A Wolves World

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Confronting Connor

Once we finished dinner and had gotten the dishes taken care of we return to the table to write the letter. I watch as Brett begins to write.

Dear Arthur,

It’s me I am writing to you because we have something important for you to look into. Someone at our school we think is being forced to look for me because the pack captured his sister. So we are hoping you had heard anything and could possibly check to make sure she is okay. We are going to talk to this boy tomorrow and confront him and hope that it can buy us some time before they come looking for me. We hope to hear from you soon, please write to us at this address under the name Erica Wagner.

Sincerely, B&E

“Does that sound good?” he asks looking up to me.

“Yeah that’s perfect I’ll go get an envelope and my perfumes.” I head up to my room and grab a few of the perfumes that I had that I didn’t use that much and then to the office area and grab an envelope. When I returned Brett had the letter folded neatly. I hand him the envelope and he writes Arthur’s information down on it before handing it back to me to place the return address in the corner. We then take my perfumes and spirt them into the air letting it fall gently onto the letter and envelope. When we feel there is enough scent to disguise Brett’s smell we seal the envelope.

“Now we just need to get it sent,” Brett says placing the sealed envelope on the table.

“We can quickly run to the post office and drop it in the box. It should get sent out tomorrow and hopefully, he will get it within two to three days and we could have a response by next week.”

“Alright as long as you are up for a little run.”

“Of course let’s go.” we make it to the post office fairly quickly though we did have to shift to human form to get the rest of the way to the post office. When the letter was dropped off we headed back to my house. When we return to my house we decide that we should do our homework so we sit and do that as we talk about tomorrow. We then decide to watch a little bit of TV before Brett has to leave to go back to the den. The next morning I get up and get ready for school my nerves growing with each minute that passes they only settle for a little bit when I meet Brett at the school entrance as normal.

“So are you ready for today?” He asks as I come to stand next to him.

“As ready as I’ll ever be to possibly risk our secret and our lives.”

“Did you have to say it like that?” Brett says as he opens the door for me.

“No, but it is the only thing that came to my mind so.”

“I get it your nervous so am I but we have the whole school day before it happens so we should try to keep our cool.”

“Still we have to tell him we need to talk to him before the end of the day.”

“I know we can do that at lunch so we can just relax for these first few hours of the day.”

“You are right I am just really nervous but we have time.” I take a deep breath as we head for our first class of the day. The day seems to be going really fast because in no time at all it is lunch. We head to our usual table in the cafeteria where we are soon joined by Connor.

“Hey Connor,” I say as he sits down.

“Hey, guys what’s up?”

“We were wondering if you could meet us in the field behind the school after the final bell,” I say not really looking him in the eye.

“Why do you have more questions you need to ask?”

“Oh not for the assignment but we do want to ask you a personal question and think it would be better to do it after school when there is nobody around.”

“I don’t know I should probably get home after school.”

“It won’t take that long,” Brett says for me noticing how nervous I was getting.

“Okay I can spare a few minutes,” he says taking a bite of his food and that is the end of that conversation. For the rest of lunch we just chit chat about whatever comes to our minds but before we know it the lunch bell rings signaling the end of lunch. I didn’t think it was possible but the last few classes seemed to go faster than the first few.

“It will be okay,” Brett says loud enough for just me to hear with my wolf hearing. It is the last few minutes of class and my nerves have just been building up.

“How can you be so sure,” I whisper back.

“Because as long as we have each other we will be okay,” Brett say which makes me smile and effectively calms me down. The bell rings and we head to the field to wait for Connor. He shows up a minute or two after we did.

“So what do you want to ask?” he says stopping to stand in front of us. I look at Brett and he begins.

“We know your sister isn’t actually dead.”

“What are you talking about? My sister is dead.”

“Your lying, we can tell,” I speak up.

“How could you two possibly know if I was lying.”

“Because we can hear your heartbeat and we know what your heartbeat does when you lie. It was doing it a lot when we interviewed you and it did it now when you said your sister was dead.” Brett says not once breaking eye contact with Connor.

“You two are crazy I don’t have to deal with this.” he turns to walk away but Brett lets out a low menacing growl stopping Conor in his tracks. He turns around and drops the act.

“So you guys are werewolves and you Brett are the one I am supposed to turn into that pack.”

“How are you involved with my old pack?” he doesn’t speak for a minute but after Brett growls again he starts to talk.

“My family was on a camping trip and somehow my sister and I stumbled onto their village in the woods and saw them shifting. My sister screamed and that caught their attention. My parents came running but the Alpha already had a tight grip on both me and my sister. They begged for them to let us go; they wouldn’t; it took days and then they came to my parents to make a deal. They would release me and we would move around to try and find you. They pointed us in a direction and we left. They said once we found you if we ever found you that we were to report it to them and once they captured you they would release my sister. But I think they already killed her and will kill the rest of us once they get you because we know their secret.”

“Who is the alpha?”

“He never said his name but he was probably in his early 20s with red eyes and everything. What did you do to get the pack upset with you anyway?”

“Packs, there are two packs there, one is my old one and the other I don’t know. My old pack hates me because they think I killed my father because of what some prophecy said but I didn’t they just wouldn’t listen to me.”

“Would they actually hurt my sister? Do you think she is still alive?”

“Were not sure yet but we wrote a trusted friend in Brett’s old pack last night asking if he knew anything about her so we will find out soon,” I say speaking for the first time since Connor dropped his act.

“So are you going to tell my pack now that you know for sure that I am who you were sent to find?” Brett asks

“I should tell them but I can’t not when I don’t know if my sister is alright, plus like I said yesterday you two are the only people in this town that seem to care about me and want to actually be friends with me.”

“We promise that when we learn anything about your sister we will let you know.”

“Thanks but it better be quick we got a letter this morning from your old pack and it said that if we don’t get word to them in the next month they will have us move again.”

“And then you will be further away from your sister,” I say the words he couldn’t bring himself to say.

“Yeah, and it will be more likely that she will be dead because I don’t know how long they will be able to stand having a human around the pack.”

“We should know something within a week hopefully,” Brett speaks. “Just don’t let your parents know about us or anyone for that matter nobody else knows what we are.”

“What about your parents,” He turns to me.

“Oh, my parents are human I wasn’t a born werewolf.”

“You bit her?” Connor asks this time turning to Brett.

“Yes but I am glad I did.” He says smiling at me and taking my hand.

“Me too,” I added looking back at Brett and smiling.

“But if you get word that my sister is okay what are you going to do about it.”

“We can’t do much just being two wolves we can’t go up against a whole pack especially if my old one joined another pack to have an actual alpha,” Brett says.

“But we will try to find a way to rescue her,” I say.

“Well thank you for helping or at least trying to, I should get going now before my parents come down here and find me talking to the wolf I am supposed to be turning in.”

“Okay well, we will see you at school tomorrow then.”

“See ya,” he says walking away.

“Was he lying?” I ask Brett as soon as Connor is out of earshot.

“He was telling the truth,” Brett says as we watch Connor disappear around the corner of the school building.

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