SHE {Part One}

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#5-The fall

Kally was the first one to make a move. She approached him with Hajjar observing eyes. Her instinct told her that the Sergozard would never hurt her. Like Hajjar, he would protect her.

-"My name is Kally and beside me is Hajjar. What about you, what do we call you?"

-"Sovack. Look we don't have time with all this chitchat. We have to go now."

-"What are you talking about?" Hajjar asked the Sergozard.

-"They know, especially she knows there is something is wrong."

-"I knew we couldn't trust you. You informed her. You're doing it right now aren't you?" Insinuated Hajjar.

-"But what are you both talking about and who is this she that you are referring to.

Kally looked at both of them.

-"All Sergozard are linked with their Queen. So if any of them are in danger or something like that, he let her know by the connection they share and she in return send reinforcements if needed." Hajjar told Kally.

-"That's the problem I'm talking about. I have lost my connection to the Queen since Kally had bitten me and that is why she know there is something wrong."

-"Well she is definitely going to send someone here if you are lost to her. Now you share it with Kally. He is right we have to leave now. She sees Kally as a threat now."

-"But I didn't do it on purpose."

-"She wont care. You lost her one of her best warrior. She only give a name to the stronger one. The other ones only have numbers and if I'm not mistaken you are her best warrior."

-"Yes, yes I am,was." Answered Sovack.

Hajjar grabbed Kally's hand and started running. Kally looked behind her and saw that Sovack followed them. Some time after, Kally was exhausted from running at his speed. Hajjar felt her exhaustion and stopped so she could catch her breath.

-"What are you two doing there standing. We don't have time to waste. They could be here any moment."

-"She is exhausted, she must rest understand?"

-"Fine I'll take her, so we can continue our way." Sovack suggested to Hajjar.

Sovack walked on her way so he could take her in his arms. Hajjar roared to warn Sovack to back off.

-"It's not the time to be possessive. It's not only to you to take care of her and protect her." Sovack informed Hajjar.

-"Do not talk about things you don't understand." Hajjar warned him.

-"Hajjar please calm down. He is right you can't do everything on your own. Let him help you."

Hajjar took Kally's cheek with one of his hand and looked at her.

-"I'm fine. I'll take you. Don't argue with me on this."

Kally was briefly in Hajjar's arms when suddenly he put her right back down. Kally raised her head to look at him.

-"What is it Hajjar? What's wrong?"


Hajjar looked around him, listening intensively to everything surrounding him. He looked straight at Sovack.

-"Take Kally with you and get away from here as far as possible.

-"What? No! I'm staying right here with you Hajjar. You promised me to watch over me."

Hajjar ignored Kally's plead and looked at Sovack with an intense look. Sovack understood him. He put his hand on Kally's mouth from behind her and the other was around her waist. Sovack started to back away from Hajjar with Kally in his arms. She fought with all her might to deliver herself.

She pursued on fighting him all the way, but he never backed down and kept going in his path.

-"Mmmm, mmm, mmm."

-"Will you calm down? Stop making noises or they will find us. If I withdraw my hand will you promise to stop with the whining?"

She nobbed at him. Sovack pulled his hands from her.

-"Hajjar is in danger. We have to go back to him." She whispered to him.

-"No! He made it very clear to get away from where we were to save you and I agree with him."

-"If something happens to him and if he dies, I will too. I am bound to him."

-"Stay here, don't move from here and don't make a sound. Ill go and help him."

-"Sovack be careful too. I need you both alive and well."

Kally watched him as he moved away from her. Nobody told Kally what to do and decided to follow Sovack.

-*But where did they go. I am right back where we left Hajjar. Wait a moment, why didn't I think of that? Hajjar told me that since I've bitten Sovack i can sense where he is, so maybe if I found him I can also find Hajjar.* Kally thought to herself.

She started to focus on where Sovack could have been. At the same time she searched for Sovack she heard a roar that she recognized immediately.

Kally looked up ahead. She saw that Hajjar had injuries inflicted on him. She saw at least five Sergozards. They were just behind him and forced him to step closer of what looked like a cliff. It was a big cliff.

What she feared the most at that moment occurred before her. She saw an orange tainted Sergozard that pushed Hajjar straight down the cliff.

Without thinking, Kally ran with all her might to where Hajjar plunged. She followed him and turned on her instinct to leap forward. She ignored all the cuts that were inflicted on her hands and feet. All she wanted was to get to Hajjar as soon as possible.

She managed to reach him. Kally saw him on the ground unconscious and with blood coming out of his body. She knelt beside him put her hand on his sternum and the other on his belly. She was relieved to feel his belly going up and down. He was still breathing.

-"Hajjar we have to stop meeting like this." Kally told him even if he was still unconscious.

Her body was shaking everywhere, tears ran down her face and she gently put her forehead on his.

-"Please Hajjar don't you dare leave me. Come back to me. I can't live without you. I, I love you. I loved you the first time you took me in your arms." She revealed to him.

Kally began to feel her energy disappear from her. She heard from afar Sovack screaming her name. She closed her eyes and waited for the darkness to come.

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