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Some Answers Revealed

In practically no time at all it was lunch. Brett and I headed to the cafeteria and stood outside waiting for Connor to get there. A few minutes later he came to a stop in front of us.

“So where are we going to do this interview?” Connor Questions glancing from me to Brett.

“I asked one of the teachers to use her classroom and she said it was okay as long as we didn’t make a mess,” I answer as I begin leading the boys down the hall and to the empty room. We sit down at one of the tables Brett and I on one side and Connor on the other. I unzip my backpack and pull my laptop out and open to the questions we had come up with.

“So Connor, are you ready to begin?”

“I guess so.”

“Alright. So I will be asking most of the questions but Brett will chime in if he wants you to elaborate on an answer.” Brett and I had already decided on this so he doesn’t lose his temper and so he can pay attention to Connor for any signs that he is lying.

“Okay well ask away, I am an open book.”

“Our first question is why did you move here?”

“Well my dad recently got a new job and it was way out here so we moved.”

“What happened that made it so your dad needed a new job?” Brett chimed in.

“Well, it wasn’t so much that he got a new job it was a promotion with the same company he has been working for so a better pay came with the job so he talked to my mom and they decided we were going to move.” I type all of this out as he speaks glancing slightly to Brett to see if he would give me the signal that Connor was lying and he did, so I make a note of that.

“Next question, did you want to move?”

“It wasn’t at the top of my list of things I wanted to do but it was best for my family if we moved so did I want to not really.” looking to Brett he doesn’t make the signal for Connor lying.

“Where did you and your family live before coming here?”

“We lived in the suburbs of Chicago but not too far away from the city for my dad’s job.” I got the signal from Brett.

“That’s quite the change of scenery how are you adapting to living in more of a small rural area with all of the woods around and everything?”

“Well me and my dad would go camping in areas like this so it is not too big of a change as it is almost like camping but living normally.” he gave me part of the signal letting me know that it wasn’t a full lie but it wasn’t the truth either.

“What is your family like? We have noticed you mention your dad but what about mom?”

“My dad and I usually spend more time together especially lately she hasn’t seemed to be her full self and she doesn’t have a real job so she spends a lot of time reading and sewing and stuff like that.” Yet again Brett gives me the signal.

“No siblings?” Brett asks.

“Not anymore, my older sister died not too long before we moved. It was another reason my parents wanted to move because the house just reminded them of her.” I get the partial signal from Brett which confuses me but I don’t let it show.

“Oh, I am so sorry I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay I don’t really like to bring it up much plus I am doing better with what happened and have accepted it.” Again Brett gives the partial signal.

“Are you still up for answering a few more questions?”

“Yeah, of course, I wouldn’t want you to get a bad grade for not finishing the interview. Plus you are two of the only people who actually care about me in this town.”

“What do you like to do for fun?”

“I love being outside and when my dad has a break we sometimes toss a football around our yard, though we haven’t gotten the chance since we moved. And like most teenage boys I like playing video games.” No signal this time.

“Okay, we have only a few more questions. First off when we were at your place for the barbeque the other day you said that you hadn’t finished unpacking yet so how is the unpacking going.”

“Oh um it is going fine but with my homework and my dad’s work it has been hard to find time to unpack.” Once again I get the signal from Brett.

“Is this the first time your family has moved?”

“Yes it is the first time we have moved as a family but my parents moved before they had me and my sister but they don’t talk about it that much as it was a long time ago.”

“Do you know where they lived before that, or the area where your grandparents live?” Brett Chimes in one last time.

“No, I never knew my grandparents on either side; they died before I was born and it is a sore topic for my parents as they never had a good relationship with their parents.” Brett gives the signal one last time.

“Oh I’m sorry again I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay, it’s hard to mourn people you didn’t know.”

“Well, I think that is all of the questions we had unless you can think of anymore.” I turn to Brett as I speak.

“Nope, that is all we need I think.”

“Alright well Thank you for doing this for us Connor we really appreciate it.”

“Of course let me know how everything goes.”

“Yeah, we will don’t worry. So I guess we’ll see you later then.” Connor gets up from his chair and exits the room leaving me and Brett alone

“So is that enough proof that he is hiding something, he lied on almost every single one of those questions at least partially.”

“Yeah, that is enough evidence. But the question I want to know is how could he have been partially lying about his sister being dead.”

“I’m not sure we should probably talk about this more back at your place. You never know who could be listening.”

“What do you mean?”

“Werewolves are not the only supernatural creature with good hearing.”

