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Full Moon Worries

“So what are you going to tell your parents tonight for the full moon?” Brett asks as we start walking back to my house.

“I was thinking that I would probably tell them that I am really tired and that I would head to bed early then I would lock my door and climb out my window.”

“Still don’t want to tell them the truth.”

“No, I don’t know what I would say and I don’t want them to think ill of you because you were the one who turned me and pulled me into what is going on with your pack and everything.”

“Fair enough. Shall we get some lunch?”

“We shall,” I say before shifting and running deeper into the woods followed closely by Brett. We ended up each catching a rabbit to eat, and though when I first turned I was not too sure about hunting and eating raw animal meat. But over the past month, I had grown used to it plus it was a part of nature. After we finish eating we start making our way closer to my house. At the edge of the woods, we shift back into our human forms.

“Make sure you get out before it gets too late otherwise you won’t be able to control it and you will shift no matter what.”

“I know Brett, I will meet you at the den with plenty of time to spare.” I give him a kiss on the cheek before heading inside. When I get inside I join my parents in the living room and watch tv. As it gets closer to moonrise I get ancy which my parents notice as I can hardly sit still while we watch tv and while we eat dinner.

“Erica are you alright?” my mom is the one who brings it up.

“Yeah, I’m fine just trying to move so I don’t fall asleep. I still have to do a little bit of homework before heading to bed.” I say after covering up a yawn that was totally fake.

“Well then maybe you should do your homework on the table down here after we finish clearing dinner away. So you are not in your room where you will be more tempted to fall asleep before you finish.” my dad suggested which I was not expecting but before I could say anything in reply my mom speaks up.

“That sounds like a good idea. Erica after dinner go up and get your homework and you can finish it at the table.” I was about to object but the look my parents gave me told me that any attempt would be futile.

“Okay sounds good,” I say even though doing homework was a complete lie. After everything is cleaned up I head upstairs and grab a random notebook and binder so It would look like I was doing my homework to my parents. After about half an hour I decided that it was time to head to my room to sneak out. “Well, I am going to head to bed now that my homework is done. I close the notebook and binder and go to head upstairs.

“Oh, why don’t you stay to watch some tv with us for a while.” My mom calls from the living room.

“I should probably get to bed with it being a school night, I wouldn’t want to be too tired when I go to school tomorrow.”

“But it is only 7:30 Erica I am sure you will be fine if you stay up for at least another hour. Plus since when do you go to bed before 10?” I know that with my mom saying that, I knew that I would have no choice but to stay down for a little while.

“Okay I am just going to bring my work upstairs for a minute and then I will be right back down.” I run up the stairs before I could hear any reply from my parents. When I make it up to my room I grab my phone out of my pocket to see a text from Brett.

Brett: you have about an hour and 10 minutes until moonrise

Erica: I will be there on time, I promise

I quickly reply before heading back down to join my parents in the living room. It was hard to not show that I wasn’t tired at all as I was just ready to be running through the woods with Brett. As the show came to an end I tried not to completely run up the stairs.

“Oh Erica, your father and I may not be home when you get up for school in the morning as we start work tomorrow.” my mom says before I could make it to the stairs.

“Okay well, good luck with your first day of work If I don’t see you before you leave.” I head up the stairs before anything more can be said. I close the door and make sure it is locked before heading over to the window and opening it. I throw my shoes on and as quietly as I can I climb out of the window and onto the roof. Lucky for me my room was on the opposite side of the living room so my parents wouldn’t see me jumping down. When I get onto the ground I run to the woods and shift and take off in the direction of the den.

When I got there the moon had already risen and Brett in his wolf form was waiting for me at the entrance to the den. Luckily for me, we couldn’t talk until the morning so I didn’t have to explain why I am just now getting to the den. Even in his wolf form Brett was giving me a questioning look but I jumped on him and his mood changed instantly.

We spent the night messing around and play-fighting. At some point, we ended up at the lake that is deep in the woods and went for a little bit of a swim before heading back to the den to get some sleep. Brett laid down first and I curled into him and used him as a pillow. ′Mine’ I heard my wolf whisper to me as I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning I am woken up by the alarm I had set on my phone going off. And similar to the last full moon I was curled up against Brett using his shoulder as a pillow with a hand on his chest. But this time he had an arm around me holding me close to him and his other hand was on top of my hand that was on his chest.

“Morning,” Brett says kissing the top of my head.

“Morning.” I look up at him and place my lips on his. After a minute of still laying together kissing with my alarm going off Brett broke the kiss.

“We should probably get up don’t want to be late for school.”

“Yeah probably.” I give him another kiss before getting up and turning my alarm off and heading out of the den. “I will see you at school in a little while,” I say before shifting and running to my house. When I come to the edge of the woods I look for my parent’s car in the driveway. Thankfully it is gone like they said last night so I wouldn’t have to try and climb up to my window. I head in the front door and quickly go and shower before getting dressed and grabbing a quick breakfast. I grab the things I would need for the day and Head back out shifting once I got to the woods to get to school faster. When I get to school Brett is waiting outside the door as usual.

“So what took you so long last night?” Brett asks when I reach him.

“My parents made me do homework at the kitchen table and then after that, they made me watch an hour-long show with them before I was able to get up to my room. Apparently me saying I was tired wasn’t a good excuse to go up to bed.”

“Well, then you should work on your excuses since you aren’t going to tell your parents anytime soon.”

“I know.” The day goes by normally except for the fact that Connor did not appear to be at school today which had both Brett and myself a little worried.

“Why wasn’t Connor at school?” I ask as we walk to the den.

“I don’t know I mean he is human, maybe he got sick and wasn’t able to come in today,” Brett suggests trying to calm me down.

“But he was perfectly fine when we saw him yesterday. Not a hint of him being sick.”

“Maybe it came on suddenly.”

“Or maybe he told his parents about us and they kept him from coming to school to warn us that they are getting in contact with your old pack.” I can feel my fangs and claws starting to appear as we reach the den.

“Calm down Erica no need to jump to the extreme. If he is gone again tomorrow then something may be up but until tomorrow lets just hope that he wasn’t feeling good.” He puts his hand to my cheek to help calm me down as I could feel that I was on the verge of shifting.

“Your right, maybe he is just sick and didn’t tell his parents about us, I am just scared I don’t really want to leave my family but I will not lose you either,” I say as tears threaten to fall.

“I know how you feel Erica and I don’t want to lose you either but we don’t have to think about that just yet.” A tear manages to slip down my cheek only for it to be wiped away by Brett. “We will be okay. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

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