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Brett wastes no time in opening the letter.

Dear Brett and Erica,

You may be wondering why I hand-delivered this message to you, and that is because I felt this information needed to be known faster than the mail could deliver. The girl you told me about is indeed the alpha’s mate and there are plans for the mate bond to be fully consummated. But the good news is that it seems the alpha has lost interest in hunting you down much to the dismay of your mother. And though the alpha is not backing your mother I fear she may start gathering wolves from the packs to find you if they were to receive word from the family that they sent there. I wish I could have stayed but I didn’t want any important members of the pack to realize that I was gone. I suppose we will meet another day Erica. As always I will let you know of any changes, stay safe, and watch your backs.


“That’s not good if Connor’s parents really sent a letter we don’t have much time before your pack will be here,” I say as Brett puts the letter down and goes to sit down.

“Possibly but we do have some time the letter will take a few days yet to get there and if the alpha isn’t after us then he may not do anything about the letter right away. And depending on how fast the pack moves it will take a day or two to get here. So we have at least a week if not longer to figure something out.” I sit next to Brett and lay my head on his shoulder, I can hear my wolf trying to say something but I don’t listen as my thoughts are on Brett’s former pack and everything that is going on.

“I feel like we should tell Connor that his sister is the Alpha’s mate but I doubt he will be at school and it would be too risky to go to his place wouldn’t it.”

“Yeah and I don’t even know if going to school would be a good thing until we know if we are safe or not.”

“Well I can’t skip school because then the school would call my parents and that would not end well.”

“That is a good point. I guess for now we just act as if nothing is wrong until we figure out what we are going to do.”

“Well if we are going to act as if everything is normal we should get to working on our homework, plus I could use a distraction.” We do our homework for about an hour and a half before we finish and Brett walks me back to my house. The next day at school like we figured Connor wasn’t there.

“I hope Connor is okay, and his parents didn’t find out about him coming to warn us.”

“Me too. I know he is the reason we may have to leave but it wasn’t his fault that his parents beat the information out of him. I wish there was a way that we could help him. He doesn’t deserve this.” We make it to the den and Brett sets down his backpack and goes to the back of the den and grabs a bigger hiking backpack.

“What are you doing?”

“Packing some things away just in case we have to run. It will help to have stuff packed so we can get moving faster. And you might want to think about doing that too.” I am silent for a minute as I realize that this is actually happening and I am more than likely going to have to leave my family and never see them again. “That is unless you have changed your mind about coming with me.”

“No I have not changed my mind. We are a pack, we are in this together through the highs and the lows. I will get a go-bag ready later but unless we are leaving tomorrow we should do the little bit of homework we have.” We sit down for a while to do the homework before Brett walks with me back to my house before heading back to the den to continue packing away a few things. When I get home my mom informs me that dinner will be ready in around a half an hour. I head up to my room and drop my backpack down by my bed before I go over to the hall closet that is used as storage. I grab one of the bigger backpacks that we have in there and bring it back to my room and begin to put a few things in it. A while later my mom calls up to me for dinner.

As I have a lot on my mind, dinner is pretty quiet except for a few things my parents say to each other that I pay no attention to. My mind is on whether I should tell my parents about everything or not. Part of me thinks I should tell them but the other part says they will keep me from going with Brett and my wolf and I won’t allow that to happen. After supper I put the go-bag into my closet so my parents don’t see it and ask questions. The next few days go by normally we go to school, do homework at the den and then Brett walks me home. He stayed for dinner a few nights under prompting from my parents. Friday night after Brett had stayed for dinner I could tell something was bothering him.

“Are you alright? You seem a little more bothered than normal.” I ask him as we walk to the edge of the woods.

“I think so just I feel like everything has been fine since we found out that Connor’s parents sent word to my former pack and I am just worried that--”

“That we are in the calm before the storm.”

“Yeah, but maybe everything is okay. Maybe Alpha got the letter but hasn’t shown it to my mother yet and maybe he is not going to but we may not know until it is too late.”

