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Christmas Eve

Brett’s POV

I walked her to the shops all while telling her different things about 2 of the main pack traditions the pack symbol and the mate celebration when you find your mate. Which I hadn’t believed mates were real until now, and still don’t fully believe because what I am feeling can’t be real it must be some sick joke my dad is playing on me from the afterlife because he probably thinks I killed him as well.

Erica cannot be my mate it’s impossible, she was human before now and the thing with mates is you always have a wolf mate you can’t have a human mate it just doesn’t happen, but if I didn’t bite Erica could that have happened to me? Would I have been the first wolf to have a human mate? I need to figure this out sooner rather than later.

Erica’s POV

I first went and found presents for my parents and then to the clothing store to get me some new outfits and since my fashion choices were how do I put this out of style I got some much more in style and clothes like what most girls at school wear but still at a decent price.

Once I got all of that situated I headed over to an outdoorsy-like shop with wildlife decor and clothes and other stuff like that. When I got in there I headed straight for the jewelry section I browse the many racks of bracelets, rings, watches, earrings, and necklaces for just the right thing until my eye is caught by several matching necklaces that sit on a shelf in those small box things.

“Perfect,” I say as I grab them, the necklaces were a simple silver chain with a matching silver dog tag like pendant with a bigger wolf paw in the middle surrounded by smaller ones on the outside. I grab 2 of them and head to the cash register and check out before heading home. When I got home I went straight to my room so my parents wouldn’t see the gifts that I got them. Once the stuff was secure in my closet away from my parents view I went and got into a shower I didn’t really take a shower but more just let the water fall on me.

The next few days go by fast, my parents spend a lot of time in the basement clearing out stuff from the business so I have Brett come over and we hang out mostly in my room so my parents don’t see him quite yet they can meet him on Christmas morning when he comes over. In no time it was the night of Christmas Eve and Brett had just left from spending the day chilling with me in my room helping wrap presents for my parents.

I bring the presents down to the main floor where the Christmas tree stood in the living room. Just as I turn around I run into my parents carrying several presents.

“That is a lot of presents.”

“When we had been asking you about Brett we got a few ideas of things to get him so we did.”

“I told you he didn’t want any just being here is enough.”

“We know but it is a tradition that everybody gets at least one present and we are not going to change that because he says he doesn’t want a present.”

“Okay, whatever. I am going to bed because I am extremely tired from the last few days goodnight.”

“Wait what time is Brett coming over in the morning?”

“Sometime around 9 which gives us an hour from when we get up to make some breakfast.”

“Is he fine with cinnamon rolls like we always do?”

“I am sure he will be it is a change of pace from what he always has.”

“Okay good well then see you in the morning.”

“Night.” I head up to my room and open the window and climb out as I forgot to tell Brett what time to get here tomorrow and I have no way of calling him as he doesn’t have a phone. I jump to the ground and take off running in the direction of the den. When I get there I see Brett leaning up against the wall reading a book.


“Hey.” he replies not looking up from his book. “what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at home where I left you earlier?”

“I would but I forgot to tell you what time to be there in the morning.”

“Okay, so what time then.” He says putting his book down and looking up at me.

“Around nine. Breakfast should be ready by then or shortly after. And I hope you like cinnamon rolls because that is what we are making.”

“Anything is fine really.”

“Okay well, that is all I have to say for now so I guess I will see you tomorrow.”

“See you then,” he says turning back to his book not once looking me in the eyes as he usually did. I ignore it thinking he is probably really into the book he is reading and turn and head home climbing back through my window so my parents never know I left.

Before going to bed I take a quick shower because for some reason I feel the need to try and be somewhat presentable in the morning for when Brett comes over. Later I climb into bed and practically fall asleep the second my head hits the pillow and dream about what could happen tomorrow.

Brett’s POV

I was sitting in the den reading the packs old books and looking for answers to my problem when I caught Erica’s scent coming this way. I quickly put the pack books behind the pillows and grabbed the only non-pack related book and opened to a random page and pretended to be reading. When she first got close I didn’t look at her not wanting to meet her eyes but as she continued to talk I looked up at her but avoided contact.

When she was far enough away I breathed a sigh of relief and went back to the pack books. Although I wasn’t too happy about keeping this from her she did have the right to know but I just want to be sure it is real and not give her false feelings and break her heart. After a while of looking through different books and finding nothing, I decide to call it a night and write a letter to the only ally I have left in the morning.

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