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Christmas is Coming

Erica’s POV

I don’t know what possessed me to do it but I invited Brett to family Christmas I mean I know he doesn’t have a family anymore but he is still practically a stranger I just was getting this feeling around him lately and I don’t know what that means.

To pass time until my parents get home we sit in the living room with the tv on but It is more just background noise as we talk and laugh and really just get to know each other better as we will be spending lots of time together for probably forever as I am now apart of his pack.

After a while, my parents pull into the driveway and Brett makes his leave though I said he could stay but when he pointed out that it would raise some unwanted questions. I wave goodbye as he takes his wolf form and runs off into the woods.

A minute late the front door opens and my parents walk through.

“Hey sweetie you’re home early, what is up with that?”

“I had come home early yesterday because I wasn’t feeling good and then I was still slightly under the weather today so I thought it would be best if I didn’t go in today.”

“I hope you are feeling better.”

“Yeah, I am feeling much better thanks for asking.”

“Well we got off early so we are home for the rest of the break.” my dad adds.

“Really you never get off early.”

“Dan don’t lie to her she deserves the truth.”

“What truth what are you talking about?” I say worry rising.

“Listen we have been going in a lot to try and keep the business up and running but today it has slipped and the business has to close down and we are now out of a job.”

“What after all these years you have put into it.”

“This is just a minor setback we are not in trouble yet but after Christmas, we will start looking for new jobs but until then we can spend some more time with you.”

“Well, that is the only plus about this. Oh, and can I invite someone to spend Christmas with us he doesn’t have a family to spend it with.”

“Oh, honey that would be wonderful the more the merrier.”

“Okay.” I quickly run up to my room before they can ask me more about who I invited and how I know him we really needed to get our story straight. I enter my room and lock the door open my window and Climb onto the roof and sit and look up at the sky. It was quite relaxing just sitting up there the slight winter breeze and the sun shining down on me I almost fell asleep until I heard a knock on the door of my room. I climb back in my window and walk over to the door and open it.

“Sweetheart I called you for supper a while ago did you hear me.” my mom says the second my door is opened.

“Sorry I had practically fallen asleep didn’t get to much sleep last night,” I say as I follow my mom downstairs to the dining room where we sit down and talk. It takes a lot for me to not talk about the last few days with Brett and what I have become, I don’t want to risk losing them not just yet.

“Is it okay if I go shopping tomorrow I need some new clothes and to get you guys your presents.”

“Yes of course just don’t go spending too much money on us.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t spend too much.” We finish eating and I take care of my dishes and then head up to my room and head to bed wondering what I should get a werewolf who lives in a cave all alone and was disowned by his old pack.

The next morning I wake up and head to the hospital for a little while until noon when the volunteer program is done until the day after Christmas. When leaving a scent hits me, I look over to see Brett standing in the woods looking at me. We make eye contact for a minute before Brett tears his eyes away and walks towards me.

“Hey,” he says as he reaches me


“What are you up to.”

“Just heading to go shopping for clothes and Christmas presents.”

“Well, then I might just have to catch you later.”

“Yeah, but before you go do need anything or want anything.”

“I don’t need to get a present, just being invited is enough.”

“Okay, but do you have the time to walk me to the shops so I am not lonely.”

“I guess I can spare some of the time I spend doing nothing.” I laugh a little at how he says that.

“So I was thinking last night...”

“Well, that can be dangerous.”


“Sorry. Continue.”

“So I was thinking and I got to wondering if there are any pack traditions I read that werewolf packs often have traditions.”

“You didn’t read that, but yes there are traditions and things that the pack honors.”

“Like what?”

“Well, one of the most important is when a wolf finds its mate there is a special celebration and ritual like thing that happens. And another is when you are old enough to first shift you get a pendant on a chain or necklace to signify that you are fully a member of the pack.”

“What was your packs symbol?”

“It was a paw reaching out to a hand. Mine got taken away when the pack left me.”

“Tell me more about this mate thing.” I change the subject know having an idea of what to get him but not wanting him to figure it out.

“Well what I have been told since I was young was that when you get to a certain age usually around our age you will get this feeling it is hard to describe but they say you will know it when you feel it and when you get this feeling you have met your mate the one you will spend the rest of your lives with.”

“Did you ever meet your mate or get the feeling with your old pack?”

“No I didn’t I should have already, you are supposed to get your mate before you become a pack alpha.” I could sense he was lying but I didn’t want to bring it up as I could also sense he didn’t want to talk about it. “I don’t think it is real and they just say that to give the young ones hope and when they fall in love they say they are mates to keep the story alive.”

“Why do you think that?” I ask genuinely.

“Because I should have found mine by now and If I have had a phantom feeling it can’t be right.” Before I can ask him more we reach the shops and Brett lets me go on to do some shopping but before I leave I grab his hand.

“See you later Brett.” I don’t know what it was maybe from what Brett said or what but there was an empty feeling in my chest when I let go of his hand and walked towards the shop and I could smell a shift in his mood at that moment as well.

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