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Christmas Night

Erica’s POV

When we finish the game we have time for one movie before dinner is ready we decide on Elf now and the Polar Express later on in the day. During the movie, I would glance over at Brett and he didn’t even really seem to be watching the movie but more deep in thought about something, and whatever it was seemed important to get him like this.

Once the movie finished we went to set the table and then to eat we each took the seat we had this morning putting me and Brett next to each other once again. As we ate my parents asked more questions of Brett and then of how we met I hadn’t come up with a story for that luckily Brett was a quick thinker and made something believable up.

When we were all full, the table was cleared and we decided to play a round of Monopoly but since Brett had never played it before we had to teach him the rules and everything but once things got going we all had fun, sure there were a few disagreements but that is what happens when you play this game. During the game, Brett seemed to loosen up and wasn’t always acting tense around me still not giving eye contact except for the moment before watching the movie and eating lunch.

“Well that was fun but now I think it is time for supper before watching our last movie of the night.” my mom spoke up after we decided to quit before there was a fist fight.

“Alright works for me I am starving,“I say getting up from my spot

“You are always hungry,” Brett replies.

“Okay, not true,” I say shooting him a glare but he looked away as I looked over. While we ate we talked and thankfully there were no interrogating questions from my parents which made this meal much more enjoyable. We laughed as we all told random stories about our past but of course, Brett had to tweak his to not reveal anything to my parents. Time seemed to go by really fast as we put in The Polar Express after the dinner table was cleared.

Brett’s POV

“It’s getting late I should get back home but thank you guys for letting me come over and spend the day with you,” I say walking towards the door a while after the movie finished with my new phone and books in hand

“It is no problem you are a nice young man you are welcomed here anytime.” Erica’s mom says so sweetly reminding me of my mother before everything happened. I walk to the door when Erica speaks.

“I will walk with you.” she throws her shoes on and grabs her coat and follows me out the door. We walk in silence until we reach the area around the den when she speaks again.

“I know you said you didn’t want any gifts but like my parents said it is a tradition in our house that when you are there you get at least one gift.”

“It’s fine Erica. it was actually nice.”

“But there is one more thing I just didn’t want to give it to you with my parents there I think you will really like this.” she reaches into her coat pocket and pulls out 2 small boxes and hands one to me. I take it from her but I don’t open it yet.

“You do know you can open it right?” she insists. I slowly remove the lid of the box and peer inside, when I see what is inside I look up at her and smile.

“A pack symbol necklace.”

“Yeah since you lost your pack and then gained me we are now like a pack I figured we should have a symbol, and when I saw this I thought it was a good fit.” she opens her box revealing a second matching necklace.

“They’re perfect,” I say looking her in the eyes for the second time tonight. At that moment my emotions were all over the place and I was unable to keep them all straight. Then, all of my instincts told me to go closer to her and be close to her and so I did. I took a step closer and placed a hand on the small of her back and another on her cheek and placed my lips on hers and kissed her. After a few seconds of her initial shock, she was kissing me back.

When we separated I didn’t release my hold on her and she didn’t move to get out of it so I rested my forehead on hers and we stood there for a good several minutes content in each other’s embrace. Part of me wanted to mark her then and there do the ritual that normally happens during the mate ceremony but I knew I couldn’t force her into that and I needed answers first.

“You should probably get back before your parents get worried,” I say as I let go of her.

“Yeah I guess I should but do you mind.” she lifts her box up giving me the hint. I take the box from her and get the necklace out. She turns so her back is to me and I reach around her to get the necklace into place before clasping it.

“Thank you,” she says as she turns back around to face me, I couldn’t help but pull her to me once again. I wrapped my arms around her and put my head in the nape of her neck breathing in her intoxicating scent.

“Mate,” I whispered not loud enough for her to be able to hear because saying it wasn’t to tell her it was confirmation for me because upon saying that everything felt right.

“See you later Erica have a good night.”

“Until then Brett,” she says sweetly before turning and heading back towards her house. I go inside the den and set my books and phone down and then put the necklace around my neck before proceeding to write the letter to my ally one of the pack elders and a history buff if there is anything about wolves having human mates in the past he would know.

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