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After School

Brett’s POV

As the day goes by I am introduced in several classes as the new student while other teachers don’t seem to care enough to introduce me but I don’t care Erica knows me and that is all that matters. At the end of the day, I am walking with Erica through the halls towards the front doors when a voice comes from behind us.

“Hello.” We turn around to face a girl that I recognize from one of our classes. “I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself to you newbies.”

“Jenna, I have gone to this school with you since kindergarten I am not new.” The girl squints before the look of recognition comes across her face.

“Erica! You look different now than you did before the break. You actually look pretty I bet that is a new feeling for you.”

“Yeah I made some changes over break but it is easy to tell you did not. Come on Brett let’s go.” Erica grabs my hand and we start walking away but then Jenna speaks stopping us in our tracks.

“What gives you the right to just drag him around like that maybe he doesn’t want to spend time with a loser like you.” as she says that I can feel my fangs wanting to come out because nobody insults my mate but I push that aside as I briefly glance to Erica’s hands and the claws are out her fang probably too by how she was just staring at this Jenna girl and not saying anything so I wrangled in my emotions enough to speak.

“I am sorry um.. Jenna was it, but she is not dragging me around I happen to be her boyfriend and the only loser I am seeing her right now is you because you seem to think that tearing other people down will make you feel better about yourself, but guess what Jenna it won’t.” I grab Erica’s hand as her claws recede and a smirk appears on her face. “Now if you will excuse us we have to be going, I hope to talk to you again... or maybe never yeah never would be good.” I lead Erica out of the school not releasing the hold I had on her hand until we were out of the building. “Are you okay?” I ask turning to face her.

“For the most part, Jenna is just so freaking annoying she has been messing with me since we were little because I had always been a little overweight for my age and height and when things like popularity started to matter she gained it and turned everybody against me even those I thought were my friends. It is like you said she just tries to build herself up by tearing others down it just irritates the crap out of me.” she raises her voice as she rants her eyes turning their wolf color of golden yellow.

“Erica you have to calm down your eyes,” I whisper to her trying to block her eyes from the view of our peers.

“I can’t really control it right now.” I take a quick glance around seeing that most everybody had cleared out of the school grounds.

“Okay, Erica just keep your head down and follow me to the woods once we are out of sight you can blow off some steam and get everything back under control.” She nods her head in response I take her hand once again and we walk to the woods once we were covered by several layers of trees I and I was sure no one had followed us I gave Erica the okay to shift which she did without hesitation I followed her lead and shifted before taking off deeper into the woods in the direction of our den.

As we ran Erica was ahead of me and I was watching out for danger as any good alpha would be doing keeping back watching over the rest of the pact ready to jump in and attack if there was any danger. Once we got to the den I could tell Erica wasn’t ready to shift back quite yet so we play fight this was partially to teach her how to hold her own against another wolf or predator in case we would ever be attacked. I won each of our fights which were to be expected because I had been taught to fight since I was first able to shift at the age of ten.

“You fight good,” Erica says shifting back then I follow her lead.

“Yeah, perks of being the son of an Alpha I have been taught to fight in wolf form since I could first shift as well as hand to hand though not as much.”

“Well it looks like you are gonna be teaching me how to then.”

“Okay but for the most part how I learned was by fighting there wasn’t much teaching just someone telling me what I was doing wrong as I was fighting someone else.”

“Well, I am sure you can figure out a way to teach me.”

“I am sure I can.”

“Now do we want to do the little homework we got or go to my place and watch a movie or play some games. Or we could get a jump start on you teaching me how to fight?”

“How about this, we do the homework, I teach you how to fight for a little bit and then we can go to your pace and watch a movie or hang out whatever we feel like doing.”

“Sounds perfect.” we go inside the den grabbing our backpacks and pulling out the homework, it wasn’t much just a quick little assignment since it was the first day back and everything. We finished the homework within ten to fifteen minutes and then put it away before getting ready for me to teach her to fight. “To start off teaching you I am going to tell you a few major things to know, first off when fighting wolves usually go for the throat they try to get the skin and fur that is there and try to latch on so that is an area you need to protect. ” I continue to give her different tips and things to watch out for when fighting she is a pretty quick learner and is soon able to withstand fighting me a little longer even if it is more play fighting for practice.

When we had enough fighting we make our way over to her house shifting a little ways away and walking the rest of the distance to the house.

“Okay make yourself at home and choose a movie or show from Netflix I am going to take a quick shower.” she gives me a quick peck on the cheek before rushing up the stairs. I started scrolling through Netflix looking for any movie that might be interesting. After a minute I hear the water running in the bathroom and it takes a lot to keep my sometimes perverted wolf side from doing something that we will both regret instantly. I close my eyes tight take a deep breath and continue to scroll through the movies Stardust it seems nice enough that we both enjoy it. I sit in silence for a while listening to my wolves thoughts which I would rather not listen to. A few minutes later Erica appears at the bottom of the stairs with her hair in a ponytail and her light blue towel around her neck.

