A Wolves World

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I'm a Werewolf

Erica’s POV

The next morning I feel sluggish and a headache coming on but I get up and out of bed and walk over to my bathroom and grab some ibuprofen. After taking the ibuprofen I Head to the kitchen to grab a travel cup and fill it up with coffee because as my mom would say when in doubt coffee.

I get dressed and head out the door half expecting Brett to be there to try and convince me one more time but to my surprise, he is not. I continue my walk as I do I start to feel worse but I shake the feeling off as it is probably because I rarely get coffee in the morning before starting my walk to the hospital.

As I went through the first several hours my headache just got worse and became extremely painful to the point where it felt like my head was about to explode. By lunch, I couldn’t take it anymore so I let the head of the volunteer program that I wasn’t feeling good so I was going to go home. As I left the building I got hit harder and it seemed to become 10 times worse so I walked to the woods stumbling a little as I walked.

Brett’s POV

The next day I followed Erica to the hospital to watch out for her she seemed to be getting affected by the moon slightly already and I knew it would only get worse so again today I stayed near the hospital and just as I was about to go catch something for lunch I caught Erica’s scent heading this way so I waited for her to come into the woods and as she did she was stumbling and about fell a few times. I shifted to human form and walked to her and I got there just in time because she tripped over a log and was about to fall flat on her face when I caught her.

“Brett what are you doing here?” she sounded as if she was in a lot of pain.

“I will tell you I promise you that but you need to come with me first you are not well.”

“Take me to my house.”

“My place is closer and it will be easier to tell you there.” she nods and I pick her up and carry her to my den placing her on her own feet at the entrance.

“I thought you were taking me to your place.”

“This is my place.”

“But it is a cave.”

“I prefer to call it a den but sure.”

“Now what is going...ahh” she cries out in pain so I gently grab her arm and take a deep breath and focus on what I want to do take away some of the pain. A few seconds later the pain was leaving her body and coming into mine and disappearing.

“Your eyes they turned red my pain is gone what did you do- how did you- what are you?” she stands up from the rock I had sat her down on and backs away from me.

“Erica it is okay I am not going to hurt you, I took your pain didn’t I”

“Then tell me what is going on.”

“The thing is Erica that wolf that you have seen around the woods the past several days.”

“What about it.”

“I am that wolf.”

“Don’t turn this into a joke Brett tell me the truth.”

“I am telling you the truth. I am a werewolf.”

“Seriously Brett stop messing around!”

“I’m not lying just watch.” she doesn’t respond so I take this as my chance and shift to my wolf. I look up at Erica she is standing still looking like she was in shock before she could run or do anything I shifted back.

“I told you I wasn’t lying.”

“But if you are a werewolf and the wolf that bit me does that mean...”

“Yeah, it does. That is why you are experiencing this it is the full moon tonight your first and the first is always the worst.”

“Holy. is that why you didn’t want me to go today.”

“Yes I was going to tell you this and everything today we would have more time to explain everything but now I don’t because after the sun is down we will shift for the night and won’t shift back till morning.”

“Tell me as much as you can then.”

“Well, there are many other supernatural creatures out there for starters. Werewolves can be made I guess you could say by either being a born werewolf of being bitten by an alpha. I was a born werewolf the son of an alpha.”

“So if you were the son of an alpha does that automatically make you an alpha?”

“Nice that you realized I was an alpha but no it doesn’t.”

“Then how do you become an alpha.”

“You either kill the alpha or the alpha dies and passes on its Alpha power to one of his descendants.”

“So your dad died.”

“Yeah but I bet my pack thinks I killed him.”

“Why would they think that.”

“There was a legend that my pack believed in.”

“What did it say.”

“Long story short that the son of the alpha would grow power hungry and kill his father for his power and become a merciless leader and killer. So when my father died suddenly due to illness and my pack saw that I had become Alpha they abandoned me so I left.”

“So you became an Alpha without a pack.”

“And became vulnerable to attack from other packs or rogues.”

“Oh, how were you able to take away my pain and why were your eyes red.”

“Well werewolves have more powers other than just shifting into a wolf we have superhuman strength, speed, hearing, smell, and we can take people’s pain away if you have been taught how to we also heal super fast hence why the spot where I bit you is already healed.”


“As for the eyes there are three colors and each represents something. Red for Alpha, yellow for most everybody and icy blue for if you have taken an innocent life.”

“So mine will be yellow. And yours are red to show that you are an alpha.”


“Okay, what else do I need to know?”

“There is a lot you need to know but I am going to try and teach you how to control it so when you go through your day you have less of a chance to shift.”

“So I could shift at any moment.”

“Well, when someone angers you yes.”

“Is there a way to get around shifting on a full moon.”

“Yes but it takes a lot of work and a lot of control and practice and patience because it is hard to do and only the most advanced wolves can do it and mainly only Alphas can learn but the pack didn’t want me to I have been working on it but it hasn’t worked yet.”

The next several hours I try to teach Erica how to control her wolf without having her shift and I teach her how to take away pain and about our other powers and in no time the sun is starting to set.

“I have one question for you before we turn.”


“Why aren’t you freaking out about everything you just found out that supernatural creatures exist and that you are one now.”

“Well I guess I have always wanted to be a supernatural creature of some sort, and I guess since the day you bit me I have felt different and when I met you I thought you were different and weird and I guess this explains it.”

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