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Getting Answers

Brett’s POV

It has been a few days since New Years and I haven’t seen Erica since then but we text all the time. School is starting tomorrow and I am expecting he pack elder to show up today and as luck would have it he did show up right after I ate lunch.

“Brett.” I turn upon hearing his voice.

“Arthur it is good to see you.”

“And you. You seem to be doing pretty well here.”

“Yeah, I am.”

“So your letter it was a little vague and a great risk if anybody else would have seen it.”

“I know but it was urgent and I didn’t know what else to do it is not like I could have gone to get you they would probably kill me on sight.”

“Well then speak boy what is this urgent matter.” I show him into the den and we sit down and I begin I explain everything.

“You know how I never believed the mate thing and thought it was just a story and we were just like humans in choosing who we mate to.” he nods, “Well I believe it now because I have found my mate.”

“You have found your mate well where is she why isn’t she here I assume you have summoned me to do the mating ceremony.”

“No Arthur that is not why.”

“Then what is it young Alpha.”

“I bit a girl and she turned and she is my only pack member here and she is my mate, how is that possible? She was human until I bit her and wolves don’t have human mates do they?”

“Well not typically a long time ago there were a few wolves who discovered that they had human mates they wanted to do the ceremony to solidify things make it official but the council did not agree they felt it tainted the bloodline they felt that wolves should only mate with wolves so they went after the human mates some survived while others weren’t so lucky.”

“So it is possible to have human mates.”

“Well it is but it has never happened before with alphas only lower ranked betas and omegas. Alpha bloodlines would remain pure that is how it is possible for Alphas to bite and turn humans.”

“So what does that mean.”

“I think it would mean she is a descendant of one of the surviving few who had human mates, so the wolf gene was in her she had the blood but it was dormant and your bite awoke it before it awoke on its own.”

“What do you mean awoke on its own?”

“I have heard of times when a human and a wolf ’s child would not show signs of being a wolf until a certain age. Maybe your mate hadn’t reached that age yet but you bite awoke it.”

“So if I hadn’t bitten her she would have turned any way but she wouldn’t have had me to help her.”

“Not right away but you would have found her you are an alpha, your her alpha you would have found each other.”

“Thank you, Arthur, for coming I was wondering if you wouldn’t for a while.”

“I will always be there for you I know you did not do what they say you did.”

“I know.”

“But while I am here do you want to go get your mate and have me do the ceremony for you.”

“Not now Arthur I never told her she is my mate I feel it is a bit much for her to take in right now and she is afraid of relationships so I don’t want to push her but we are dating as the humans call it. But I will be sure to let you know when we are ready to take that step.”

“Good I have watched you grow since you were a cub, it would only be right if I was there for when you fully mate.”

“Of course. I will miss you until then.”

“I will miss you too you were like a son to me as was never blessed with any of my own,” he says pulling me in for a hug.

“And you were always a second father to me.” we release each other from the hug and he heads out turning back once more at me before shifting into a wolf and running off.

The next morning I get up early and head to the school thankful that Erica showed me where it is so I want totally lost. I walk into the office to get my schedule and everything else I would need before heading to class. As I am walking I get looks from students as they are probably wondering who I am and I try to ignore the girls that wink at me. I suddenly stop in my track a smile coming onto my face as I turn around to see Erica coming my way.

“Man your senses are really good I was trying to sneak up on you,” she says as she approaches me.

“Well, I have been doing it a lot longer than you have.”

“Touche.” I smile down at her as she smiles up at me, “So are you ready for your first day of school, what class do you have.”

“I am as ready as I can be,” I say handing her my schedule so she can look it over.

“It looks like we have the same schedule awesome.”

“Well then I get to spend the whole day with you I think I am liking this already.” I pull her in for a hug and go to kiss her on the forehead but then she stops me.

“Brett! No PDA,” she says in a joking voice letting out a light laugh at the end. I play along and put on a pouty face with that she laughs a little harder earning a glance from our fellow students ignoring them I put my arm out for her to take and when she does we set off to our first class of the day.

But as we walk my mind drifts to Arthur and what he told me yesterday and whether or not I should tell Erica now or wait until we have been dating for a while. I decide to wait on telling but for some reason, it seems wrong.

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