“Find a movie to watch?” she asks as she sits next to me on the couch.

“Uh yeah I couldn’t really decide on one so I just choose one at random it looked kinda interesting,” I say clearing my throat and trying to clear away certain thoughts.

"Stardust. It is a romantic movie you know that right?”

“Yeah, but it also said it had action in it so something kind of similar to the princess bride right?”

“I guess so.” She gets the movie started before settling on the couch next to me leaning on my chest and I put my arm around her pulling her slightly closer to me.

Erica’s POV

“Sorry, my hair is getting your shirt wet,” I say looking up at Brett halfway through the movie.

“It’s fine my shirt will dry. Plus I like having you close to me.” He says kissing the top of my head. As we continue to watch the movie I slowly start to doze off to the sound of Brett’s heartbeat.

I wake up a while later to the sound of a knock in the door, I sit up to go answer it but Brett was already there. On the other side of the door was a guy probably around a year or two older than us holding a box of pizza. Brett hands the man some money and takes the pizza from him thanking him before stepping inside and closing the door behind him.

“You ordered Pizza. I thought my parents were supposed to be home for dinner.”

“They stopped in while we were watching the movie and you were asleep, they decided to go on a date night since they have been busy looking for jobs so they said we could order out or make something. And since I don’t have much experience cooking I called the pizza place.”

“You didn’t have to do that you could have woken me up and I could have made something.”

“Yeah but you looked so peaceful I didn’t have the heart to wake you.”

“So what pizza did you get?”

“I didn’t know what you liked so I just went with three meat, I figured it was a safe bet that you would like.”

“Oh, praise the lord. Three meat is one of my favorites and pretty much as long as it is not supreme type with vegetables I will eat it.”

“Alright well, do you want to watch a movie or tv show while we eat?”

“That would be great,” I say as Brett Plops down on the couch next to me.

“So what do you want to watch?”

“I don’t know.” before we start eating we take a quick look through Netflix and decide on an older kids show. With the show starting Brett opens the pizza box. “So you get half I get half and then we can get dessert when we are done,” I say grabbing a pice and taking a big bite.

“Wow someone is hungry.”

“Starving I haven’t eaten since lunch. Is it normal for a new wolf to have increased hunger.”

“I am actually not sure packs haven’t really had to deal that much with humans who were turned into wolves. Actually we really only know what happens with their first change.”

“Why is that?”

“Most packs including my former pack had a law against turning humans as it wouldn’t keep the bloodline pure and that it posed a greater risk to us being exposed if the human didn’t want to fully join the pack and break all ties to the human world.”

“But what if the werewolf race is getting close to being extinct?”

“That is pretty much the only exception to the rule. If a pack numbers are dwindling and are threatened then they will either turn humans or merge packs and merging packs are rare as one Alpha would have to step down or there would be a fight to the death which would cause unrest between members from each pack.”

“Wow it seems that wolf pack have very strict laws.”

“Yeah it started because there is a story told that a very long time ago both humans and wolves lived together in harmony and wolves protected humans from worse things that are out there but when a normal wolf attacked a human they lost all faith in us werewolves and started hunting us. Most were hunted down but some high ranking wolves now Alphas made it out along with others.”

“So if humans at one point knew of werewolves why don’t we believe in them now.”

“I would assume that over the years people began to think that the story was just a legend as civilizations became more advanced and people stopped believing in what wasn’t right in front of them. Another possibility is that most people thought all werewolves were hunted down and werewolves didn’t exist anymore.”

“I guess that would make sense especially if it was a long time ago there wouldn’t be preservable records of werewolves.”

“Okay I am curious in your pack was there like a werewolf history class that you had to take or something?”

“Somewhat I guess you could say.”

“How only somewhat?”

“You are a curious person.”

“What can I say I love history.”

“Well there is a class like thing I had to do but it is mainly for Alphas and the second and third in commands families. And others are taught the history just not as in depth as Alphas and Betas and Deltas do.”

“Why don’t they get it as in depth?”

“Because a long time ago at an Alpha’s meeting where the Alpha’s of the big packs around the states got together they decided that the rest of the pack knowing all the history gave them to much power so they made that a common law between packs. Although some packs mainly smaller ones don’t believe that and therefore don’t listen to that law.”

“How can they get away with that.”

“Well smaller packs fly more under the radar so the big packs can go unaware of their presence.”

“Is that why you are telling me all of this because we are a pack of just two.”

“That and the fact that you are basically the Alpha female or Luna as most packs would say. And even if you weren’t Like the Alpha female you would be my Beta.” I was about to ask another question but Brett stopped me. “We can continue this history lesson later I am ready for dessert.”

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