SHE {Part One}

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#3-Who is she?

A gigantic cave was at the other side, under the craving throne. Kally, Fahyra and Hajjar went inside. They gathered around a fire that Fahyra started.

-"When Hajjar explained to me about your condition, I thought maybe here in a dark place, your eyes would feel a little better."

-"Thank you Fahyra. Now I know where Hajjar got his kindness."

Fahyra watched his son for a moment for what Kally had just said to her and gave him a smile.

-"Could you describe me how all these things started."Asked Fahyra to Kally.

-"I don't know exactly. I think it started..."Kally wondered if she should reveal to his mother the fact that Hajjar kissed her."...when Hajjar gave me a little of his blood."

-"What did she meant by that Hajjar. Why is your blood involved in this."

-"You know me mother. I didn't do it lightly, she saved my life. I had to pledge myself to her for saving my life even if, well you know."

Fahyra knew what Hajjar meant by that and she was sad for him but she understood where he came from. She too had lost her mate but the difference was that Hajjar didn't have two sons to think like Fahyra did.

-"Hajjar told me that your sight is blinded by a blue light."

-"Well, I noticed that it started to slowly fade away."

-"How come you didn't told me earlier." Asked Hajjar with concern in his voice.

-"I didn't want to bother you. You had a lot on your plate and beside you specifically told me not to say a word or did you already forgot about that fact?"

Hajjar smiled a little to what Kally just said to him. That fact didn't get unnoticed by his mother and Fhyra was touched by it. Because after Nehalla's death Hajjar never smiled again.

-"Do you want me to remove the scarf on your eyes or would you like to do it yourself?"

-"If it not a bother, do you mind do it?"

From the moment she tasted what was like to be in his arms, all she wanted was to feel closer to him.

When Hajjar looked straight at her eyes, his expressions changed radically. He was shocked at what he saw.

-"What is it Hajjar? Why are you looking at me like that?"

-"Mother, you should come and look at Kally eyes." By the tone he used, Fahyra knew it was urgent.

-"How is this possible? She is not one of us and yet she has our eyes. Is she the chosen one?" Her last thought, she kept it for herself.

-"What but what is happening to me?"

Kally was shocked of what was going on with her and started crying at the same time. Hajjar held her in his arms and hugged her.

-"Do not worry. I am here for you. I will be every step of the way with you."

Kally stopped crying after his words and let go of him. With his thumbs, he gently wiped the remains of her tears.

Fahyra took a tree branch that was still glowing from the fire and brought it closer to Kally eyes.

-"Hajjar, she possesses the same color as Nehalla did."

-"Nehalla? Hajjar didn't you called me by that name shortly after you woke up? Who is she?"

-"She was my mate."

Just thinking of her, Hajjar took a few steps away from Kally.

-"Was, but what do you mean by that?"

-"Thats enough, I don't want to talk about it anymore. Do you understand."

Kally looked at the ground and nobbed. She didn't like the way that Hajjar had spoken to her. Hajjar saw her reaction and didn't liked it but decided to let it pass and focused on what mattered the most.

-"So tell me mother, what do you think is happening to her."

-"To tell you the truth, I don't know. I always thought that Nehalla only possessed that eye color. Even Lerial had it and because of that i assumed that Nehalla had a part of Lerial in her."

-"Mother you told that story to me, Morfus and Nehalla when we were children."

-"Hajjar, I told you that story so you would all learn were we came from."

-"Who is this Lerial and what story?" Asked Kally

She didn't know why, but something in her has awaken and wanted at all cost to lean about it.

-"I'm going to tell you what my mother told me one day, who heard it by her mother and so on from generations."

Fahyra took a light blue dust from a bag she always has with her. She threw a small patch into the fire and did it three more times. Soon after the flame became blue and a fog of the same color surrounded them.

-"Lerial lived on this vast domain. She walked from one corner to the other. One day, the loneliness she felt for so long was too much for her and she decided to create four different beings. She wanted to make sure that they would feel as alone as she felt all those years ago and created a clan for each of them. Unfortunately, to use that much power came with a price. All the power and energy she possessed started to fade away little by little. The time had passed and so did she. Those who had witnessed her presence, told her story for generations to come until she became a legend.

Suddenly after the story ended, Kally stood up and her eyes that were covered by a blue light, started to glow even more.

-"The first blood to flow in this body had begun, only three remain and for each one that will be given to it, the stronger it will become. Be warned, if something happens to the one who shares the blood to this body, weak it will become and death will follow." An echo had been heard as Kally was speaking.

The light in Kally eyes disappeared and was no longer blinded by the light like before and faded. Before she hit the floor, Hajjar caught her in time.

Kally opened her eyes and saw that she was lying on a golden hammock. She stood up quietly and looked all around her.

-"Why are you standing up? You have to rest. Well that's what my mother pretends."

When Kally recognized that voice she froze in place and didn't dare to look at him.

-"Where, where is Hajjar Morfus? I would like to see him."

-"And I want to look at those eyes even closer."

He grabbed her by her chin and approached her as close to him as possible. He was so close that she could feel his breath on her skin.

-"It's so strange that you possess our eyes and how you acquired them and that color it remind me of someone. They are the same, incredible."

Kally tried to escape from the hold that he had on her. The more that she tried to get free the more he held her firmly.

-"It's strange that you touch what doesn't belong to you dear brother. Hands off!"

Morfus let go of Kally's chin and they both turned to the intruder from where he appeared.

-"Hajjar!" Whispered Kally. She rushed to his side and brought herself behind him.

Hajjar turned to her and grabbed her face beside her cheeks.

-"Are you okay?"

Kally nobbed and smiled at him. He let go of his hold and winked at her. Hajjar turned his intention to where his brother had been. Kally's face turned red as a tomato but no one even noticed.

-"What are you doing here Morfus? Kally needs to rest so she can regain strenght. You know that we must leave as quikly as possible. Mother and I explained all this to you."

-"I wanted to see them myself. Have you noticed that she has the same eyes as Nehalla did. I can see her eyes through her. Is it the same for you?"

-"That's none of your business. As I told you before she has to recover as soon as possible."

-"You're repeating yourself dear brother. You really believe what mother told you about her?"

-"If I believe her. Morfus I saw it with my own eyes. One moment she has her normal eyes and the next she possess Lars and all that began when I shared her a parcel of my blood."

-"Then Hajjar, all I have to say to you is good luck. Something tell me you are going to need it."

After his words, Morfus hit the back of Hajar's shoulder and went away leaving him behind.

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