“I get that but let’s try not to think about it. But you are picking me up at my place tomorrow and then we are going to hang out at the den and we should go to the lake that is deep in the woods. I have only seen it as a wolf. It would be nice to see it as a human especially if we may not be here for long.”

“Alright we can go to the lake tomorrow, I will see you at 10.” We share a quick kiss before he takes off into the woods. I smile as I watch him go ‘mine’. I hear my wolf say I feel it has said it before so I can’t help but wonder what that means but I put that thought aside and go back inside.

Brett’s POV

I was in the den soon after catching and eating a squirrel for a little breakfast before going to get Erica. It was then I heard the snap of a twig at the entrance. I look up and see Arthur standing there looking out of breath.

“Arthur what are you doing here are you okay?”

“I am afraid I may have some bad news for you?”

“What is it?”

“your mother found the letter from the human family and was very angry she went to members of both packs to get them to come with her to find you. she managed to get all of your old pack and several members of the other pack to work with her. when I heard about this I came to warn you.”

“do you know if she is on her way here now.”

“I am not sure it is very likely but I probably shouldn’t have come here they probably noticed I was missing. I may have the ability to mask my scent but someone is bound to figure it out and be able to track me to you. You should leave here.”

“I can’t leave yet there is something here that is very important to me that I will never leave as long as I live.”

“Your mate I am guessing take her with you bring her here and I will do the ceremony for you and then you can run away and be safe together.”

“she has human family here and I am not sure she is ready to leave them and I haven’t told her about us being mates yet I don’t know how she will react and I don’t want to lose her.”

“I understand losing your mate can be painful but if you want me to do the ceremony you’re going to have to do it soon before the pack finds you I won’t survive much longer I am an old wolf with rising health issues I won’t be around much longer and probably won’t be able to find you again if I do live.”

“I understand I will talk to my mate and see if she would be willing to do it maybe later today or tomorrow and then we will leave here.”

“Your mate?” Erica’s voice interrupts before Arthur can say anything.

“Erica, what are you doing here now I was going to go get you.”

“You were late I thought I would come to make sure you were okay. but apparently you are more than fine you found your mate and never told me. how could you date me when you have found your mate, how long were you gonna drag it on with me, or were you just going to leave without me.”

“It is not what you think Erica please let me explain.”

“Are you sure I have heard you talking about your mate with him for a few minutes, not once did you say my name.”

“Erica please will you just let me explain,” I say reaching out to her as I took a step in her direction.

“Don’t,” she says putting her hands up in front of her.

“Erica please.” she doesn’t say anything she just shakes her head taking a few slow steps back.

“I don’t want to talk to you Brett. I need some space and I am pretty sure we are over.” she shifts and takes off back in the direction of her house. As I watched her go I felt a pain in my chest. It was an extreme pain that made it feel as if my heart was being torn into pieces.

“That was your Mate I take it.”

“Yes and I have lost her. I feel our bond weakening.”

“You need to go after her if you let the bond break it may never be able to be repaired and you will die.”

“She said she needed space Arthur, humans are different than us she needs space and I should respect that.”

“I don’t think that she really means that. If her family is who I think it could be that she is descended from one of the original wolves who had a human mate and survived so the wolf may not always be dominant in the offspring but it is still there. So I think she had the wolf gene it just wasn’t active until you bit her so she is wolf she has our instincts and our feelings she may just be acting human because that was how she was raised.”

“You really think she wants me to go after her?”

“Yes though she may not know it, go do it soon the pack is coming I can feel it.”

“Okay Stay here Arthur and stay safe.” I quickly run jumping and shifting in midair to get more speed when I start running when I land.

Erica would probably already be in her house before I would get there as she over the time she has been a wolf has become fast almost as fast as me so I knew I wouldn’t be able to catch up with her. I reach her house in a matter of a few minutes and shift into human form. Her parents’ cars are not in the driveway so I know they are not home. I go to the back door as they always leave it unlocked but Erica was smart and locked it. I walked around the house in hopes of finding another way in but I figured it wouldn’t produce results but then I saw an open window Erica’s window to be exact and she never leaves her window open. I swiftly climbed up and into the window Erica was sitting on her bed facing away from the window but I knew she knew I was there.

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