A Wolves World

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History Lesson

Brett’s POV

We had some dessert and watched another movie before I decided that I should head to the den to sleep.

“Do you have to go?”

“Yes, I do,” I say through my wolf says no I don’t. “I don’t think that your parents when they get home, would like seeing me still here especially with how late it is getting.”

“I guess you are right don’t need them trying to kill you.” we get off the couch and walk to the door.

“Well, then I guess I will see you at school tomorrow.” I start to walk out the door but Erica Grabbed my hand to stop me then proceeded to pull me to her.

“What no Goodbye kiss,” she says with the cutest little smile ever. She released my arm and I pull her closer placing my hands one on her waist and one on her back and her hands found their way to rest on my chest. Our lips came together and I could feel the then sensation of our mate bond strengthening and I am sure she could feel it too she just might not know what the feeling is. Our kiss wasn’t overly involved but it wasn’t just a short kiss either it was perfect like our other kisses had been. When we separated I was ready to tell her about our mate bond but before I could her parents pulled into the driveway so I said a quick goodbye and headed to the den.

When I got back to the den I was restless and couldn’t relax or focus on anything as I was struggling with the choice of telling Erica about our bond and possibly scaring her off or not telling her and possibly losing her to some human. Either way, I think of it I have the possibility of losing her and just the thought of that was breaking my heart. After hours of thought, I decided not to tell her because telling her has the greater risk of me losing her.

Erica’s POV

Brett took off as my parents pulled into the driveway and I quickly slipped into the house and went up to my room to get ready for bed even though I wouldn’t be falling asleep anytime soon.

I was laying in bed awake for a while thinking of the kiss the tingle that I felt wondering if he felt it too. Wondering if it meant something or if it was just normal for kissing I mean he did tell me about the mate ceremony and that there is a certain thing you feel, but that can’t be us right because until a few weeks ago I was a human and Alpha’s don’t have human mates.

With those thoughts circling in my head I realized something I was a human and he was an Alpha so when he found his mate he would leave me and that broke my heart. I realized that even though he could leave I wouldn’t want to give our relationship up not just yet.

With all the thoughts that were circling through my mind, I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked and was very groggy when I had to get up for school in the morning. I head downstairs after getting completely ready I grab an apple and head out taking my time even if it makes me late the fresh air helps me clear my head. I get to first hour just before the bell rings and take my seat next to Brett who looks pretty tired himself.

“You look tired.” He says as I get my binder out of my bag.

“I could say the same about you, did you not get much sleep?” I ask as the teacher says he has to go to the printer to grab some papers.

“Not really, I was thinking about my ally at the pack he should be getting back to them soon and some of my scent might be on him and if they recognize it which is likely they could kill him or force him to lead them to me so they can kill me. It has me worried I couldn’t really sleep at most I got an hour to hour and a half of sleep.”

“I hope he will be okay, would you have any way of knowing if anything happened to him?”

“Alpha’s have the ability to tell if someone in their pack died but it might not work for me because he is not in my pack officially.” before I could say anything the teacher returns and passes out the papers before starting the lesson for the day.

At the end of the day, we quickly head out before we could have another interaction with Jenna who we had seen heading our way after the final bell. We decide to head to the den as my parents had said they would be home all day looking for jobs and filling out applications and everything that goes with trying to find a new job. Upon arriving at the den we do our homework for an hour or so before deciding what to do next.

“Can we continue the werewolf history lesson from last night?” I ask hopefully,

“I guess so, what do you want to learn about today?”

“You had told me a little bit about the mating ceremony before Christmas but what is the history how did it start and everything?”

“The fact that there were mates a wolf that you were destined to be with wasn’t always around but it was discovered when wolves started leaving who they had chosen for a different wolf claiming that they had a connection like love at first sight and then they realized that wolves had mates that they were bound to be with.” As he explains things I think back to last night and the thoughts that ran through my head.

“Also when it was first discovered they didn’t have the complete ceremony but it was found that mates had a bond that each wolf could feel and it would strengthen and it would weaken, when it would grow stronger it would be a pleasant feeling for the wolves but when it weakens it hurts the wolves and instances where it breaks completely it doesn’t take long and one if not both wolves die of a broken heart.”

“That is terrible.” I wondered if I should ask the question I was thinking but I decided against it for now at least.

“And as for the ceremony, it started when mates were play fighting on the full moon and they each bit each others necks a little harder than play fighting and when they were back in their human form it was all healed and they had matching marks that were almost like birthmarks.”

“What does the mark look like?”

“Typically it is a crescent moon with your mates initials but I have heard that it could also be a paw print with the initials.”

“Okay, so how did they take biting each other’s neck turn into a ceremony.”

“They made it kinda like a human wedding in a way I guess you could say the pack elder chosen to do the ceremony gives a blessing and pronounces that they are true mates.”

“True mates? Is there a way for people to be mates without actually being mates?” I ask slightly confused.

“Some wolves who have never found their mate try to claim and mark a wolf who is unmated and then the mark still shows up but they can’t be with their true mate even if they do find them.”

“So the ceremony is saying that they did the ceremony they are true mates one of them wasn’t forced to be mates with the other.”

“Basically, it is just to go in front of an elder and do it so you know both are willing and you are true mates as well as keep a record for future reference.”

“Has the mate ceremony replaced a human wedding?” I ask wanting to know as I have always dreamed of what my wedding would be like.

“Not all the time but a lot of packs that stay away from humans and have little contact with them don’t usually have a wedding as they don’t see the need but other packs who work alongside humans do have weddings more so for the legality in the human world than for themselves.”

“This is so cool. I have loved human history for quite a while I find it fascinating and I have had a pull towards the supernatural but never thought that if it was real they would also have a history.”

“Yeah, wolves have their own history but also share some of human history.”


“Yeah I mean there are pack wars sometimes but then there are times when certain humans know about us and try and use it to their advantage.”

“Like when.”

“The most commonly known time this happened was during World War 2 there were formations of U-boats called Wolfpacks and they were made of wolves because someone with power knew about us and used it to the advantage whether it was Hitler himself or just someone else of military power.”

“You are going to have to tell me more about this you know that right,” I say giving him a kiss on the cheek that sent a warm sensation through my body.

“Yes, I do realize that you have to know everything.”

“I don’t have to know everything I just want to I mean I am apart of this world now and I would like to know about the history.” after that Brett and I decide to go for a little bit of a run before he walks me back to my house. It wasn’t until after 6:30 that I get home and see my parents setting the table for a family dinner and from the looks of what they made they had good news for me.

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