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Friend or Foe

Erica’s POV

I sit silently as we eat dinner waiting for them to say something to tell me what the good news was as they made all of our favorite dishes which they rarely ever did. After a while, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Okay, what is the good news you made our favorite dishes that only happens when you guys have good news so spill.”

“Alright your mother and I found a new job and it pays very well but we won’t have to be away from home all that much.”

“That’s great.”

“Yeah it is very great, but we need to go out of state for a month or so for training.”

“So I will be home alone for a while.”

“Yes we are talking to someone to get groceries brought every week for you and everything else should all be set up.” says my mom.

“Alright, when do you leave?”

“Tomorrow afternoon.”

“That soon. We won’t get to spend much time together than will we. because I will be at school tomorrow when you leave.”

“Yeah that’s why we made the special foods and everything and we thought we could either watch a movie or play a game.”

“A game sounds like fun,” I say taking a big bite of food.

“Alright well if you want to you can invite Brett over so we have an even amount of players.”

“You are okay with that, you don’t want it to be just us?”

“Well Brett spends a lot of time here with you and with us, we thought it would be nice to have him here as well. That is if you are okay with it.”

“I am more than happy to invite Brett over I will call him and see if he wants to.” I run upstairs to grab my phone and call him he picks up almost right away.


“Hey Brett my parents got a new job and are going to be leaving tomorrow to do some training for around a month and they wanted to know if you would come over.”

“That is great for your parents and I would love to come over what are we going to be doing?”

“Playing a game, I don’t know if they have quite yet decided which game to play.”

“I will be there after a while and I will take my time don’t want to get there too quickly.”

“Alright see you in a while.” I hang up and go back down to finish my food and help clean up. Soon there was a knock on the door. I go get the door letting Brett in.

“Hey,” I say as he pulls me to him giving me a kiss on the top of my head.

“Hey. any decision on what game we are playing.”

“Not sure but since they wanted even amount of players I think it might be a game with teams.”

“Oh boy hope we don’t have to do anything embarrassing.” we joined my parents at the table and they explained the game they decided to play it was tag team Monopoly. In this version of monopoly there were teams of two they each got their own money and own game piece but to determine who won they would combine everything at the end as well as making decisions together. Brett and I won by 100 dollars after that we talked for a while and had some dessert before it was time to call it a night.

“I hope that wasn’t too embarrassing,” I say walking Brett to the door.

“No not at all, it was nice of your parents to invite me over to hang out before they are gone for a month.”

“I think they did that because you spend a lot of time with us since as they believe your mother doesn’t really take care of you all that well and it’s almost as if you are apart of the family, I mean other than the fact that we are dating.”

“Your probably right, but I should get back to the den I will see you tomorrow at school.”

“See you there.” he gives me a quick kiss on the cheek before walking into the woods in the direction of the den.

The next morning I say goodbye to my parents since they leave while I am at school and I won’t see them for a whole month. As I wait for Brett to arrive at school I see Someone I don’t recognize walk out of the office looking down at a paper a schedule. I presume he must be a new student. Paying too much attention to his schedule and not enough to his surroundings he is tripped by one of the jocks who then walks away laughing. I walk over to him and held my hand out to him he takes it and I help pull him up from the ground.

“Thank you.”

“No problem I’m Erica by the way.”

" I’m Connor.”

“I’ll take it you are a new student?” I ask or more state as I pick his schedule off the ground and hand it to him.

“Yeah, my parents and I just moved into town yesterday.”

“That’s cool. Do you need any help finding your classes?”

“Yes please if you wouldn’t mind.” I start looking over his shoulder at his classes and start pointing him in the right direction. I look up when I feel a pair of eyes on me it’s Brett I smile and wave him over.

Brett’s POV

I get to school later than normal so I know that Erica will already be there. I use her scent to track her and find her talking to a guy he was probably about 5′6 to 5′8 at the most he had broad shoulders and from here it looked like he had dark brown to black hair. She moved to stand beside him and look at whatever paper he was holding my inner wolf growled at the thought of another guy around my mate. I shove that feeling down as I know I can trust Erica to not do anything and I can trust her to protect herself. It is then that she looks up and notices me standing there and waves me over.

“Brett this is Connor her is new and Connor this is Brett, my boyfriend,” Erica says as I approach. He extends his hand for me to shake it through my wolf argues against it I don’t want to be rude so I shake his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you Brett.” he lets go of my hand and I take note of his firm handshake and kind smile. “Erica was just helping me find my first few classes.”

“Yeah, he seemed lost when one of the jocks tripped him.” The 5-minute warning bell rings.

“Well it was nice meeting you both I guess I will see you guys around school then?”

“Yeah and how about you sit with us at lunch,” Erica states cheerfully before I can urge her towards our first class.

“That would be great thank you. I will see you guys then.”

“Bye.” the two of us say in unison as he starts towards his first class which is thankfully in the opposite direction of ours. As the first few classes go on and not seeing Connor at all my wolf calms down but then lunch rolls around and we are joined by him at our lunch table.

“Hey, guys thanks again for letting me sit with you I feel most people here don’t take well to newcomers.”

“For the most part, I think they did pretty well with me when I started a few days ago,” I say before Erica can speak.

“Well to be fair you do seem to give off the vibe of ‘touch me and you will live to regret it’.” He takes a bite of his sandwich.

“That and possibly that he associated himself with me and people already didn’t like me.” Erica is glaring over to Jenna’s table where she always sits with the cheerleaders and the jocks. Connor follows her gaze to Jenna.

“I am guessing you don’t like her.”

“I hate her with a fiery passion, she is a miniskirt-wearing devil.” Connor glances at me as if looking for confirmation to what Erica said.

“She’s not wrong,” is all I say. The rest of lunch we sit at talk well Erica and Connor do most of the talking I analyze Connor to see if he is a threat adding my two cents in once in a while so I don’t seem rude. We have a class with him after lunch so we sit with him but the rest of the day goes by uneventfully and me and Erica head home to start on our homework.

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