SHE {Part One}

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#6-The Queen

-"HAJJAR!" Kally shouted with all her might when she woke up suddenly.

She got up and watched all around her to see where she was. All she saw was glass. She was in a glass prison and the floor was sandy. Across the glass window she saw all kinds of rocky mountains in ruin all across the horizon. She saw that one was bigger then the others.

A hatch from the glass prison where she was, opened suddenly. Three Segozards entered. One of the three approached Kally to watch her while the two others dragged a body inside.

-"Why am I here? Why did you brought me here? What do you want from me? What did you do to Hajjar and Sovack? Can you please answer me." Kally demanded.

She took a step towards but the one that was detained Kally tightened his grip on her even more so she wouldn't step foward. None of them said a word to her and left after they dropped the body and closed the hatch. She saw them disappear from her view.

Kally looked at the body that they left behind from afar. She approached it carefully. It wasn't a Pangarion or a Sergozard, it was a Falrowven. She had white skin, all the back of her body and each side of her face were covered with pale pink feathers. She owned a curly hair that was the same color as her feathers.

She observed her carefully to see what was wrong with the Falrowven. Kally noticed that her new cell mate had a wound on the head. Being very careful, Kally gently took her "roommate's" head and observed the wound.

Suddenly her focus changed to her own arms. Specifically on the scales that covered her arms. They all began to vibrate and the color became more and more brighter. After it, Kally felt a pain in her head and began to feel dizzy. She let go of the head she was holding and sat on the floor. Not long after, the pain disappeared little by little.

A moan was heard in the direction from the Falrowven. Slowly she began to regain her conscience. But being careful, Kally took only a few steps before the other one was aware of her presence.

-"I don't want to harm you. I'm Kally. What is your name?"

The Falrowven watched her without saying a word. Kally noticed that the others were suspicious of her. Who could blame her, Kally would have done the same thing. She already done it when she first met Hajjar.

The expression on the Falrowven changed when she noticed Kally's eyes and arms.

-"Your eyes, your eyes has the same color of mine but you have the same as the Pangarion. You are one of the chosen one. But by also looking at your arms all say that you are the chosen one. You can call me Nova."

-"The chosen one what do you mean by that. Someone told me something like that."

Nova didn't have time to answer her, because the hatch opened for the second time. The same three as before reentered in the glass prison. Like before, one of them took place in front of the hatch and the two others advanced towards Kally and Nova.

On there way, Kally took the opportunity to look around. She saw other Setgozards that were doing the works that was given to them. None of them stopped their task even if they had intruders among them.

Kally thought when she was with the Pangarions she saw before she left and the way they stopped their task just to see her by curiosity. And here it wasn't like that. The one that was behind Kally shoved her to continue her path.

All five reached the biggest of the rocky cliff. From the bottom to the top, they could easily climb it because it had carved steps.

When they where on the top of the rocky cliff, a cave was hidden by dense vegetation. When they got inside, Kally noticed many huge eggs on the ground. A female Sergozard seated on a throne carving stone.

The Sergozard arised from her throne without taking her eyes off her two captives. She stepped toward them caressing her eggs that were on her path. The Sergozard possessed an emerald green scaly skin with red hair. In the middle of her forehead, Kally saw a red ruby. It's because of the ruby that they knew she was the Queen of the Sergozards.

The Queen circled around Nova while examining her up and down. She did the same to Kally, though she watched her more carefully then Nova. The Queen turned her intention back to Nova.

-"I can see that you recovered from the wound that Jaquive here inflicted you. It's all the proof that I needed. Why do you think I outed you two in the same boxes."

Nova didn't do a thing or said a word. Why bother, the guards would have stopped her immediately. She knew she didn't had a chance against them.

The Queen turned back to Kally. She looked her in the eyes and then to her arms and brought back her red eyes on Kally light blue eyes.

-"Among my minions, I had one with the same blue eyes as yours. I had her executed because of her anomalies. She and Sovack came from the same egg. Speaking of Sovack, how did you manage to steal him from me? Never mind that, it's not what is important here. How did you manage to heal her wounds so quikly?"

When the Queen mentioned Sovack, her thoughts turned towards Hajjar. All she knew for sure is that they both were still alive, because she still was. But the thing she didn't know was where they were and how she was so eager to see Hajjar again.

-"You should better answer my question." The Queen reminded Kally.

-"I don't know what are you talking about. I don't have the ability to heal. If i could I would know." Kally answered her with irritation in her voice.

-"Stop lying to me. Jaquive said otherwise. You see, he was there on the cliff when you fainted. Before the others took you away, he saw all the wounds on your companion a Pangarion if I'm not mistaken, had all disappeared in an instant. Oh! And another thing I want to know. How did you manage to being like this?" The Queen pointed at the arms and Kally's eyes will talking to her.


-"Let see if you'll still be silent. 119 expands her arms for me." She asked of one of her minions that were there with them.

He did exactly as she asked. Kally fought him but it was no use. He was stronger then her.

The Queen approached them and grabbed Kally's arm. With a sharp blast the Queen scratched Kally's arm with all she got.

-"AAAAAAA" Kally shouted with all her might.

Kally heard her own heart beating faster and didn't want to look at the damage that the Queen inflicted on her arm. When she saw the Queen's expression on her face, Kally changed her mind. She was surprised as well. All the wounds on her arm healed completely.

-"You don't only heal the wounds. You can also heal yourself. I am wondering if it is the same on the other parts of your body."

Kally tried again to free herself but again it was no use.

-"Answer my question and maybe, maybe I'll let you be."

-"I'm telling you the truth, I don't know how I can do it."

-"Answer me this instead, How did you manage to possess those arms and eyes?"

-"I don't know what are you talking about. I was born this way."

Kally didn't want to reaveal anything to the Queen. Something about her didn't add up.

-"What about your friend here. 442 bring the little bird to me." She pointed at Nova.

The Queen turned her intention to Nova and looked back at Kally. Before she could made a move on Nova, someone walked among them.

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