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She's Safe

“Do you think we will be able to rescue his sister if she is still alive?” I ask as we begin walking to my house to do our homework.

“I have no idea. Especially because most packs dislike humans and most of the time when a human knows about them they either kill them or turn them though most of the time they are killed to keep the bloodline as pure as possible.”

“So she is either dead because she is a human who knows about them, was turned into a wolf, or she is still fine.”

“Should we tell Connor that?”

“I don’t think so at least not yet. I say we should wait to see what Arthur has to say. Maybe he will be able to tell us something about her condition.”

" Do you think that we can trust Connor?”

“We have to know our secret and who I am. He could turn us in and put us in danger or reveal our secret. But the fact that he hasn’t told his parents is good news.”

“And you are positive he wasn’t lying.”

“Are you doubting my ability to listen for a simple heartbeat?”

“No, I am just curious as to how it is done. I mean I like to think that I have gotten pretty good at using my werewolf abilities but I have never been able to hear someone’s heartbeat before.”

“I can help you with that if you would like. In fact, while we wait for a reply from Arthur I can give you werewolf lessons. Teach you about abilities we have, more history if you’d like, as well as what is known about other supernatural creatures.”

“Really, you would basically run a werewolf school for me?”

“Yeah. And with this looming threat, I could also teach you some survival skills like more fighting training and hunting in both forms that is.”

“Alright I am in this sounds way better than normal school.” We decided to run the rest of the way to my house to get the homework done before heading to the den for my werewolf 101 lessons. And for the next week that is our routine after school and on the weekend, we spent some more time doing werewolf school. It was a good thing that my parents are still out of the state as this schedule we have made would be hard to explain to them.

It had been a little over a week since we sent the letter to Arthur. When Brett and I get back to my place that Wednesday after school I check the mailbox right away like I did the day before. There was some junk mail but then there was a letter addressed to me with a wolf sketch on it. I sniffed it to make sure and I could smell a wolf on it. I rushed inside to Brett who had taken our bags into the dining room where we do our homework together.

“It’s here,” I say to him the second I open the door.

“Arthur’s response?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure.” He comes to stand by me as I open the envelope and take out the letter that was neatly folded in it.

Dear Brett and Erica,

I do not hear much of the pack’s feelings and actions when you are involved, Brett as they know how close we are. I did, however, ask around discreetly and I heard about a human girl that was taken from around a nearby campsite. I also heard about a human family that they sent after you and are using the girl as a bargaining chip to get to you. But I fear I may have some bad news, I have heard whispers about the Alpha of the pack we united with being very fond of her maybe even to the point of being mates but he would have to turn her into a wolf for the mating ceremony to be considered. But I hope that if the Alpha is fond of her that she will be safe here. I would be careful around that boy and his family even if the boy is on your side his parents won’t be. I will keep you informed of any changes I find out. Stay alert stay safe and I hope so see you again Brett and I hope to meet you one day Erica.

Sincerely Arthur

“So she is safe?” I question after reading the letter.

“For now hopefully but I’m worried that if the alpha turns her what will Connor and his family do. If she turns and goes through with the ceremony they can’t keep her away from him it could kill them both. But if they see her as a monster or hurt her feelings in any way that could anger the alpha.”

“What should we tell Connor he will want to know and we said we would tell him, what do we tell him?” I ask as I put the letter down.

“We tell him that she is alive and that she is safe.” We both remain silent for a few minutes taking in what the note said.

“If she does get turned do you think Connor will be angry and blame us?”

“I wish I knew I would hope he would understand that there is nothing we can really do especially if she is his mate because if he loses her even if she doesn’t die and she just goes away he would be broken angry his wolf instincts would be likely to lash out and that could be bad for a lot of people especially if he decides to hunt her down and take her back with him.”

“Well, it looks like we are going to be having another talk with Connor at school tomorrow.” We sit down and try to put this out of our minds for now as we do our homework. The next day at school we watch for Connor to walk in. the second he is inside he approaches us.

“Any news on my sister? It has been over a week,” he asks, sounding worried.

“We got a letter yesterday,” I tell him.

“What did it say?” he asks, seeming almost scared to hear the answer.

“She is Alive and she is safe,” I say as reassuring as I possibly can.

“Well, then how are we going to rescue her?”

“What do you mean?” Brett speaks up.

“We need to save her before she isn’t safe anymore.”

“We are just two wolves, we can’t do anything, not against two packs.”

“I can help,” Connor says hopefully.

“No offense Connor but how are you a Human going to help us defeat a pack of werewolves. You’re a human they wouldn’t hesitate to kill you. And we can’t do anything because they would be able to smell me coming from miles away and would likely kill me before we even got close to their village And Erica is still learning how to fight.”

“So what am I supposed to do just sit here while they have my sister and could do who knows what to her at any minute!”

“We don’t think they will do anything to hurt her,” I say stopping Brett from saying whatever it was he was thinking.

“How can you be so sure?”

“We have reason to believe that the alpha is quite fond of your sister; he wouldn’t let anyone hurt her.”

“He better not touch her in any way--” Whatever else he was going to say gets cut off by Brett speaking once again.

“He wouldn’t do anything she doesn’t want him to, not if he really cares for her like we believe he does.”

“So Esther really is safe?”

“Yes she is, and she has a beautiful name,” I say just as the bell rings signaling that it was time to get to our first period. “See you at lunch Connor,” I say as Brett and I turn to head to our first class.

“See you then,” Connor says heading to his class. The rest of the day goes on as normal with no more talk about Connor’s sister Esther as we learned her name is. We head back to my place to do homework as usual after school finishes.

“When is the next full moon?” I question not looking up from the papers in front of me.

“Sunday. You should start feeling the pull of the moon Saturday morning if not Friday night. Your parents come home next week right?”

“Yeah, not exactly sure when they haven’t been specific with details usually when they call or text it is a hey how was your day, we love you and miss you, type of conversation. I think they don’t want to tell me to surprise me when they get back.”

“Well, are you excited for them to get back?”

“Yes, but I also like having the house to myself and not having to lie to them about what I am doing or where I am going. Especially when I will have to be coming up with excuses for the full moon.”

“You know you could tell your parents what you are.”

“I know I just don’t want them seeing you in a bad way or to think I am a monster or even crazy when I start talking about werewolves.”

“I understand if you ever want to tell them just let me know and I will help you because you won’t have to go through that alone.”

“You would do that for me?”

“Of course, I really care about you and you would do the same for me if our roles were reversed.” I don’t say anything instead I lean over to him and lay a kiss on his lips which he generously returns.

“Thank you,” I say after we separate. He just places another kiss on my lips as his response before we go back to doing our homework for the day.

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