“Right almost forgot that there were other supernatural creatures in existence. But wouldn’t you be able to tell if there were any others at school?”

“Not necessarily some types can easily mask their scent or it smells practically like what humans smell like just a little different which you can’t always tell because most humans have their own smell from the cologne or perfume they wear or don’t wear and their natural body odor.”

“Huh. well, it looks like you will have to teach me some more things about the supernatural.”

“I will, back at your house and after we figure out what to do About Connor. But for now, let’s eat lunch quickly before our next class.” We barely had any time to finish the lunch I had packed for the both of us before the bell signaling the end of lunch rang. We cleaned up as the teacher had asked and headed to our next class. The rest of the day I couldn’t help but think of Connor’s answers to the questions and how he was lying on most of them. But before I knew it the end of the day had arrived and Brett and I went home as we usually did shifting when we got deep enough into the woods and then running the distance to my house before shifting and walking up to the door.

“Okay, I have two theories as to why he is lying,” I announce as soon as we get inside and shut the door. “My first theory is that his family is in the witness protection program and it had something to do with his sister being murdered. And my second theory is that he is some sort of supernatural creature that has to lie about his life as you do around humans.”

“The second one wouldn’t work, if he was something he should have sensed us as I can’t mask my scent and neither can you, so he would have known we werewolves and most likely would have confronted us about it, especially after he caught us snooping around his place during the Barbeque.”

“Okay well then I have one theory: do you have anything to say about that?” I ask flopping down onto the couch.

“Well on some questions he was only partially lying as we both know but I would think if they were really in witness protection or something he would have been better about lying and he probably wouldn’t have said anything remotely truthful. He would have changed his whole identity.” Brett rambles while pacing in front of me

“Well then I have no theories, do you have any.”

“No,” he drops onto the couch next to me. “Not really. Can I see his answers? I want to read them to see if I see anything in the words he said.”

“Yeah.” I grabbed my backpack from where I had dumped it on the floor when we got back. I pull my laptop out and type in my password before handing it to Brett to look at it. He sets it on his lap and begins to look through the answers I prop my head upon his shoulder and read along with him to see if there was some type of clue. After going through the answers twice an Idea pops into my head.

“What if his sister isn’t necessarily dead maybe she went missing or was kidnapped.”

“How would that make sense, I think they wouldn’t want to move in case she would ever come back if she did go missing or to stay to work with the police if she was kidnapped.”

“Unless they know who took her and are being forced to move here and have their son befriend two werewolves.”

“What are you saying, Erica?”

“What if they are being forced to find werewolves and if they don’t they will kill their daughter. Or more specifically find you.” I watch Brett’s expression as all of the pieces fall into place.

“Are you saying that they could be somewhat working for my old pack to find me so they can get their daughter back.”

“Yeah I don’t know how it would all play out but it is a distinct possibility.”

“It makes sense if they were sent by the pack they would know roughly what I look like and they would know what to look for in people and kids that are werewolves. The day you first ran into him he was coming out of the office right?”

“Yeah, why is that important?”

“You came to school through the woods after running here right.”

“Yes and again what does that have to do with anything?”

“The office has a window looking out to the field where you would have come out of the woods from, most days it is closed but that day it must have been opened and he must have seen you.”

“But he was tripped by a jock. It is not like he ran into me on purpose to meet me.”

“No, he probably didn’t plan on that he probably hoped he would have run into you but the jock interfered but it still got him what he wanted to meet you.”

“And then when you can he might have figured out who you were.”

“And you introducing me as your boyfriend probably made him sure that you were also a werewolf as werewolves don’t date humans.”

“But then if he knows what we are and who you are don’t you think that he would have told his parents and they would have gotten word to your old pack especially because they most likely saw us at the barbeque.”

“I don’t think his parents saw us. They seemed occupied the whole time we were there talking to other neighbors and keeping the food stocked.”

“Okay if they didn’t see it then why hasn’t Connor told them.”

“Because look what he says here.” Brett scrolls up to one of Connor’s answers and points at it while reading it out loud “he says ‘Plus you are two of the only people who actually care about me in this town.’ He said we are two of the only people nice to him in the whole town.”

“Elaborate please.”

“Most people would say something like ‘beside my parents you are two of the only people in this town that care about me’.

“Meaning he could be saying that his parents don’t really care about him.”

“Exactly. And maybe they blame him for his sister being kidnapped.”

“Or worse. That they wish it was him who was kidnapped.”

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