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Watching From the Woods

Brett’s POV

Tomorrow is the full moon and it will be Erica’s first and the first shift is always the worst and it starts affecting you sooner so today will be bad but tomorrow even worse so just to make sure she was okay so in wolf form, I walked close enough to her but not for her to see me.

But as we got closer to the hospital the trees got thinner and she got paranoid so she was constantly looking around as if she was going to be attacked. But this time when she turned around she saw me and froze just like when she first had seen me. I walk around so I am now in front of her

“Hey, wolf we meet again.” ‘yeah actually for the fourth time’ I think.

“I don’t want you to attack me but I have to get past you.” ‘yeah, I know just checking on you.’ I sniff her a little she doesn’t seem to have much of anything affecting her yet but just to be sure I circle her seeing nothing wrong and not sensing anything I walk off letting her go on without trouble.

I know it was risky to follow her as my wolf but I am trying to hint something to her to see if she gets the idea before tomorrow, because if she is at the hospital tomorrow like she so far has planned to be she has a greater chance of shifting if something sets her off.

Tonight I have decided to visit her as the wolf and then walk off and shift back to human form and run into her in hopes that she will put 2 and 2 together and help me so she will decide not to go tomorrow.

I spend my day near the hospital out of sight of people walking to and from cars just in case she needs me or anything. I find it fun watching people as they are all so much like me but yet so different that is one of the reasons I approached Erica that first night in the woods.

Later that night I smell Erica making her way this way an hour or so earlier than normal which means she must be feeling the effects of tomorrow’s full moon. I hop up onto all fours and watch Erica as she walks into the woods not too far from where I was standing. I waited until she got further into the woods then walked alongside her to her right several feet away and progressively got closer until she noticed.

“You again. Listen here Mr. wolf I don’t have time for this I have a horrible headache. So if you would just run off.” she continues to walk and I walk with her since I now know that she is being affected by the pull of the moon. “Why are you walking with me you are not planning on biting me again are you, because I will tell you what I already healed from that somehow.” I look at her as she speaks and when she finishes I somewhat shake my head. “You can understand me, can’t you?” I look at her but don’t react to much at her question. “Fine you don’t have to answer I can tell you understand.”

We walk in silence for a few minutes until I decide this would be the best time for me to run off and shift to meet up with her as a human. I take off deeper into the woods where she is not likely to see me until I want her to. As I go off I hear her call after me.
“You are such a weird wolf you know that.” I get far enough away and shifted to human form and then headed back in the direction that I had come from.

Erica’s POV

After talking to the wolf I realized it was responding to me like it understood what I was saying but it seemed to back off when I noticed it and a minute later it ran off.

“You are such a weird wolf you know that,” I called after it but continued walking back home. A minute or two later I heard noises that sounded like twigs snapping and a minute later Brett emerged from the trees.

“Hey,” he says coming to walk alongside me.

“Hey, did you see the wolf it went that way just a few minutes ago.”

“No must have snuck past me or went a different way. But I am guessing you had another encounter with this black wolf.”

“Yeah, but how did you know it was black I don’t think I ever told you what it looked like?”

“Just a guess and I have always wanted to see a black wolf.”

“Ahh, well even if you see this wolf you won’t see a black wolf this one has some white to it as well.”

“Sounds like a beautiful wolf.”

“It is stunning, and it seems to understand me when I talk to it.” I turn to look at Brett to gauge his reaction when I say that I think I can talk to animals and either the shadow from the night was on his face weirdly or he was blushing a little, but why would he be blushing? It’s weird. Something else for me to figure out about this boy.

“How do you always seem to know right where I am? It’s kinda creepy.”

“I am just walking around and I happen to walk along the path right as you are just a coincidence, a lot of coincidences,” he replies as if he had been rehearsing the answer.

“Really? Somehow I don’t believe that.”

“What, do you think I watch you all the time?”

“Not necessarily but it is weird and creepy that you always end up finding me it makes it seem like you live in the woods.” he stays silent and seems to close off at that question. Although I don’t question anything as he seems like he doesn’t want to talk about it so I respect that.

“Why can’t you show me what you want to show me now then It won’t matter if I go tomorrow.”

“On the contrary, it will matter but this thing I have to show you it is better if you see it in the light and it takes a lot of walking to get there.”

“Maybe another day then the kids love hanging out with me they aren’t judgemental. They like me.”

“I like you.” I turn slightly to look at him and give him a questioning look. “oh sorry I mean I like you as a person a friend I didn’t mean it like that, sorry if I made that awkward.”

“It’s okay. but I really want to go tomorrow they are expecting me like every day over break.”

“I guess I understand but just watch out for yourself tomorrow stay calm.”

“Why are you saying that, do you know something I don’t?”

“It is the full moon tomorrow.”


“That is when all of the lunatics come out.”

“You are weird much like that wolf.”

“Maybe it is because we both spend too much time in these woods. If you keep using the woods as a shortcut you may become one of us.” as he says that we emerge into the clearing where my house sits.

“Well, maybe I will see you tomorrow.”

“Maybe.” I walk a few feet to my house but when I turn to say by to Brett he is gone without making a sound.

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