A Wolves World

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What to Do

"What are we going to do?” I ask after a minute of us just sitting in silence after what we just figured out.

“I have no idea,” Brett replies.

“I mean we could confront him. Get him to tell us how he got involved with your pack and why.” I suggest turning to face Brett.

“But if we do and it turns out we were wrong he will either know what we are or think that we have lost our minds.”

“And even if we are right he may just deny everything,” I add. We are both silent contemplating what to do. The only noise being the ticking of the old clock hanging on the wall in the living room.

“We have to confront him and we have to do it soon,” Brett says breaking the silence.

“Why do you say that?” I ask as he was the one that said we could be wrong.

“Well if we are right and his family is here because of my old pack kidnapping his sister who knows if they have gotten in contact with them if you think about it they could be coming for me if he has figured out that we are for sure werewolves and knows who I am.”

“Your right we have to know.”

“We have to do it tomorrow after school. Because if we don’t do it then and they are on their way I need to know so I can leave here so they don’t capture me.”

“You’re not going to leave without me.” I blurted out, standing up out of the chair I had been sitting in. though I do not know where that came from.

“I have to, your family is here and I need to protect you and I can’t do that if we are being chased by my pack.”

“But what if they smell you on me and capture me to use against you then what would you do?” I say, raising my voice slightly.

“I would come back and save you.”

“But you would have to trade yourself for my freedom and who even knows if they would let me go. I can’t lose you.”

“I can’t lose you either,” Brett says, pulling me into a hug as he does so I can almost hear my inner wolf make a noise almost like the purr of a cat. “So we need to know so we can leave and maybe find help from other wolves or supernatural creatures that would help us.”

“Would they even want to get into the middle of this whole mess if it doesn’t involve their packs.”

“Packs probably wouldn’t but there are rogues who either abandoned their pack or were exiled they may be willing to help if it meant getting a new pack.”

“And other supernatural creatures?”

“A lot of them have a dislike for werewolves and would jump at the opportunity to fight against a pack of them we would just have to get on their good side first.”

“So tomorrow after school then,” I ask as Brett releases me from our embrace.


“Where should we do it we would need to go somewhere private but not my house and definitely not the den.”

“We could just do it in the field behind school right by the woods nobody is ever back there.”

“Sounds good,” I say. We are silent for a minute before I speak up again. “So do you want to teach me about some of these other types of supernatural creatures?”

“I will give you a brief overview of the creatures that are known but there is a lot of information and we can look deeper into it some other time when we figure things out with Connor.”

“Works for me, for now, I just want to know a little bit more.”

“Well start with vampires yes they are real, no they are not like the twilight vampires they die if they go into the sun so you only will see them at night. Next there are angels, they typically stay up in heaven so you don’t have to worry much about them but if they do come down to earth it can often lead to another creature called Nephilim.”

“And what are those?”

“They are half-human half-angel, they are created when humans and angels have children together, they are normally taller than most other humans. Then there are banshees they are always female and they can tell when someone is going to die and they scream.”

“They scream?”

“Yeah nobody really understands the screaming thing. And then there are demons the counterparts of angels and there are actually many different kinds but I won’t get into that now, they like to come up and cause trouble, especially around Halloween. The next is gonna cover multiple things but bear with me here. Dragons, unicorns, pegasus, and phoenixes. They are all real but the thing about them is that they can shift into humans to protect themselves because their kind was often hunted for the magical properties they have so to keep them safe they were given the ability to turn into humans at will so their species don’t die out. And they are the creatures that can hide their scent from others.”

“So they are kinda like werewolves in a way?”

“Yeah and then there are like three more that are really prominent and that we know actually exist. And they are merpeople; they are what people typically think of mermaids with human upper bodies and the tail of a fish. Then there are wendigos, they are cannibalistic monsters and the way to become one is for a human to resort to cannibalism but a lot of wendigos today can substitute it with animals.”

“That’s disgusting they really exist?”

“Yeah but they steer clear of populated places to avoid being discovered. And lastly, Shapeshifters I see this as more of a superpower but they are people who can shift into anything they want which makes it hard to find then they can disguise themselves as any type of animal or object.”

“Wow, that is a lot of other creatures.”

“Technically that is not all but those ones are the ones that you are more likely to run into the others there are very few because of battles between their species or them being killed thinking they were regular animals.”

“That’s crazy that many supernatural creatures can be hiding among humans.”

“It used to be they didn’t have to hide but that is a story for another time. Right now we should figure out what we are going to say to Connor tomorrow.”

“Right we still have to do that. But can it be over dinner? I’m starving.” I ask Brett as my stomach growls.

“Sure let’s get something cooking,” Brett says in response. We begin cooking and as we cook we talk about random things. I tend to ask questions about other creatures which Brett answers happily because for a while we don’t have to think about what is going to happen tomorrow with Connor. But that comes to an end sooner than I would like as the food is all ready.

“So how do you want to do it?” I ask Brett as we begin eating.

“We could say we want to ask him something private after school and to meet us in the field behind the school after the final bell. And we can tell him it won’t take long if he has to get going.” Brett suggests looking to me for approval.

“That could work but that will get as far as getting him there now we have to think of what to say when we are there.”

“We could just come out and tell him that we know he is lying and he should tell us the truth,” Brett says hopefully.

“But then he could always turn defensive and not tell us anything and if he hasn’t already he could tell his parents and his parents get in contact with your old pack and then they could really be coming here.”

“I guess your right, then what do you think we should say?”

“I think we should tell him that we know his sister isn’t dead and ask him what really happened and if he denies it and you can tell he is actually lying about his sister we tell him what we are because he won’t tell us if he is not positive about what we are but he might id he is sure and we say we can try to help him.”

“What? How are we supposed to help him?”

“Well, you have your friend still in the pack right?”


“Well, maybe he will know something about Connor’s sister and can tell us if she is alright and maybe he could try to set her free.”

“That is risky though if he gets caught trying to free her he’s dead, plus it would be risky getting a letter out to him if it has my scent on in they can get suspicious of him and torture him to get to me.” I am silent for a minute trying to think of something else we could possibly do.”

“What if the letter had a bunch of other scents on it as well?” I question.

“Some god trackers may be able to pick out the scents but it would take a while and a wolf’s scent tends to not last as long on paper especially after going through the mail. And with the other scents, it would probably be unlikely to smell me on the letter.”

“So we send your friend a letter and use some of my perfumes to cover up the smell and he can tell us if she is okay.”

“That could work but then there is the possibility that he doesn’t know anything because they may not fully trust him because of his relationship to me.”

“Well, we have to try it may be the thing that keeps Connor from alerting your old pack to where you are.”

“Your right. Plus I feel responsible for his sister being kidnapped in the first place.”

“You know it is not your fault it is theirs for believing in some prophecy that said you would kill your father.”

“I know.” We finished eating in silence but the air was filled with worry about what would happen between the three of us tomorrow after school.

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