When the Moon meets the Sun

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What if you needed to make a life or death choice, to save your kingdom or watch your best friend, soulmate, lover, die at their own kingdom hands, their own fathers hands. She was born in a peaceful land, he was born in a war zone. From opposing sides they meet, even if war is raging on each side. Will he stop and help her kingdom win or will she watch as his kingdom kills him. What would happen if the moon meets the sun? Would it mean peace or more war? Could the moon finally feel what love is or die with numbness of his kingdom? Could the sun understand that not everything can be saved or will she fight till her last breathe and finally understand? Maybe everything could be changed....as long as time comes When the moon meets the sun.

Fantasy / Action
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When the Moon meets the Sun

What would happen if you could meet the future head on?

Or stop it before it happened?

Would you stop it?

Even if it meant killing?

Or working with the other side?

Having trust?

Knowing you’d be betrayed?

Or would you sit there?

watching as your world falls around you, knowing you did nothing to stop it?

What would happen if you did something that never should have happened?

And you then met the moon?

What if you saw what your kingdom could be??

What if you watched as your people lived to die?

What if you could save them by dying?

What if every colored you ever saw was all black?

What if you knew you’d have to let your best friend go?

Would you let them?

What if you knew that the 1 way to gain was to lose it all?

What would happen if you did something that never should have happened?

And then you met the sun?

When the moon meets the sun~

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