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Erica is a 16-year-old girl and the loner at her school. One night on a walk through the woods she runs into a black wolf and what happens that night changes everything. *Not exactly apart of a series but will have a sequel that ties in with my other story.

Fantasy / Romance
Jessie Dykema
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The Bite

Another day at school of me being rejected by everyone has come and gone and I am Just thankful that it is Winter break and that now I am heading to the local children’s hospital where I volunteer to keep the kid’s company and do small things around the hospital, I love it. I stay all night as I don’t have to rush home to do homework and when I am leaving it is getting close to being pitch black so I start walking in the direction of my house. So maybe it was not the best choice to walk alone, at night when I have to walk through the woods but I can’t drive and my parents work early mornings so they are in bed at this time so they can’t pick me up.

I have never had any problems walking through the woods it is actually quite peaceful it gives me time to think. I came up the last while before the clearing where my house would be but walking onto the path was a large mostly black wolf. I stop dead in my tracks what am I supposed to do I try to not freak out but I am not doing a good job at that as the wolf stops and turns to look at me. Should I play dead, should I run, do I throw something at it? After a minute it takes a step closer to me sniffing the air.

“You’re not going to hurt me are you, you would have done it already if you were.” it cocks it’s head at the sound of my voice and takes another step towards me. “I don’t want any trouble but you are in my way to get home.” he makes a move to get out of my way but only lays down in my path. I crouch down next to him and put my hand out for him to smell. “You seem like you lived a domestic life did you escape from somewhere?” he smells my hand and then moves to let me touch him so I gently pet him. His fur feels like the fur of a husky soft and smooth. “You know you are not like I initially thought when I first saw you.”

I sit with the wolf in silence for a minute for some reason I wasn’t afraid or nervous that it would attack me. “You know you have it easy.” The wolf picks it’s head up to look at me. “You are out here only having to worry about surviving and not about what others think of you not having to keep to yourself because nobody likes you.” I look down at the wolf, “Maybe it would be nice, not having to go through what I go through just running through the woods all day I wish I had something like that.” I stand up to leave and the wolf gets up as well.

Before I walk off I pat the wolf’s head one last time but as I am pulling my hand back the wolf reaches his head up and opens his mouth closing it around my lower arm he holds it for a minute before releasing it and running off deeper into the woods. At that moment I realize that I hadn’t screamed even though it hurt I look at the wound seeing blood dripping from it I grab it with my opposite hand and walk as fast as I could home.

After a while of run-walking, I make it to my house and quickly and as quietly as I could with my injured arm open the door and head up to my room. I head to the bathroom that is attached to my room and inspect the wound, there was still blood slowly flowing from the marks where the teeth of the wolf sank into my skin. I grab a washcloth and gently wipe as much blood away as I could before grabbing medical wrap stuff and getting the wound bandaged.

Once I had taken care of the bite I look down at my clothes and notice a mix of dirt and blood. ‘That is going to be hard to get out. It is a good thing I hated this outfit.’ I think to myself. I change into my PJs and throw my clothes into the trash before climbing into bed my last thoughts before falling asleep being about the wolf and why he randomly decided to bite me and then run off. In the morning I get up and as usual, my parents are already at work so It being Friday the first day of winter break I will be heading over to the children’s hospital.

I roll out of bed and make my way to the bathroom when I look into the mirror I hardly recognize myself as there is not a single blemish on my face when there is usually not a single spot without them. I shrug it off and finish getting ready for the day. I take my usual route through the woods being extra careful and watching out for the wolf to show up. I make it to the hospital with no problem and check in with the guy who runs the volunteer program.

Before my first stop I run into one of the nurses, Addi, I ask her about the wolf bite and if I would need a shot or something but when I took off the bandage the bite was not as bad as it had been the night before like it had already started healing. She said it should be fine and I went on with the rest of my day. At the end of the day, I was relieved but also saddened that I had to leave as I was on my feet for most of the day but now I would have to walk home again through the woods where yesterday I had the encounter with the wolf. I decided that It is faster to walk through the woods than taking the road so I started on my way.

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