SHE {Part One}

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Some days earlier,

-"Take Kally with you and get away from here as far as possible."

-"What? No! I'm staying right here with you Hajjar. You promised me you'd watch over me."

Hajjar ignored Kally's plead and looked at Sovack with an intense look. Sovack understood him. He put his hand on Kally's mouth from behind her and the other was around her waist. Sovack started to back away from Hajjar with Kally in his arm. She fought with all her might to free herself.

Hajjar watched them move away from him. He focused on Kally until she was no longer in his sight. Afterwards, Hajjar went to search the ones who hunted them down.

He took all his thoughts of Kally and locked it in a drawer far in his mind. The last time that Hajjar felt this way for someone, was his lost mate Nehalla.

Hajjar started hunting them when he suddenly stopped and looked around. He was surrounded by three Sergozards. The one that was behind him stepped foward to attack him. Hajjar felt him before he could do a step foward. He turned around, grabbed him by the throat and propelled him against the one that was on his left. The last one came foward to punch him but he was stopped by Sovack himself.

-"What are you doing here Sovack and where is Kally? Don't tell me that you left her alone?" Hajjar asked Sovack.

-"She begged me to come to your rescue and help you. I told her to stay right where she was." Sovack answered him.

-"Because you think she'll listen to you? I'm wasting my time telling you this. You will do whatever she'll ask of you. After all she is your queen." Hajjar deducted.

-''Hajjar we have a problem. The three of them just took off when we were arguing with each other." Sovack informed Hajjar.

The two of them looked around to see if they could get a glimpse of what direction they took when they fled like cowards.

-"Go and find her before they do and this time don't let her out of your sight even if she is begging on her knees. Did I make myself clear?" Hajjar ordered Sovack to make a point.

He nodded his head and left Hajjar alone with his thoughts.

With the help of his hunting skills, Hajjar went to hunt the three who attacked him not long ago.

He saw Kally just a few feet away from him and saw that she was looking for something or someone.

He was captivated by her and his feelings towards her grew every second. He was so certain that after Nehalla's death he would never feel this way again. When Nehalla appeared in his thoughts just now, he felt as he cheated on her somehow even though he never touched Kally.

Yes, they shared a kiss but at that time it meant nothing to him, It was a trick. But now as he looked at her, all he wanted was to take her in his arms and feel those soft lips again. Thats why he couldn't stop himself before when he took her in his arm, wiped away her tears or gently brush a lock of her hair behind her ear.

All of this, started when they stepped in his brother's territory. When he had taken her in his arms for the first time and how she felt so perfectly in them. She belonged there even more than his lost mate and that was the problem for him. It didn't bother him that they were different species or the fact that her body started to mutate. It was the memory of Nehalla and the way he felt about her until Kally stepped in his life.

His thoughts were interrupted when he thought he saw those three Sergozards. No he saw wrong, it wasn't three but five of them. He felt relieved when he noticed that they didn't see her. It was time for him to make a diversion before it was to late.

He ran in the enemy's line and exposed himself to th

em. He was surrounded by the five of them.

Hajjar took the lead by attacking the one who was in front of him, but the one on the left interrupted his punch and hit him on the right side of his face. The one on the front punched him again and again and again.

It had gone like this for some time until Hajjar was blinded by some sand that he received in his eyes. One of the five took the lead and forced Hajjar to step ahead in front of a cliff.

As he plunged into the cliff, Hajjar felt that he failed the person who became very precious to him for a second time.

He heard Kally shouting his name from afar. In his head he asked Kally to forgive him, because he failed to protect her and he could no longer do it.

When his body hit the ground, the heat from his body vanished little by little, welcoming the cold. He felt the end coming.

Suddenly a warmth appeared on his sternum, his belly and his forehead. He felt tears falling on his cheeks and it wasn't his. First the little strenght he had, he opened his eyes and saw the eyes that hunted him.

-"Hajjar....have....meeting like...."

Hajjar heard her sweet voice, but didn't quite understood what she was saying.

-" dare....back to me....leave you....the first time....your arms."

He heard another voice shout in the distance, maybe Sovack. He felt his strength slowly coming back to him. It wasn't enough for him, he still needed time for his strength to come back completely.

Kally's body was thorn away from him. All he wanted now was to rise up and save her, but unfortunately, for the second time he lost that chance again.

-"KALLY" It was the first thing that Hajjar shouted when he came back from his slumber.

-"Finally! It took you long enough. Sorry for your face. I tried to wake you up when I realised that you were still breathing." Sovack informed Hajjar when he saw him touching his face.

Hajjar ignored what Sovack had just said to him because the only thing that mattered to him was Kally. He looked all around him. She was nowhere. Rage took over him and turned his feeling to the only one that remains beside him.

-" Where is she Sovack? Don't tell me that you let them take her away from me, away from our protection." Hajjar roared as he spoke to him.

Hajjar stood up, grabbed Sovack by the shoulders and shoved him.

-"They took her before I could reach them. She was with you when they left with her. She was unconscious. If she was dead I would feel it."

Hajjar attacked Sovack with blind rage. The fight between them didn't last long. Sovack had won that round because Hajjar was still weak from his fall.

-"I had a choice to make, you or her. It wasn't an easy decision from me." Sovack informed Hajjar.

-"And you decided I was the better choice. What were you thinking. You know how important she is to me, I mean to us."

-"If someone here know how important she is, it will be me. Listen, I knew they were not going to kill her because of their queen. She wants her to see how she stole me from her. Also Jaquive was here. He was the second best warrior after me. I couldn't take them all on my own."

Hajjar roared beastly, kneeled on the ground and punched it blow after blow after blow. Until blood came out from his knuckles.

-"Are you done putting your anger on the ground. Cause it don't help anyone. Better yet, put it where it belongs, where it really matters. Don't you agree?"

Hajjar took in consideration what Sovack just said to him. He stood up and took a deep breath to control his anger.

-"There is something else you should know about Kally. I'm not sure but I think she have the gift to heal. Come and look at all the blood you lost from your fall. Kally was with you before she got snatched from you and now look at you. You don't even have a scratch on you."

Hajjar couldn't believe this. It was the second time that Kally saved his life. Which one was the protector between them. He knew from now on he will have to keep his distance from her if he wanted to protect her properly.

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