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The Full Moon

Erica’s POV

When I left I went to walk home through the woods I tripped over a log but was caught by Brett he said he was going to explain things, he then took me to his place which was a cave in the woods or as he called it a den what human lives in a cave in the woods.

Then he grabs hold of my hand and makes the pain I was experiencing go away for awhile he also tried to convince me that he was a werewolf and that he was the wolf who bit me. That’s’ not possible, is it? But then he shows me that it is and shifts to that black and white wolf.

He goes on to tell me everything he can about the full moon tonight the powers that werewolves have and he answers the questions that I have he also tries to help me control everything before the sun sets and we shift. A minute before we shift he speaks.

“Sorry in advance for the pain the first shift always hurts the most and takes the longest.” before I can respond to that I am falling to the forest floor in pain from the start of the shift I manage to cast a glance at Brett who is already a wolf and is sitting near me in case I need anything.

After an agonizing few minutes, I look to where my hand were and they were replaced with paws. I was a wolf. I look to Brett who was in a wolfish way smiling at me.

Brett’s POV

As I finished speaking I started shifting and It was soon over but for Erica, it would be longer and more painful in the middle of shifting she glanced over at me I felt bad for her for the extreme pain she was feeling I remember the first time I shifted when I turned 10 it was horrible. Back then I was just a little kid which made it ten times worse even though our whole life leading up to our first shift we are being prepared and do things to higher our pain tolerance.

I also felt bad that I didn’t have time to tell her that she wouldn’t remember anything from tonight one of the byproducts of being a bitten werewolf and not a born one. When she was fully shifted she looked down at her paws and then over to me and I was smiling in my wolf form because she was an all white wolf practically the opposite of me, she was beautiful.

I walk over to her as she hasn’t moved or done anything she seemed as if she was about to panic. I nudged her with my mussel which made her alert. I made a move that signaled for her to follow me and started running off I looked behind me to see her right on my tail quite literally. Once we got to the destination I stopped, I had led her to the lake that is deep in the woods I look at her to see what she thinks but as I turn something white runs past me and then there is movement in the water I turn to see that Erica was already in the water and happily swimming around.

We mess around in the water for a few minutes and then sit in a small clearing for a while to dry off. As time goes on I get hungry since I haven’t eaten since early this morning. Now being mostly dried off I lead Erica on a hunt where we catch a few rabbits. I was surprised by how fast Erica Learned how to hunt usually it takes bitten wolves a long time to learn It is as if she was born to be a wolf.

After our hunt, we take our catch back to the den and eat it leaving only little scraps of meat and the bones though I will have to clean that out in the morning. The rest of the night I try to teach Erica how to fight as a wolf in case we are attacked by another pack or a lone wolf.

Later I can tell that she is getting tired and is slowing down so we stop practice fighting and go into the den for the night. I lay on my side on a few of the blankets that are along the wall of the den and because there are not many places to lay in here yet Erica lays down next to me and soon is fast asleep.

Erica’s POV

I wake up not remembering that I had even Fallen Asleep to see I am in unfamiliar surroundings but then things from the day before come back to me although nothing from the night comes back to me. It was then I realized my head was resting on something hard but it was also moving up and down slowly breathing, Oh gosh I am using Brett as a pillow.

I slowly sit up to see how we were laying, he was flat on his back eyes closed yet still asleep looking peaceful. Looking around I notice that one of his arms was around me and from what it looked like I was curled into his side.

I sat all the way up trying not to disturb Brett’s still sleeping form but my attempt was futile as he moved slightly and opened his eyes. He sits up a little resting on his elbows and his eyes land on me sitting next to him.

“Morning,” he says groggily.

“Morning,” I say my voice is a mix of shyness and embarrassment.

“Everything okay?”

“Um yeah...” I start not wanting to ask the question I have been thinking about since I woke up not remembering last night as well as the position we are laying in.

“Something is wrong I can tell. What is it.”

“Uh well I don’t remember anything from last night I only remember seeing you as a wolf and then I don’t remember anything else.”

“That happens to bitten wolves nobody really knows why but they never remember the night of their first transformation almost like they were extremely drunk that night.”

“Okay..” I think processing what he said before continuing. ” We didn’t do anything as wolves did we?”

“What do you mean?”

“We didn’t you know... do anything last night.”

“Oh, that’s what you mean. No, we didn’t you were in your right mind last night you just don’t remember it. Even if you weren’t in your right mind I would never take advantage of anyone like that.”

“Okay good.” I breathe a sigh of relief

“Should I be offended by that.”

“Oh no it is nothing against you it just that-” he cuts me off

“I was joking I could tell what you meant.” he laughs as my cheeks turn a red prompting me to grab a pillow from behind me and swat him upside the head.

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