SHE {Part One}

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#2-His return

Hajjar and Kally had taken the road that led to the northern entrance where the pangarion lived. It took two days before all of Hajjar's wounds were completely healed. Before going any further, Hajjar stopped walking and started to think.

"Kally when we're going to be with my clan, don't say a word. Let me do the talk. They don't like strangers."

"I understand that, but what about you? Your people believe you're dead. They've probably chosen a new leader among them. Don't you think?"

"I don't have time to explain myself, All I would say is that the new Chef had already been chosen."


Before she had a chance to finish her sentence, Hajjar had put one of his hands over her mouth.

"Don't insist on it!"

She nodded as his hand was still over her mouth.

In the distance, two pangarions approached them. Instinctively, Hajjar positioned himself in front of her. When Kally heard their footsteps approaching, she moved closer to Hajjar. For some reason, she couldn't understand why, but she felt more secure around him.

"Jarax, Lorax, it's good to see you again. I came to see Fahyra." Hajjar announced before one of them took another step.

''You were dead! How is that possible and who is this creature behind you?" Lorax asked Hajjar angrily.

"Like I said before, I'm here to see Fahyra, and this is Kally. She's the reason I'm here in front of you, so don't ever call her that ever again!''

"You will have to speak before our Chief and if he accepts your vocation, you will be able to see your mother." Jarax replied more respectfull than Lorax.

"She's coming with me."

"No stranger is allowed to set foot on our land unless the Chief accepts it. Or have you already forgotten it?" Lorax were impatience once again.

Hajjar turned toward Kally and lifted her in his arms. She understood his intention and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"There, her feet no longer touch the ground."

Hajjar's tricks had been accepted, and they let them through. When they entered, all eyes of the clan were on Hajjar and Kally. Some of them were curious and surprised to see their former Chef alive and well. Along the way, Hajjar and Kally heard whispers among the pangarions.

In the land of the pangarion, a colossal tree was positioned in the middle because it was surrounded by smaller ones and in the center of the foot of the tree, a wooden throne has been carved upon it.In the center to the foot of the colossal tree, a wooden throne was craved.

A white-skinned, black-striped pangarion who had black and white hair tied in a man's bun sat on the throne. He had claw marks on his left eye, the same as Hajjar.

When he recognised his older brother, he stood up hastily with a surprised look followed by anger.

"How the hell are you here, alive and in front of me? Who do you have in your arms and why did you brought her here?" The one known as the Chief rushed furiously at Hajjar speaking to him.

When Kally heard the intensity of the voice approaching her, she tied herself even more to Hajjar and pressed her face against the base of his neck to hide her face.

"Hajjar?" She whispered as low as possible so only he could hear her.

Hajjar heard the struggle in her voice and rubbed his thumb against Kally's back to reassure her.

"I'm not here for you, Morfus. I came to see our mother."

"You're supposed to be dead, Hajjar! How dare you come here and demand things? She will never want to see you."

''How dare you speak on my name, my son? I am your mother as much as Hajjar, dead or alive.'' A female voice had been heard nearby. A white female pangarion with long white hair approached them.

"Mother, how do you have the audacity to speak to your Chef like this?" Wondered Morfus.

"Yes my son, you are our Chef but don't forget I am your mother and the Adviser of this clan and let this young woman put her feet on the ground. She is not here to bring us harm. If that were the case, Hajjar wouldn't have brought her here."

Morfus thought about what his mother had said. He returned his attention to his brother and then turned it to Kally. His eyes stayed on her a little longer and Hajjar didn't like it but decided to let go because now was not the time.

"I grant you the meeting with our mother and you can let her down. I allow her to walk among us."

"As you wish, little brother."

As Hajjar released her from his arms, he grabbed Kally's wrist to protect her if necessary.

"Hajjar my son! How is that possible?"

Fahyra went to her older son and gave him a motherly hug, and Hajjar in his turn gave a kiss on her forehead.

"Mother, this is Kally, I owe her my life. It's for her that I came here to you. Do you think you could help her?"

"She saved your life. I owe her as much and even more. Come with me, I'll see what I can do."

"What is the meaning of this? You all know I have to be there. The Chief has to be involved in all the meetings. This is our way and you fucking know this Hajjar!"

"Mother, can you please watch over Kally while I talk to your son." Hajjar asked his mother and released Kally from his grip.

"Ha-Hajjar?" Kally said with anguish.

"You have nothing to fear. I won't be long. Besides, my mother will be with you all the time until I come back to you." he touched one of her cheeks while talking to her.

Hajjar joined his brother, watching him closely.

"This doen't concern you. You have nothing to gain from it." Hajjar clarified to his brother.

"Everything that happens here concerns the one who directs, and that someone is me or have you already forgotten brother?"

"No, it's you who forgot how and when you got this mark on your left eye." Hajjar reminded Morfus impatiently

"The position I occupy today, it was your idea to give it to me in the first place!"

"I wanted death to take me with it. That's all I thought about after Nehalla died. Nothing could have changed my mind. I tried to guide and protect our clan, but I had lost the reason and the strength to do it. So I convinced you to take my place, and we knew the only way to do it was to defeat me in a fight to the death in front of our clan so that you could at your turn protect them and guide them. But Kally changed my plan and saved my life, and now the irony is that I owe her my life. So for this reason I ask you not to attend that meeting."

"I will grant you this, but on one condition, if this involves the clan. You let me know immediately. Take it or leave it."

"Thank you, Morfus. I know it's not our way that the former Chef is in the presence of the new Chef. I'm sorry to put you in that situation and yes, I will let you know if necessary. I knew I made the right choice to choose you as the new Chef."

After his words, Hajjar moved away from Morfus and joined the ones that were waiting for him.
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