A Wolves World

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A Strange Stranger

About 20 minutes into my 40-minute walk from the hospital to my house I about run into something or more someone who walked right in front of me.

“Oh my gosh, I am sorry I did not see you there,” I say looking up to meet the eyes of a boy who looks to be about my age who was wearing all dark clothes the only source of color being his light blonde hair and his bright icy blue eyes.

“No it is not your fault I mean I should watch where I am going and I mean I am not helping by wearing dark clothes at night while creepily walking through the woods.”

“Yeah I guess it is all your fault.” he lets out a light laugh,

“So what are you doing walking in the woods alone at night isn’t that kinda dangerous?”

“I could as you the same thing.”


“But if you must know I am walking home from volunteering at the children’s hospital and cutting through the woods is quicker than taking the road.”

“Do you volunteer at the children’s hospital often?”

“Yeah actually most days after school seen as I have nothing else to do. But no changing the subject why are you out in the woods?”

“Well If you must know.” he starts off mocking me. “I was walking through to clear my head I quite like it in the woods peaceful.”

“So are you new around here because you don’t go to my school and I haven’t seen you before.”

“You wouldn’t have seen me I was homeschooled my whole life and yeah I am new to the area.”

“You said you were homeschooled does that mean you are not anymore.”

“You could say that my parents got tired of trying to teach me so I am going to be going to a regular public school.” I for some reason feel like he is not telling the whole truth but I ignored it as it was probably just the fact that I was talking to a stranger in the woods at night.

“Really what one?”

“Riverside. I believe it is called.”

“Oh that’s where I go, but just to warn you the people there are terrible,” I warn not really wanting him to go there and end up being like everybody else and ignore me.

“You go there and you’re not terrible. At least you don’t seem terrible.”

“Well I’m not but everybody else, they are.”

“At least I know there is one good person there.” he smiles down at me and I smile back, maybe he wouldn’t be a jerk like everybody else and I would finally have a friend.

“I think we have arrived at your destination.” I turn to look in front of us and see that we are outside my house. I hadn’t even realized we started walking.

“Yes, it is.” I walk closer to my house and turn back to face the guy that had walked and talked with me. “Hey, you never told me your name.”

“Well, you didn’t tell me yours.”



“Thank you, Brett.”

“For what?”

“Being nice, talking to me, and also walking me home though it is probably out of your way.”

“Of course.” I walk into my house and go to my room to grab a change of clothes before hopping into the shower. I unwrap the bandage from around where I had been bitten the night before only to not see the injury what so ever not scratch, no bruise, no mark to indicate it was ever there. The only evidence of it was the little bit of blood on the bandage I had just taken off. Putting that aside for the moment I get into the shower which is needed.

When I get out I take the time to thoroughly look at my arm to make sure I am seeing what I am seeing, and after a minute of searching, I decided that what I am seeing is real and that somehow I miraculously healed.

I go to bed as I am too tired to deal with this right now, maybe I can look at with fresh eyes and a clear mind. I fall asleep reminiscing about my meeting Brett and how nice he was to me and the hope that when he starts school that won’t change.

Brett’s POV

I felt bad lying to Erica she is nice and I should tell her that I know what happened to her and that I was the one who did it but she wouldn’t believe she doesn’t seem like the type. Then there is the whole fact that we just met and she would think I am crazy, because who would believe a stranger when they tell you that they are a werewolf and that they bit you in their wolf form.

Maybe when if I “accidentally” run into her a few more times then she will believe me when she knows me better. Who am I kidding I wouldn’t believe me if I were her. I pull my phone out and check the calendar, only 2 more days till the full moon. I have two days to get her to believe me.

I put my phone away and rush out the den, because yes I live in a cave in the woods I can barely afford to pay for school so no I don’t have an apartment or house or something. I go to the path through the woods where Erica said she walked through every day.

I don’t find her in the spot where we met but her scent is strong, so she must have just been through here. I take a few steps away from the path and use my speed to catch up with where Erica is. I slow down and then walk up the path to her.

“I thought I heard someone walking.”

Erica’s POV

I had gotten up and ready and was heading to the Hospital to start my day of volunteering when I heard something approaching and then a voice speaks scaring me a little.

“I thought I heard someone walking.” I jump slightly and turn to face the person the voice belonged to.

“Brett what are you doing here.”

“Walking through the woods, I spend a lot of time in the woods since I moved here.”

“Really?” I ask wondering if in his time he has ever seen the wolf I saw the other day that randomly bit me and ran off.

“Yeah like I said last night I find it peaceful.”

“I know you just moved here and all but since you say you have spent a lot of time in the woods have you ever seen a wolf.”

“You saw a wolf?” he asks curiously

“Yeah, it was mostly black with a little white on it.”

“That’s weird wolves never really go near people they usually stay away from humans.” he pauses “You must be special for the wolf to have allowed you to see it .”

“If I was so special then why did it bite me and then run off.”

“Are you okay?” he doesn’t seem as worried as I would expect someone to be when I tell them I got bit by a wolf.

“Yeah I am fine I bandaged it and everything.”

“But it is kinda crazy that you got close enough for it to bite you.”

“Actually it more came to me.”

“Really that’s cool.” why is he acting like this is no big deal and that it is cool and not scary, and why do I have the gut feeling that he is lying to me or not telling me something. There is something off about this boy and I am bound to find out what it is. We walk and talk for a while and my feeling that there is something strange about him only grows.

When we emerge from the woods and come to the parking lot Brett stops I turn to say bye to him but he speaks before I get the chance.

“How about I meet you here when you get done.”


“Well, you did run into a wolf the other day wouldn’t want you getting hurt again if you see it.”

“Thanks, I usually am done around ten, ten thirtyish.” I pause before adding “but I won’t wait for you if you are not here when I get out I am walking with or without you.”

“Understood I will see you tonight.”

“See you then.” I walk into the hospital and start on my day.

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