others.

In front of them, Kally and Hajjar have become a statue. They were face to face, looking at each other. Each held the arms of the others.

What Nehalla saw it had woken her up. She sat on her knees and didn't make another move. Zan and Echo held eachother and thought of the one they met no long ago. Nova was on Sovack arms crying with all her heart for the one she lost. Sovack looked at the statue of his queen and felt something strange. Could it be?

-"They're alive somehow. I can still feel her like when she was alive. It's like they're asleep or something."

Nova approached the statue and then looked at Nehalla.

-"What are we going to do with her?" She asked Sovack.

-"We do what Hajjar wanted, we bring her back among the Pagarion, she's Morfus problem now." Sovack replied.

In the wind, Nehalla heard someone laugh.

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