A Wolves World

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Don't Go

Brett’s POV

After we reach the hospital I suggest that I meet her here to walk her home she agreed but I would have to be there on time otherwise she would walk without me. I can tell she knows something is off with me so I have to be careful with what I say I have to ease her into this. Maybe I should have asked before biting her but she seemed broken and she did say she wished she could be like the wolf, which meant biting her, so I did the right thing.

I walk a distance from the hospital and shift to catch some breakfast usually an unsuspecting squirrel or rabbit. I don’t buy things from the store as I don’t have much money and all I really need is meat and water as I live quite a bit of my day as a wolf. After enjoying some squirrel I walk to the lake it is pretty deep in the woods where nobody ever goes so I get it all to myself well and other animals.

Still, in my wolf form, I walk into the water as far as I can and then swim around a little to wash some dirt and possibly dried blood off of my fur. After a while, I climb out and shake off some water to start drying off before heading back to my den. In the den, I have some blankets and pillows and then a pile of school stuff for when I start after winter break. When I get to the den I lay down on the blankets to sit and dry.

In no time the day turned tonight and it was time to go meet Erica to walk her home. Looking at my phone It was 9:50 and If Erica would get out at 10 there would be no way I would make it in human form even if I use my speed so I shifted to my wolf and ran as fast as I could stopping far enough away where no one would see me shift into human form and walk the rest of the way to meet up with Erica.

Erica’s POV

It was getting late and because I told Brett 10 I decided to be out by 10. I stopped at the edge of the woods for a minute to look around because the path did come out in different spots but I didn’t see him at any of those so I decided to go without him as I had warned him. As I start walking I hear a noise a few feet in front of me but then a familiar scent hits me and I calmed down immediately because a few seconds later Brett appeared in front of me.

“Hey sorry I am a little late almost took the wrong path,” he tells me although I am not sure if that is true.

“No worries I didn’t get that far.” we walk along the path to my house and talk about random things I try to get him to say something that will give me any idea as to what is different about him but nothing I ask him seems to help. We finally get to my house and again I am about to say goodbye he speaks the words I was about to say falling silent on my lips.

“Erica, not tomorrow but the day after don’t go to the hospital to volunteer.”


“There is something I need to tell and show you.”

“Then do it now.”

“It would be better to wait until then.”

“But they are expecting me I can’t just not show up without a good reason .”

“Please just don’t go wait by your house that morning and I will show you everything.”

“What do you mean by everything?”

“I know that you can tell there is something off with me and I want to explain it then.” I stay quiet I do want to know what Is weird about Brett but then again I love volunteering and I can’t skip a whole day. “I know you love volunteering but could you at least think about it,” He asks as if hearing my thoughts.

“Fine I will think about it but no promises, I mean you are just a random stranger I met in the woods.”

“Fair enough, but for now all I ask is that you think about it.” We go our separate ways and once I get inside I do my nightly routine and then go to bed. In the morning I wake up groggy and can feel the start of a headache “Today will be a great day” I say to myself sarcasm dripping from my words.

I get ready and head out surprisingly I’m not bombarded by Brett walking through the woods this morning which I somewhat wanted and was somewhat looking forward to for some odd reason.

After a few minutes of walking, I heard a twig snap from behind me, figuring it was Brett I turned around and looked for him but I didn’t see him. I didn’t see anyone for that matter so I kept walking to the hospital. As I was walking I got the feeling I was being watched so every once in a while I would turn around and look for any sign of someone being there but no one ever was. When I was closer to the hospital is when I noticed it, the wolf, several feet behind me and to my right side.

I froze in my tracks just like the first time I had seen the wolf, I was unsure if it would attack me this time and deal more damage than just a bite on the arm before leaving me for dead or eating me, I couldn't decide which would be a worse fate. It walked around me so it was now in front of me blocking my path to the hospital. So like last time I decided to speak to it.

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